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It’s come to our attention........

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We have an 'ask-admin' channel on our discord that is there for this specific thing, any member concerns or things they have noticed around the site. However, I have also had members come to me privately about things in the past that have had to result in announcements, and when that happens I usually Just say, 'it has come to our attention' 

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I would just say that "Hi, I noticed that... ". 

If a member did bring something to my attention I still wouldn't mention that because it really doesn't matter how it came to my attention and indicating members even anonymously could potentially create bad air in the community. 


I don't like being needlessly formal in phrasing my words or in any admin duties, and I don't feel at home on sites where the staff is formal or sends an automated welcome message detailing things. No matter how laid-back and approachable they have tried to make it sound, it always feels like the admin/staff is at least distancing themselves from the regular members if not even thinking themselves above the members.


Formal phrasing and automated welcome messages just make sites feel official instead of cozy nice communities where everyone is treated as equal and the staff is a leader and not a boss. I'm not saying those sites can't be like that, just that to me they don't give the feel of such a community. That's why I usually don't join rpg sites that have more than one or two admins. And indeed, myself as an admin am as informal and reasonably personal as possible. 



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