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    Welcome to the bustling city of Chicago! There is something around every corner and it's up to you if you're brave enough to find out what it is.  Anything from a stray kitten, to something devious that is waiting to bring you harm - the story starts here for you and what becomes on you, well we have to wait and see what fate decides. 

    This is Inter Alios. A semi-lit supernatural roleplay site where you decide what happens next. There is no limit to how much or how little you can reply, we are open to any skill level and are always willing to help out someone new to the scene.


    Major updates happening soon, don't miss out! Join our discord to join our community and learn more!

    We're Looking for Staff.

    01/01/24 - We have just switched to a new platform! We are looking for active roleplayers to fill in our Staff and open Roleplay positions! Come and join us! We have two open leadership positions! The more active the better!! Hunters and Vampire leader positions both open still! Come check it out!

    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.


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