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    Any story of London must begin with Mithras, the legendary Ventrue Methuselah who claimed London as his domain for nearly two millennia. Mithras came to Britain in the 1st century CE with an invasion force. It quickly established the Roman province of Britannia as its private domain. Although Mithras continued to travel widely over the following centuries, he consistently named Londinium his home and would suffer no contest over this territory. Other Kindred could dwell in Britain only if they accepted his authority.

    As the decades passed, however, the Kindred population of London swelled, and the number of Mithras’s enemies grew. It was only a matter of time before someone would attempt to overthrow him.

    And overthrow him, they did.

    The London Blitz was the beginning of the end for Mithras and his rule over London. The trap was set, and those who desired to spur Methuselah waited for it to be sprung. The resulting explosion was deafening, powerful enough to wreck entire buildings at the site and blow off the roof of the nearby church. There was no sign of Mithras or de Camden, and in the following weeks, they did not reappear. Always cautious, Valerius waited for months to ensure his plan succeeded.

    After half a year, he decided that enough time had passed, and he went to his progeny, Anne Bowesley, to explain what he had done. He claimed that he had done it for her so that she could become the Prince of London. As he had hoped, she was quick to embrace the opportunity, announcing to the Kindred Court of London that she possessed evidence that a recent bomb had destroyed Mithras dropped by the Germans during the Blitz. And thus, the reign of Queen Anne began. The Camarilla took a foothold in the city, and times have changed until Now.

    LONDON 2023.

    Eighty Years since the Blitz. My how things have changed.

    It may be a new city under a new ruling faction, but it's the same old politics and games going on for as long as Kindred has walked in the shadows. The chessboard is set, and the pieces are in play. The question is, whose side are you on? The Queen's or everyone else?

    April 28 update!

    The AC for May is live and runs until the 12. 

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