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About This Coterie

This coterie is for everyone who takes the plunge into world building. Discuss everything from map design to forum layout for your RP world.

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. I've been on several forums now that let members create their own species and kingdoms. Most of them are defunct now, so I'm not worried about sharing the templates from there. So here's the first one, it's focused on kingdoms, since that was a crucial aspect of the board: This is word-for-word what it was that we used and helped significantly when I was creating new kingdoms. Later on, I even transferred them to non-forum projects, it helped so much with the process. As for species, it's generally been really chill. Five areas of information to fill out and that's it. The one I write on currently is much more in-depth. It requires species name, lifespan, size, diet, a section describing their language, fairly lengthy one on appearances, another on habitat, species traits, history/background, and then a spot for general IC-written lore.
  3. Do you love world building from scratch? I do. I also love long, detailed lore documents that lets me immerse myself in each race or species. However, I recognize that pages and pages of lore is not the preferred norm for many. Also, I am the lone admin on my sword and sorcery site. Although it's a reboot, there have been lots and lots of changes that required updating almost all of the lore. New races and species have been added, landmasses have moved and changed, and the history had to be rewritten. So...yeah...wow! Lots of work....and still so much to do, I am overwhelmed with it all. Here's the topic and the question: What fields do you feel are needed in a standardized form used to create a race or species? Same question for land/nation/kingdom. I am considering something like this: Basic Information Race: Species: List species if different from race, otherwise delete this field. Affiliation: Lightborn, Shadowborn, Anliath (gray, means one parent was Lightborn and one was Shadowborn) Basis: Briefly describe what the culture and nation is based on (real or fictional). General Details Briefly describe general appearance, can they interbreed and have viable offspring with other races, general characteristics (hard working, haughty, etc.)? Magic Magical Race or Species?: Yes or No. Magical Abilities: Short description of magical abilities. Limitations: Short description of their magical limitations. Magical Views: Short overview of how the race or species views magic and the use of magic. Origins Brief description of the origins of the race and/or species. Population Region/Country/Nation: Where does the majority of the population reside? Population Numbers: General guesstimate on overall numbers (ex. <100,000). Population Centers: Where does the primary race or population live (i.e. a specific region of Aereth)? Economy: agriculture, manufacturing, etc.
  4. That's what I was considering. I'm not sure I want to limit it quite so far, since I won't be making magic powers/abilities. It'll be a general framework, but then what people want to do, it's whatever they can think of, I think.
  5. My site is also classic high fantasy with a sort-of sandbox take. The world itself is original, but we're incorporating bits and pieces of other fandoms that we love. Another thing you can look at is build your system around each "race" of magic users. For example, Race A can do X, X, and X, but not Y. Make the abilities and limits on a per race basis. Then, if Player A picks from Race B, they know the range of powers they have to work with. For example, one race might use a highly ritualized type of magic system while another can do some of the Harry Potter "wave a wand" and "poof" you're a ferret magic. Then, it should be easy to define things using some or all of @Bolgron 's suggestions. I totally love world building too!
  6. I joined World Anvil for a bit because I thought I could use it for my site's massive amount of lore. However, it was so "busy" and my learning curve wasn't up to the challenge...sad to say. We'll have to just go with our standard map gallery when I get everything done.
  7. You've got most of the ones that I've used in the past. World Anvil can be useful as well, because it lets some more interactive features come into play with the maps.
  8. Of course! Worldbuilding is my main jam, even fandom boards like Star Wars, I'm always building lore and integrating new things into the setting. Yeah, it's an original world fantasy that pulls from classic fantasy tropes. Roughly, the world is divided between the forces of Undeath and the living species, and they've been in the midst of a thousand year crusade that's come to a halt after both main armies have been wiped out. So there's Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Wights/Vampires/Liches, plus smaller conflicts and stuff. So with magic, there's necromancy, divine magic, and someway to work in wizards/mages/whatever. Let writers develop their own little areas of the world in a sandbox. Those are good ideas. Limits are a good idea. It works better than trying to develop a single source to encompass the different aspects. My novels usually have only one form of magic and that's the foundational system of magic, and generally the only one. Like one uses music. This seems to need different sources and styles and that's where I'm running into dead ends.
  9. So; and this is just my personal opinion - What you need to do is establish levels of magic in terms of scale. Duration Area of effect range of casting time of casting rarity of ingredients effect of spell if you have a general guideline for those details for each level of the magic then you can let the players define the flavor it comes in for themselves. For instance if one player loves Norse mythology and wants to do something like Runes they could carve symbols on stones and throw those stones to "cast" the spell and when the stones hit the ground they crumble and release the spell. Which follows the guideline of the levels. Another player might be big on Newer Age spirituality and she might want to do an elaborate ritual with circle walking and incense and sacred herbs etc - and when she calls the corners and releases the energy she has willed into being the spell goes boom; and then follows the guidelines. As long as you've clearly defined the limits of each level you can leave the creativity of description on the player. If there are some areas where you don't feel comfortable or wouldn't fit your world you can note down anything you consider "outside" the scope of the world you're building. I mean those are just my thoughts initially.
  10. Heya! Thanks for joining the World Building Coterie and starting our first topic! Hopefully, we'll lure in a few more members soon. Can you tell me a bit about your RPG's basic premise and what you mean by a magic system? For example, do you have just one race/species of character that can be created (i.e. humans)? Is the world some form of Earth?
  11. So, I'm building a new world for a forum and the world exists for the forum. It's not like my other worlds where they're primarily novel or short story projects. This is one I'm making from scratch and it is high fantasy, which means there is magic. Problem is that magic for a rp forum is way different than a magic for a novel, which usually is one system. However, for the forum, I need to work on developing a system that is interesting, compelling, limited enough to not be game breaking, but still leaving enough freedom (and information) for writers to develop their own mini-systems and kinds. Anyone done something like that before? Or been in any forums that did a good job on it? Good places for developing a decent magic system?
  12. Map Showcase album for in-progress and completed maps. Share your work with us!
  13. An older map I made on Inknarnate of my low-magic Celtic Britain D&D setting.

    © Me

  14. This coterie is for everyone that wants to discuss all aspects of world building. Display your original world maps, discuss map design and get help, talk about forum layout and design unique to your world (even if it is modern magic set on Earth). I encourage everyone to join in and also to add any resources to our Resource Directory.
  15. Do you have a specific map resource that you use when creating your worlds? Links, discussion, pros and cons! I am shamelessly stealing and reposting one of my replies to a topic in the general forums here. Thanks for the feedback! I discovered Inkarnate and love it for smaller, very detailed maps - like villages or cities. I also found Wonderdraft and it is amazing! There is a one-time purchase price of $29.99 US. I usually do like 99% of my work in Wonderdraft. I have done layout in Photoshop if I wanted to combine more than one landmass. Pros (so far) Excellent for large scale maps. Has a built-in landmass generator that you can tweak to your liking. Works great with graphic drawing tablets (I have an XP-Pen Artist 12) Several themes and options. Can "zoom" a section to create a detailed map - like a specific town or terrain. Easy to "paint" and blend biomes, etc. Hundreds of symbols and icons. Labels, grids, overlays, etc. Can import and trace landmasses, etc. (I use Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator for pure landmasses). Several tutorials on YouTube. Can import and export maps. I think you can import your own symbols (castles, houses, critters). Cons (so far) Low grade user interface (at least on the Mac). Not quite as intuitive as Inkarnate. However, the tutorials are excellent. I am sure there are more cons, but those are the 2 biggies. Here is the landmass I'm working on currently. I used Photoshop to layout and combine several landmasses into the layout I wanted, then imported it to Wonderdraft and traced the images. Doing it this way is time consuming. However, that was the only way to get the western landmass layout that I wanted. Right now it is a bare landmass. I've not started adding mountains, rivers, other terrain, etc. Since I'm about half-blind, I'm building my maps in segments - Western Hemisphere (the one below), Eastern Hemisphere (Laid out but not imported yet), and then any additional major islands we might need. This map was done on the 4K Ultra theme in Wonderdraft (3940X2160) and uses the "pastel" setting for the ocean color.
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