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On the Good 'Ship' Lollipop

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The Worstest

 - I am not sure I've had one. I enjoy most ships! But I had one I did not. It was just too... cliche? Beyond hateship where you just kind of facepalm. There was no hope anywhere. And forced because it was not really what I had been looking for for that particular character. It didn't go far, to say the least. Maybe I am just too grumpy for people to force things on so I escape most of this really weird insanity. (badgering people to switch the genders is really weird to me)


The Bestest

 - All of them? I think my absolute fave never got to be finished. It was just so... Man I still feel bad for the characters. They lost each other as youths (best of friends, close as anything) and she didn't remember him due to some magical mind wiping, when he showed back up, excited that she wasn't The Dead. And she was SO MEAN to him. Terrible times. 10/10. Where had the love gone?! And then she was even grumpier because she was attracted to him and he was immune to her magics. Very frustrating. Much yelling and stick slapping was had.


Right now there are probably five that are my faves and I can't be asked to pick. But they are cute and horrible and I smoosh them. Give me moar!


Personal Policy

 - Do the thing! Because why not? Obviously it has to work for the characters, and I need a certain level of mesh/comfort with the player and the level of that comfort dictates a lot of the writing. But I'm not about to let the bad apples ruin what could be a glorious time. I just might avidly avoid those bad apples like they are plague ridden cockroaches.

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I don't really know if I have a worst and best but I can tell you what I hate most and what I love most, how I process ships.


The worst is this misguided concept of "finals". Finals is not a reasonable thing in any context ANYWHERE. Relationships break, it happens. I have had people so determined for the ship that they expected me to twist my chars to fit their mold/stay interested even when it was out of character. I hate that with a passion. Let things unfold organically! That and ships based SOLELY on faces. Ok, I love picspam too but not enough to force a ship.


Best thing, when things are completly unexpected and organic. Lets put them in a thread and than savor that moment when they just CLICK.


Personal policy, I will always be frank with people about my or my chars interests and I do not do finals. We can see if they work but thats not a promise and it never will be.

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On 1/20/2018 at 4:47 PM, TurnABlindEyeEDLYNN said:

ersonal policy, I will always be frank with people about my or my chars interests and I do not do finals. We can see if they work but thats not a promise and it never will be.


Exactly! Discuss the characters, agree to put them in some threads and see how it goes. They might click beyond anyone's wildest belief or they might hate one another. Or, you might find something about the other player doesn't work for you, maybe makes you uncomfortable (expectations, demands, pushing for something to instantly just happen, etc.). 


I used to have a writing partner that we generally 'shipped our characters romantically because we just wanted that aspect of their lives done so they could move on with life and interact with everyone else. The other person quit RP without warning, dropped our friendship, and disappeared. She's okay, I see her on FB. But, I had to do a soft restart on a couple of games so I could write my characters' wives out of the game, do a reset on them, because I didn't want to deal with the divorce or death drama for my characters.


That weaned me from pre-planning a 'ship and having it a done deal.


These days, when approached, I say, "We can do some threads for them and see how it goes..."


Another bear of mine: that player that joins just for a 'ship they have in mind. They then only want to write with one person and one character!


Happy Monday All!

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I don't think I've had horrible experiences to the point I've been scarred but I tend to be much more vigilant of who I have ships with, for one reason or another. I'm fond of romance plots but I'm picky about who they're with.


As for my best experience? My current rp partner joined the fall after we opened and took my wanted, and our ship just got engaged, another is expecting a baby and there's...three others going on at least. It makes up for a lot having someone you know you can depend on. 

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