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The Lizard List

Since I talk about them so much...   Allow me to present: My lizards!   Bearded Dragon: Norbert, Male Nicknames: Testicle, Ballsack, Carrot Citrus Silkie. He is a grump. Norbert knows only hate. All he does is glare and occasionally hisses when you pick him up. He is the most dominant of the lizards and head bobs at everything, including anyone with a beard. But he loves me. And apparently no one else. He's perfectly content to sit on my lap and be comfortable. He's had a pretty rough life. He only has like 5 toes total. Plus a bunch of scars and missing the tip of his tail.   Jacksons Chameleon Khadgar - Male Brand new. Very active!   Gargoyle Geckos: Ramoth, Female Reticulated Ramoth is a lump. She seriously never moves. She's one of my breeders and is easily the most relaxed lizard I have.    Orlith, Female Reticulated This poor lady has had a rough life. The top of her head is mostly scar tissue because she was cohabbed in a 20g with two others and one of the three was a jerk. She's a very friendly lady and doesn't move much more than Ramoth.   Mnementh, Male Blotch He was my steal. Snagged him at a show after a friend screamed across the floor to me to let me know he existed. I proceeded to have people stop me to ask me where I got him the rest of the show. He lives life upside down, dangling from the top of his cage. He's jumpy and I'm still working on socializing him.   Crested Geckos: This'll be a big list! Kalecgos - Brindle, fat, lazy, frogbutt female Malygos - Halloween, friendly, greedy, hopefully a future breeder! Never fires down.  Female! Nozdormu - Jumpy, brindle, unsexed. Ysera - Brindle? Hider, glutton, literally never fires up. Female Lilly - Rescued with Ysera and Kalecgos. Brown, frogbutt, originally owned by @Aerona Female. Sabellian - Brown/Dalmation, fraidy cat, I frequently think he's dead, unsexed Fred - Pinstripe. Super small. Very orange. George - Imperfect Pinsripe. Super small. Very orange.  Tries very hard to die. Karynaku - Brindle/Dalmation.  Pretty relaxed. Jumps everywhere. Lives in a pool noodle and stares. Female Vaelastrasz - White/black. Not sure on pattern yet. SUPER fat.   Leopard Geckos These guys started the obsession.   Iskierka, Female Albino The first one! Iskierka hates all. She spontaneously screams. She doesn't want you around, doesn't want you to look at her, doesn't want anything touching her. I love her.   Lien, Normal, Female The fatass. She will eat nonstop. I have to cut her off. She is a princess and very friendly. She's easily the most curious of everyone.   Messoria, Tremper Albino, Female Not the brightest bulb in the box, Messoria makes up for it with personality. She's nearly blind, dumb as a box of rocks, but likes being held, exploring and bathing in her calcium.   Perscitia/Calliope, Normal, Female Adopted this one from my friend because she loves me and weirdly hates said friend. We have no idea why.    Whites Tree Frog Pap AKA Tubs, Tubba-jubb, The Blob Pap was an accident. She came with Ysera and Kalecgos when I picked them up. She doesn't move much. I'm trying to find her a buddy.   Roger AKA Roger-Roger! Roger was obtained solely because I felt bad that Pap was alone. He is tiny and I am slowly working on fattening him up. He croaks!   Salvatore  Salvatore was obtained because I felt bad that ROGER was alone. He jumps at faces.   Karen AKA Damnit, Karen! Karen was accidentally "sold" with Salvatore. Meaning they didn't charge me for her. She is sneaky.        




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