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About This Coterie

A roleplay for getting help with Cosplay, sharing your cosplay photos and more.


  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Snickerdoodle

    Snick's cosplays

    Me and my kids doing our favorite thing!
  3. Libby

    Libby's Cosplays

    My little Cosplay Corner 😛
  4. Morrigan

    Cosplay WIP images

    Images of WIP projects. Some of them are from past/completed projects, some are new. Just the things you gotta do to Cosplay.
  5. What Cosplay Project are you working on right now?
  6. Share some of your cosplay failures. Whether it be that you put something on backwards. That you cut out too few of a piece you made. You put it together to figure out that it didn't fit? Anything! Tell us your woes and how/if you fixed them. Mine would be my Son's Beast Boy costume. I ended up not only putting his pants on backwards (twice) but I ended up cutting it out wrong so I had to sew extra length onto the legs. In the end I think it turned out just fine.
  7. Share with us some of your favorite cosplay successes whether it be a cosplay that you are really proud of. A piece of cosplay that you're proud of. Whatever it is. Mine would be this cosplay: I think I nailed it.
  8. We've all had them, something snapped, moved this way and something fell off, smeared your makeup. Whatever your malfunction was we want to hear about it. Also tell us if you were able to fix it on the fly too! One of mine wasn't even mine, it was my sons. We were in the car, windows down and he took off his gloves and threw one out the window unintentionally. The rest of that day he had to hide his hand for cosplay pictures by crossing his arms. We got him new gloves the next day for the rest of comic-con.
  9. Cosplaying isn't always as simple as following a pattern as there are tiny details that you need to achieve to get it right. Sometimes there isn't even a pattern to follow and you have to do special things to get it to work right. What is one of the most difficult things you made for a cosplay? One of my most difficult things was getting this belt right for my daughter's Raven costume because it had these shiny gem things that I couldn't find a simple thing to make them with anywhere so I had to make them myself and figuring it out was not an easy task. First I had to find what to make it out of and then how to shape it and the thing is just golden circles with these red gems on this string belt. So I figured I'd do it with clear glue and food coloring, I had actually found the most perfectly shaped buttons that I spray painted gold. The problem at this point was the shape of the gem with this glue concoction. Well my BF suggested one of those cheap plastic paint palettes that you can get for like a dollar at Walmart. I was skeptical but I got them, filled them with my glue concoction and viola I had the shapes and they were the perfect size. I threaded the buttons onto my gold string, glued my new red gems to the button and there was her belt!
  10. Did a cosplay? Learned a cool trick? Share it with the rest of us.
  11. Currently I actually love love love my Giganta Cosplay. You can see that one here:
  12. Share your cosplays in our gallery: https://rpginitiative.com/gallery/category/97-images/
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