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About This Coterie

This is a coterie for IPS staffed sites or for users interested in staffing IPS sites.




  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Hiya, Like it says on the tin, I think that there is some kind of bug with yes/no custom profile field on the character mod. I can't replicate it with standard profiles at least. So switching to the default 4.4 theme and going here: What you should see is this: Sometimes the red "don't vanish" text doesn't show up. Refreshing several times might make it appear. Revisiting the page might make it disappear. This is the code in the character authorPane {{if $character->fields('vanish')|raw == Yes}}<li class='ipsType_light' style='color:darkred;'>Don't vanish</li>{{endif}} This occurs regardless of the style being there or not. I just wanted to make it obvious. This problem does not occur outside of the if statement, even when I've just put in {$character->fields('vanish')|raw} I've also recreated the weirdness on two different sites. EDIT I added an else statement {{if $character->fields('vanish')|raw == Yes}}<li class='ipsType_light' style='color:darkred;'>Don't vanish</li>{{else}}<li class='ipsType_light' style='color:darkblue;'>Not saying yes?</li>{{endif}} So basically, it's not always returning a yes value?
  3. I actually had a follow up question after I've spent the evening playing with the mod. I have a user group that doesn't have any special moderator or admin permissions for the larger board. But in their group, I have it checked that they should be able to moderate & approve characters. I'm not seeing anywhere on the front end that would allow those members to do those actions. It seems like the only way to do it is to log in via the ACP and do it there. Am I missing something?
  4. Is there a way to list all the members in a particular Character Group? I'm not seeing that as a default option anywhere, but if that is built in or if there is a recommended bit of Block code I could use, I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. Ah that's a shame. Unfortunately we'd rather not give access to the whole profile, but it's good to know what our options are.
  6. Excellent, thanks for letting me know!
  7. There really isn't a way to do just specific fields. You could give them "Mod" access to the character mod and it would allow them to edit other peoples profiles which could include the fields in question.
  8. It works in clubs but doesn't integrate with it currently if you're talking about like a character list within the clubs. Character Groups would probably do that for you though.
  9. Apologies for creating this second topic, but it's slightly different than the last topic I created and is a broader question about IPS Clubs. Within clubs, it would be great if club leaders could have the ability to modify specific member profile fields to reflect their position in the club. Or, if that isn't possible, to be able to create & modify their own custom fields that are linked to members in the club. I know that clubs have the ability to create their own custom fields which are visible on the club page, but I'm wondering if there's a way to make a field that could apply to the members in that club & be modified on a per member basis. On our board, members would only ever belong to one club at a time, so there isn't a risk of that field being overwritten by multiple clubs. Any advice would be appreciated!
  10. I was wondering if the Character Mod integrates with Clubs at all? I run a Wolf RP, so our characters need to be grouped into packs. We thought the Club functionality would be a good way to do that, but would love to know if that's possible or if there are different ways that others have handled something like this.
  11. Thanks! I wasn't sure if 4.4 had many changes on the back-end ^_^
  12. I also have it on two sites and it seems to be working just fine.
  13. It does. I’m running it on two other sites currently running 4.4.
  14. I was going to upgrade to 4.4 but I wanted to make sure the core feature (character mod) would still work before I go through with it 🙂
  15. There are a few users affected - that one was just the most dramatic example! Essentially, the moment they can fall into the inactive bracket they start the loop. I don't allow annonymous logins!
  16. Trust me when I say that the logic of it sometimes gets me too. I find ordering them in the right way is always the most annoying thing. I would also investigate that user! I just now thought of this @Kit the Human do you allow anonymous login? If you do it might be triggering the "last post"event and then seeing there is no last post and throwing them back in? But it really shouldn't be re-running any of them multiple times and think there is a problem with something that is triggering.
  17. Thanks Morr! I've shifted that down to the end to see if that helps. If it doesn't I'll make bug report, it's either a legit bug or it's just counter intuitive or I misunderstand. (I can get away with just using the active rule both any move to builder but it just doesn't make sense to me! XD)
  18. I just feel like there is something out of sync about it. I had a similar issue with my Make inactive and it honestly ended up being my Make Initiate rule was causing my inactive/active loop and not running the Initiate rule ever. I totally thought mine were good until Brandon told me that Initiate had to be at the end to trigger properly. I'd really have to see the full set of rules to really get a perspective but I may suggest to put in a ticket. It could be a bug. You can also try moving Builder to the end and see if it helps. It fixed my whole issue.
  19. That doesn't make sense to me! Become a builder only runs for members. It moves a user from the member group to the builder group. Become inactive only runs on builder and architect groups. It moves the user from those two groups to inactive if they haven't made a post in more than 55 days. Active again only runs on the inactive group. It moves a user from inactive back to the builder group. The make builder rule shouldn't affect inactive/active rules because of the user groups involved. From my original post, the make builder rule isn't part of the loop. To me it reads like the group promotion tool thinks that the user has both not made a post in more than 55 days and has made a post in the last day, so is looping the user through the builder group to inactive and back again.
  20. Yeah, sorry for having it twice. I thought of the code forum too late
  21. That's part of the problem. The task only runs on the last item that is valid. So make active is valid so it moves them to the make active then builder is valid. It's looping from builder to make active as they are both valid paths Builder needs more to validate or to be removed and Make Active will make your builders (which it would do if they have made a post within the time as above).
  22. Builder runs before become inactive. Here's the list: And the rules for become a builder is
  23. I see it. What are your rules for Builder?
  24. That should be solid but what order do you have them in? @Kit the Human
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