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  2. I have a cat. His name is Dante. He's a 12 year old black & white tuxedo cat. He's not crazy about being held but will sleep with me in my bed (sometimes). He meows softly for attention (mostly when he's hungry). He likes under his neck and behind his ears scratched. He likes being brushed (and will purr loudly as he rubs against the brush). He's not the most affectionate. He'll smack if he gets annoyed (if someone pets him too much).
  3. KellenDeming

    Kellens Pet

    My son named him Potter because of his scars on his back. He is a rescue and was found with some kind of chemical thrown on him and tied to a telephone pole.
  4. Flahme

    Flahme's Furbabies

    Pics of Mr Rochester and my old girl Pusska who passed a couple of years ago.
  5. I have one cat. His name is Mr Rochester, though has many nicknames. Mr., babyboy, phatboi, Mr. R, Major Tom. I mostly call him Mr. or babyboy, but never Mr. Babyboy, that's just weird. 😂
  6. I have a total of 5 pets (2 dogs and 3 cats). I don't have pictures available quite yet, but here's their descriptions: Roxanne is a female cat who hates being held, loves her face scratched, and is the prettiest cat I have. She's very short and kind of fat. She moves and walks a lot when being pet, and purrs very loudly. Little is a male cat who is fat and bites to show affection. He's very lazy and doesn't like to cuddle. He doesn't always play nice with others, but he does tolerate them most of the time. He is very fluffy and cobby, which makes him look huge. Biggie is a male cat who is thin and very weird. He's super sweet and loves to cuddle. He doesn't know he's a cat. He likes to drink out of the toilet, splash water out of his bowl, and sleep on uncomfortable surfaces like bookbags. Bentley is a Shi Tzu/Bichon Frise mix dog. He's small, white, and low-energy. He has an underbite that gets worse when he's tired, but ultimately does not affect his health in any way. He's a big cuddler and loves attention. He loves to play with Ralphie. Ralphie is a standard Labradoodle dog that looks like a Wolfhound. He's huge and relatively high energy. He loves to destroy things no matter how entertained he is. He just likes the ripping action, and it makes him feel accomplished. He loves to play with Bentley.
  7. Cedar's cat Roxanne.
  8. Anyone else here a horse person?
  9. This isn't a place to be all GRR ANGER about your pets but rather a place to let out some pent up emotions involving them. Mostly writing this because I need it right now. I have a pair of lovely male guinea pigs, Boo and Lemmy. Boo had his problems when I adopted him because I took him from a home where he had a mite infestation that the previous owner wasn't going to treat. So I took him and a vet visit later, he was fine. Now he's nice and fuzzy (he had pink bald patches all over from the infestation) and he's also kinda fat. Recently put him on a diet because he was a little bit overweight. That's going well! My vent is regarding Lemmy. I've had Lemmy since he was a teeny baby, not even a month old. He turned 3 years old this August (same birth month as me!) and so he's still fairly young. But as of May 2019, he's been struggling with an abscess and resulting staph infection since then. MONTHS. I am still dealing with it TODAY. Lemmy has been a trooper through three surgeries, different antibiotics, AB-caused diarrhea, and even a stress related seizure. But this infection of his just WON'T GO AWAY. I have cried over it because I'm not really cut out to be draining abscesses nightly. He cries every time and he makes the most awful sounds that follow me into my nightmares. Just to clean and flush out a wound that we're not allowed to let heal. My husband and I have had our doubts as to the vet's motivations. I want to believe in the vet but my husband is convinced that he's just milking us for all we have. When I see the vet, he seems as tired of this infection as we are. He's even offered to flush him daily himself but we live 45 minutes away and it's not feasible for us to get out there daily, especially when we don't have a car and no bus out to town... Also, guinea pigs don't travel well, so it's best to have him in a car, where we can control the temperature and make sure it's ideal for a guinea pig. Anyway, that is my vent. I am doing everything I can for this little guy but it's hard! I don't have pics on my laptop to share, they're all on my phone but you can see him on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/razsiba/ He's the black and white one. Send him all the well wishes! He can use the good luck!
  10. Mab

    Who says cats & dogs cant get along

    I got a little carried away with all of my babies.
  11. I'm getting an axolotl! So so excited. It will be here on Tuesday and I just feel like I have to tell the world.
  12. Foxypaws

    My cats

    Here is my kitten, Reese! She's my baby. I found her in a parking lot in July starving to death with a broken leg, an infected eye, a urinary tract infection...she was so dehydrated that she was peeing blood. I had to force feed her and pump her full of subcutaneous fluids to keep her alive. Look at her now! 8 months old and 11 lbs.
  13. This is old, but these are my baby best boys
  14. You can't tell, but he's a german shepherd!
  15. So my mom brought back my really nice jacket and my cats have claimed it as their own. rude. Do your cats cats claim things. Pictures are awesome.
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