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Help make more mobile friendly?

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Hey folks 🙂


Preemptive *thank you* for any help ❤️


I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me make the layout (Self Destruction, MyBB, altered by Kit) slightly more mobile friendly? I'm not having the best of luck.


I'm not looking to re-write it or anything, just a hack job. Neither I nor my members care if its perfect since we mostly use the site from PCs, but having it slot into the mobile screen a little nicer would be grand 😛


My primary concern are the Index page, and the Thread View pages. Everything else is pretty whatever, in all honesty. I would like the Index to squish down into nice mobile-screen-sized-ness  - presently it only gets about halfway there before not shrinking any further and one must scroll and all the different sections overlap one another.


Thread view is mostly fine; I'd just like it to fit nicer; it almost goes off the edge of the page due to not shrinking enough, and has no padding on either side which causes the page up/down arrows to be across the text, and the pop-out box we have to change accounts.


Screenshots (as big as the Mini-Profile is on the side, I'd prefer to keep it and make the post itself smaller when on mobile, than remove it or make it too small):


b66b8b06ab6b90c093a41ca2d0741b6b.png    025fdfd9d098c96663cc4e0375558636.png   f4d2b2972ca82feed5b56f8670f64247.png   dde8e701560e9d49235b71cfcbcb7213.png


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