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  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. I am on Team Winchester. It's too hard to choose one over the other. They both have different personalities that make them special.
  3. Dean always seems to be more popular with people but I have to say always Team Sam. Dean is very unreliable and way too angry, Sam is the smarter one who I think will go further. I love them both but Dean is too Gryffindor for me!
  4. I mean does anyone else miss him? He was always a fun bit of glue for me and now it just feels all over the place.
  5. Despite the emphasis on demons I love the hell hounds and the werewolves.
  6. So there are plenty of characters to choose from and they all have their shitty and redeeming qualities which are your favorites? I love Dean, I think he's a rock when everyone needs it even if he isn't always unwavering. I love Crowley, while a total and complete backstabbing asshole he is an amazing character overall and I think that his attachment to his life is an interesting aspect of him. It makes him selfish but also vulnerable. Last but not least, I love Loki. Yes I'm going to still call him Loki even though you find out that's not who he really is. He's just fun and always hilarious no matter when I see him.
  7. Simple enough question! There are quite a few to choose from. I think either the trickster episodes (particularly the time loop one) or the Scooby Doo episode.
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