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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 9 results

  1. We'd like you to know if you administer, help run as staff, or only a member of a site.
  2. This is voting only post. We'd like your thoughts!
  3. Simple question, we are looking to know which softwares you all use as an administrator. This poll is not a discussion as we're just looking to get totals so any replies that are not specifying the "Other" option will be removed. Thanks for understanding. You can select any software you ACTIVELY use as an administrator. Please do not choose softwares that you have used in the past but no longer use.
  4. Would you like a forum to discuss the creation of clubs? This would mean we create a forum specifically for the creation of the clubs from mini-RPGs to educational to whatever else you can think of.
  5. There are many reasons why allowing the use of HTML is bad, it's a huge security risk on any website. That being said I think that I would like to allow it which it would stay available as long as it doesn't compromise the site. You cannot, however, use CSS. This would be for managing any issues that the editor comes up with with images and linking them and whatnot like that.
  6. So as you all probably know we have a huge menu up top because we have a lot of cool stuff here. That being said it's huge. It completely spans the top of the site on my huge computer and on smaller ones I know it stuffs them into a "more" menu. While I don't personally mind either way I was considering changing the items from words to icons. Specifically Font Awesome icons like in the user bar, would there be any objections to this? Would you prefer that we leave it as is or tuck some of the stuff away a little differently? What we're looking to do is ease of use as well as trimming the fat where we can. I propose that if we do font awesome icons that you can suggest what you would like for them. A few ideas are: Newspaper for "Activity": http://fontawesome.io/icon/newspaper-o/ Cloud Download for "Downloads": http://fontawesome.io/icon/cloud-download/ The shopping cart for the "Store": http://fontawesome.io/icon/shopping-cart/ The Image icon for "Gallery": http://fontawesome.io/icon/picture-o/ This would mean that we would need to change the theme icon at the top. User Plus for "Writing Partners" http://fontawesome.io/icon/user-plus/ The Exchange for "Character Exchange" http://fontawesome.io/icon/exchange/ Alternatively, we can take all of the features (Directory, Writing Partners, Character exchange etc) and put them back under a single link as we had them before on DF. Or, we can separate the features that are preferred/used a lot and keep them up there and put a spot for "Other site features" or similar verbiage. Some other ways to move these around to be a little more clear/give us more space would be to move some things to the user bar. Support (using a Font Awesome Icon) Activity (this would remove the current drop down that Activity has. If you utilize this and would like that the drop down functionality stay then please let us know). FAQ (using a Font Awesome Icon) I know this is a lot and normally staff make these decisions internally but I want to see what you find easiest and make sure that we here at the Initiative come to a good compromise. If it were up to me everything would be all Font Awesomed up in here lol.
  7. So, since we have coteries now and that is where mini-rpgs will be going should we allow Coteries to be listed in the directory? They obviously wouldn't need a link back or anything since they are on the Initiative site. It is possible that I may be able to add a way for them to be listed on other directories (such as RPG-Directory) if the demand is high enough. Post here if this would be acceptable and what other locations you think would be okay to show listing support to?
  8. So we have had a chatbox (one integrated with the site) since we got rid of cBox. I have been considering completely removing an on-site chatbox and converting over to Discord exclusively. What are your opinions?
  9. Currently on the Initiative, if you don't have an avatar set you will have our anonymous image with the Initiative gear around it. Well we can change it up here with the new Letter Avatars: https://invisionpower.com/news/new-letter-profile-photos-r1011/#comment-201251 Vote in this poll if you want to keep the current version or switch to letter avatars for those that haven't put one up.
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