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      • Crime Horror Supernatural
      • Short Description: Enter Godsridge, a coastal town stirring with the supernatural. Mystical Keystone fragments, coveted by factions, ignite a power struggle. Most residents are unaware, but rumors of the supernatural draw FBI attention, creating tension with the local police. In this lively town of untold tales, ethereal forces, and power pursuits, you shape the destiny of Godsridge—a town on the edge of magic and mayhem.
      • RPG Rating: Sleepless Empire RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Human Modern Earth
      • Short Description: Welcome to KINK. We are an 18+ Realistic BDSM Roleplaying site, based in Portland, Oregon. We welcome all levels of roleplayers and encourage rich characters and deep plots. ♥ No Wordcount ♥ Shipper App ♥ Dark Plots Welcome ♥ True 3-3-3 Rating
      • RPG Rating: KINK RPG Rating
      • Futuristic Superpowers Modern Earth Modern Superpowers
      • Short Description: Tenebrae is a dark, powered-society roleplay that takes place in modern NYC! Roughly a half-century after a meteor shower hammers the earth with alien debris, our poisoned atmosphere gives rise to defective but undeniably powerful individuals. The Powered rise up as oppressors to humankind, while the Custodes patrol the streets to protect the innocent. Will it be enough to keep the world from fully succumbing to corruption and chaos?
      • RPG Rating: Tenebrae: Dark Superpowers NYC RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic
      • Short Description: Wizarding World AU set in 2018.
      • RPG Rating: Absit Omen RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Animals: Feline Animals: Other/Multiple Medieval Magic
      • Short Description: Looking for a dynamic roleplay site to suit all of your needs? Introducing Beasts of Beyond. Beasts of Beyond mainly focuses on semi-fantasy animal roleplay between four official rough and tough groups. We're sure to have a group to fit your needs!
      • RPG Rating: Beasts of Beyond RPG Rating
      • TV: Star Trek Sci-Fi Space
      • Short Description: On the edge of Federation space, Frontier Station orbits the newly colonized Kerelia, and serves as a base for the Sovereign-class USS Denali. Danger and adventure await her crew, as with the Dominion War over, Starfleet once again looks toward the unexplored. We offer several options for different play styles and activity levels, and are a very friendly, inclusive OOC community. Arrive on the crew as a new Ensign, or move to the frontier as a civilian to join the adventure!
      • RPG Rating: Frontier RPG Rating
      • Movie: Star Wars Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: The galaxy is in flames! Set in the final year of the Clone Wars Galaxy in Flames deviates from canon as Count Dooku takes his moment to kill his master before he can enact his plot to destroy the Jedi! With his schemes left in the hands of a new master of the Sith and the Republic leaderless the Clone Wars intensifies again. Can the Republic and the Jedi survive or will the inexhaustible might of the Separatist army finally crush the Republic underfoot? The fate of the galaxy is in your hands!
      • RPG Rating: Galaxy in Flames RPG Rating
      • Historical Magic Medieval Magic Mythical Creatures
      • Short Description: An immersive, well-established, and original high fantasy role-play forum with a focus on creative freedom and fun, dramatic plots!
      • RPG Rating: By Tooth And Claw Dragons RPG Rating
      • Cyber/Bio-punk Dystopia Futuristic Earth
      • Short Description: Do you like supernatural beasts? Do you like cyberpunk dystopian megacities plagued with corruption and sweet 70's-80's-90's vibes? Do you like role playing? Well, we've got a treat for you. Welcome to Vexxor, the hodgepodge slurry mixing post-apocalyptic dystopian themes with the vibrant, semi-futuristic neo-retro aesthetics of cyberpunk. Not to mention, the demons... Our demons are classified as anything surrealistic, so that encompasses all your typical supernatural creatures.
      • RPG Rating: Vexxor RPG Rating
      • Video Game: Dragon Age Medieval Magic Steampunk & Clockwork Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: Valiant Hearts is a myBB Dragon Age AU site that takes place in 9:48 Dragon, after the Veil has been removed between the Fade and Thedas by the Dread Wolf. The world around us is constantly changing.
      • RPG Rating: Valiant Hearts RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic
      • Short Description: Jamais Vu is a present day American based Harry Potter Roleplay which allows for both students (years 5-7 & university) and adults of any age. We are a 3-3-3, laid-back site with no caps on character creation. We offer RP opportunities to roleplay at Ilvermorny, Le Fay University (original), and around the American Wizarding World in general!
      • RPG Rating: Jamais Vu RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Movie: Disney Universe None2
      • Short Description: Based on the 1994 movie, an AU plot where Mufasa survives and Scar is exiled.
      • RPG Rating: Lost Story: The Lion King RPG RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
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