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About This Coterie

As a long-time roleplayer of Dragon Age fandom roleplaying games, I know first hand that the Dragon Age fandom community casts a wide net. Regardless of if you just enjoyed the games, if you are an active fandom roleplayer / writer like myself, or if you are one of the many -mancers out there in the world - I wanted to make this coterie for you.




There is ONE rule: be kind to each other. We all have our head canons, it's fine lol

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Ivy


    He's just too mysterious to not take an interest. 🤷‍♀️
  3. Ah, I'm finally not the only one @RazzleDazzle 😂 Welcome welcome.
  4. LET ME SEE YOUR INQUISITORS! DA:I hair mods were some weak sauce. These were some of my "best" Inquisitors. I used photo manips of them, like this one, to roleplay moody siblings: PS - again, I don't care if you use these in your own roleplay. Have at it lol.
  5. SHOW ME YOUR HAWKE! I used a few mods for mine, to get the look I really wanted. The default hair styles were never to my liking, so thank goodness for the mods in both DA:O and DA:2. I've used the avatars below in DA roleplaying before, as well - feel free to use mine in your own RP if you like, I don't mind either way. .
  6. WHERE ARE THE WARDENS? Okay, so I don't have a screenshot of my own Warden, thus Alistair will have to do. It's been so long since I played Origins specifically, so let me see YOUR Wardens. Vanilla, mods, art commissions, whatever floats your boat.
  7. What was it about the elf that won you over? Also...
  8. Hit me with your fav Cullen pairings. There are no wrong answers.
  9. Varric Tethras: I spy... Seeker Cassandra: No. Varric Tethras: But... Seeker Cassandra: No. Varric Tethras: Well you should be good at finding things. Of course, you couldn't find Hawke.
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