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A coterie dedicated to cyberpunk and transhumanist media, rpgs, and philosophical discussion.




1. Philosophical and political discussion is allowed. Personal attacks are not. Try not to get too heated.

2. Feel free to brainstorm concepts and details for your own cyberpunk or transhumanist rpg, resource, or other site.

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. I'm currently listening to the audiobook of Neuromancer by William Gibson. I've downloaded but haven't started Bloodnet, which is a mix of cyberpunk and vampires. Just got down watching Goku the Midnight Eye a few days ago. I also played a bit of Virtuaverse. Here are my thoughts: Neuromanacer is a classic and originator of the genre. I've been enjoying this. I've been listening to the unabridged audiobook as well as the BBC radio play. I also have a link to the abridged version voiced by Willam Gibson himself. Goku the Midnight Eye on the other hand, isn't all that good. Great ideas, but it was created back in the late 80s during the OVA direct to video days made for fans of the manga. There are only two episodes. The idea behind it is a private investigator with a cybernetic implant in his eye that connects to everything from electricity to satellites. He also has a staff that can extend. It's dripping with exposition to try and explain the character and setting because of the short run time. It's pretty run of the mill neo noir. The first episode he get the cybernetic eye and is about him investigating a corrupt company where the CEO has been murdering the police officers and those in the way through mind control imagery. This one gets some points with me simply because of a villain. She's a partially nude robot with motorcycle handlebars that a little person actually rides. The second episode is about a woman who comes to Goku about her brother who was manipulated on by the government. At least that is the story she gives him. While the second episode lacked the flair of the first, I thought it was better told. While it's not objectively good as far as its story, I thought both episodes were a fun ride. It's available on Amazon Prime for free. Virtuaverse is a point and click adventure game. The small bit I've played has been fun. Amazing pixel art and a quality soundtrack. It throws you right in with our main character waking up and breaking his virtual reality device and finding his girlfriend Jay missing. Clicking on the environment tells about the city he's from and gives us his personality. Much of the population has a permanent reality warping device in their heads, so they don't see everything. Addiction to VR programs is a massive problem. Our main character lives on the fringes and refuses to have any device on him. Instead, he's a hacker. His girlfriend is a former lead singer of a defunct music group. Let me know what you're watching/playing/listening to!
  3. What are your favorite Cyberpunk/Transhuman TV shows? I must admit I consume media like a sloth, so I'm curious what your favorites are.
  4. What are your cyberpunk or transhumanist movies? I'd love to see what other people have seen since I'm always on the look out for more.
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