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  • Please make sure your images identify the Playby/Faceclaim in the image at minimum, having the character name is always great especially for people to search for your image. If no playby exists identify it by a major characteristic.
  • All images submitted must be your own work.
  • Submitting gives other users the ability to use these images here on the Initiative or the sites they participate on. If you have further rules than what is posted here please do not post your images in this gallery.
  • Watermarks/Signatures are discouraged.
  • Images that are simply cut out from another image with no further work done (eg. blending, textures, color changes, etc making it clear that work was done) are forbidden from having a watermark or signature.
  • Credit is a kind way to give tribute to the users. Linking back to the Initiative image is courteous but not required.


Premade signatures that you can use on forums.

139 images

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