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Is your character ruled by emotion or logic?


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It definitely varies per character on this front for me.


My main OC, Elijah, is definitely ruled by emotion and tends to make decisions based on what makes him feel good without considering the consequences. When I write him, I try to focus heavily on the significance of emotions for him, to an extent that when I've written him in settings where characters have magical abilities, his have always been based around his connections to emotion.


My other primary character, Mihail, is very much logic-based. He takes his time in analysing situations and trying to come up with the outcomes that make the most sense based on a situation. He is, however, very self-oriented, so he also functions on a logic of his own making that does not always align with the actual reason of how a situation should unfold — he's extremely cold and calculating and follows his own set of rules to a questionable degree. I actually have a lot of fun making up his own logic when I'm writing him, especially because he's one of my more malicious characters, so he provides a lot of opportunity to twist reason.


One of my older OCs, Max, was probably more a mixture of logic and emotion, though he tended to lean toward emotion more in many situations. He did, however, have certain moments when he knew that acting based on logic was the wiser choice, so, for him, it very much depended what situations I was putting him in when deciding whether he would act based on one or the other.

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Definitely varies depending on the character for me


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For me, it really depends on the character. But I think that it's a mix of both however I do seem to lean more on emotion than logic. 

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