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Help JCINK Scroll to Top Help?

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Good Day,


Could someone tell me in excruciating detail how to add a scroll-to-top arrow image (that works) in the lower right corner of a JCINK site? Give the Village Idiot version. I can find, copy, paste... and that's about it. OK, so I can do a little bit more - just nothing elaborate. 😉


If you need it, the site is here.



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I’m not entirely sure how Jcink has their html or CSS but this is probably the simplest scroll to top you can make so I’ll drop it here. I do apologize in advance if there are any errors as I’m typing this on mobile! 1) HTML, somewhere at the top of your site (right below the body tag is best to ensure its at top) add:

<a name="totop" id="totop"></a>

Somewhere at the bottom of your forum near the footer or something (this will work anywhere but I usually stick it in the bottom out of the way) add and modify to your needs:

<div id="topbutton"><a href="#totop">insert here whatever you want for the arrow to top button</a></div>

2) Add the CSS and again modify as necessary:

#topbutton {position: fixed;bottom: 10px;right: 10px;z-index: 1;}

If your looking for something like am appearing scroll to top after scrolling so far down or one with a slow scroll up please let me know. Otherwise this is a very basic code to get the job done!

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