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Dr Who
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For Dr Who fans! Remember! No Spoilers!!!




  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. YES! Missy so far of newWho is my favorite of all time. She just comes off better to me? Less disorganized like the previous master. Which if you're a master why/how would you be off your rocker that much? I don't mind the trying to kill/trap/etc the doctor. They just seemed off. Missy herself seems like what I would expect from a proper villain to the Doctor's heroism.
  3. I would have loved the Doctor's daughter to be the Impossible girl. That would have been a beautiful circle there!
  4. Bro

    The Master

    I have always loved the Master, and the Master's relationship with the Doctor in particular. I'll take your fanfiction fodder and raise you this plot point from ClassicWho: The Master left Gallifrey BECAUSE the Doctor did. In the Third Doctor's run, it is highly implied that they were both trouble-makers, inseparable, and that the Doctor was tasked to stop him specifically because they had history and they were both failures. Tthe two of them even had a squabble over who was smarter. The master got a higher degree, but the Doctor always got better grades. Even while the Master was trying to kill the Doctor, especially in the early days, it always seemed more like he was just upset that the Doctor didn't want to take over the world with him than an actual hatred. While the best Master will always be the first one (beautiful, goatee'd Delgado), Missy was a great take on the character in my opinion. She seemed slightly more stable than the previous one, and she had the same scheming, desperately-wanting-attention feel that the older Masters did.
  5. The Ood are fantastic. I love hivemind creatures like that and they're kind of adorable in a 'so ugly it becomes cute again' kind of way. There's about a billion and one one-off races that I like for a wide variety of reasons, but I'm going to be boring and say that I like the Daleks the best. They have ups and downs in how interesting they are depending on the episode and the show runner, but their history with the Doctor makes it all worth it.
  6. Yes! Very much so. I was hoping that her existence would finally explain where his granddaughter, Susan, came from. Instead she seems to just have been a one-off never to appear again. It would have been nice to see more of a father/daughter relationship, but instead the show kept giving the Doctor potential romantic interests in his companions.
  7. The first serial with the Daleks in classicWho (the Dead Planet), is probably my favorite of all time and it really only gets better the more you learn about the Daleks later. Some things get retconned, of course, because Doctor Who. The idea that the Doctor makes a moral decision to wipe out the Dalek (when, at this point, they haven't done anything particularly heinous besides want to irradiate their home planet because they'll die without radiation and they don't care if the opposition can't survive it), is rather chilling. And the fact that this decision comes back to bite him later and could even be construed as the reason for the time war to begin with is amazing. Of newWho, my favorite episode is probably either The Empty Child ("Are you my mummy?") or Heaven Sent from Capaldi's run. They were both just amazingly written and wonderfully shot and tense as heck.
  8. The Doctor's granddaughter Susan, or Sarah Jane Smith, for classic!Who, and Donna for newWho.
  9. Anyone feel as gypped as I do with The Doctor's Daughter only being in one episode? I feel like there is so muc story potential there and they are just missing it by not bringing her back. I think she would make a great temporary companion/father-daughter boding experience thing.
  10. The Master (now known as The Mistress) is an intriguing character in itself. Do you have any special thoughts/desires on them? I'm kind of hoping for a get together of The Doctor and The Mistress.... fan fiction fodder? If I only wrote fanfiction.
  11. There are plenty of races in Dr Who. From the little nanites to Cybermen and Daleks. Which is your favorite and why? I think I love the Silence or the Ood for completely different reasons. The Ood I just find interesting. I love their little translatey device thing that turns red when they are angry. The Silence... well who can't love a race of aliens that you forget every time you look away from them. Weeping Angels are also a relatively interesting race. I was interested about how you can become a weeping angel if you look them in the eye.
  12. What is your favorite episode and why? I think one of my favorites was a recent Capaldi episode with the T-Rex in London. That or Are you my Mummy? They are just intriguing and likely some of my favorite stories/issues that the Doctor had to solve.
  13. I'm on board with it being Donna or Rose. They are my two favorite companions ever. They were funny and interesting to watch. Who is your favorite companion?
  14. Bro

    Favorite Doctor

    Technically. I don't really count doubles. And of course there's the War Doctor if you wanted to get real screwy with it. That's why I made sure to include the actor name with the number because otherwise it's just a fustercluck. I wouldn't count Doctor Donna, but I do love Donna! She was one of the better NewWho companions, IMO.
  15. Isn't Capaldi technically the 13th doctor. Since Tennat was the 10th and eleventh doctor. Also, does Doctor Donna count? I'd say 10 Tennant doctor or Doctor Donna because Donna is amazazing. I actually saw Billie Piper and Alex Kingston at PHX Comicon a few years ago. Totes amazing.
  16. Since there's no topics in this Coterie yet, I thought I'd start off with the most obvious question: Who is your favorite Doctor? Oh, and also similar questions like "Which Doctor was your first Doctor", "When did you start watching Doctor Who" etc. But I always find it most interesting to see who people's favorites are. I started watching Doctor Who in 2012 or so, I believe. But I didn't start with NewWho. I started with the First Doctor. I am a pretty big classic Star Trek fan, so the 60s cheese and poor video quality doesn't really bother me. My favorite Doctor is the Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee. He's like a snarky James Bond that fights The Master and aliens and I love him. Of NewWho, my favorite is either 10 (Tennant) or 12 (Capaldi). 12 is probably my favorite, personality-wise, but I didn't like his episodes/companions as much as I liked 10s.
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