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  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Amadeus Cho, hands down! I love his goofy himbo energy and the character growth the writers gave him as he got older and established himself as a hulk!
  3. Navy blue sundress and bra and no shoes (I love working from home)
  4. I've read many books and fallen in love with many series. Harry Potter has always been a favorite but currently I'm loving ASOIAF series more. It gives me the complexity and morally grey 'whose good and whose not' that I didn't really get from HP with all the things I also liked. If only it didn't break my heart constantly.
  5. Well okay I am providing tele mental health from home. So... working and then in spare time, RP, writing fanfic, and diamond painting pretty much!
  6. Probably either acting on Broadway (not gonna happen. I can't carry a tune in a bucket and what I like is musicals) or being an author. Which I think I have the potential to do but I am intimidated to try. However, I do love the job I do as a clinical social worker so. We'll stick with that!
  7. A lot but.. one of the major ones is Russia because I've been obsessed with Imperial Russia and the Romanovs since I was in like.. first grade and read the Royal Princess Diary (that set of books about real royal princesses throughout history that's associated with Dear America) about Anastasia.
  8. Anything reality t.v. >.< And also re-watching my favorite shows over and over.
  9. Kdramas. Kdramas for days. I have a very hard time getting myself to stop watching once I've started one. Also- Supernatural, Umbrella Academy, Sherlock. I also have a binging problem when it comes to tv...so really just about anything that holds my interest. I just recently watched all of Cursed in like one go. ALSO ALSO- Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural.
  10. Charmed, ghost hunting shows, sinbad/xena/hercules, heartbeat (yorkshire 60s brit show), agatha christie poirot/marple, stranger things, few others.... [10th kingdom is nice, just adding]
  11. Right now my biggest guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I've been binging the series on Hulu.
  12. Most of my business hasn't come back yet because things suck badly here in the states, so I'm mostly just floating sadly about it. Life's a bummer lately. Other than that just writing and waiting.
  13. Luckily I'm living in my friend's house, I've got the summer semester off and keeping to online classes until we decide as a house that its safe to take classes in person again. I did put up a DIY fence blocking off the backyard for the doggo and there's been fireflies and cool birds. Going between playing Stardew Valley and digging around in the backyard helps calm down my brain pretty well. Been kinda burned out for a few months after the semester ended, but my energy and focus is starting to return!
  14. 1. Updating/Revamping/Rebranding my site. 2. A lot of online courses! There are so many free ones, so why not bulk up my resume/just do some learning for fun. 3. Art, researching for my Art Therapy Masters I'm applying for too! 4. And a lot of self-care where possible- I was really upset when my knee surgery got cancelled and it changed all my plans for the next year or so, so I've been coming to peace with that.
  15. I also updated new things on my site, mostly coding things to streamline processes that had become cumbersone.
  16. I decided this was the perfect time to launch myself back into college. I'm regretting it slightly but also partially enjoying the challenge. I'm lucky to have a great team that pulls their weight and is balanced enough that we get things done while also being able to write as well. Otherwise, working from home and praying I never have to go back into that building.
  17. Honestly I’m just sleeping a whole lot at this point.
  18. My goals are heightened since I have unlimited time. I want to create a social media presence to create content. My goal is to start working on writing as many articles that I can and on as many topics as I can. Start a blog where I can post consistently and have fun at the same time. Finish building my writing site and come up with a concept for it. Finish building my AU Harry Potter Trio Era role playing site.
  19. .....working .....essential ( sacrifical) .....and sometime sleeping and getting to write. ❤️
  20. I'm considered essential with my job, but they did send me to do work from home so that's a plus at least. I provide captions for deaf and hard of hearing folks on live phone calls, and the quarantine and everything else going on now has spiked our call volume. I love helping people and I love my job, but the call content's gotten quite a bit darker and more depressing and disturbing due to everything. Aside from work, I'm mostly gaming and staying up in my loft area - I'm quarantined with two immune compromised elderly folks, so staying home as to not increase their risk to exposure has been better. My state's not been as hard hit as many others, but we're seeing a decided increase in numbers currently, and yet there's pressure to fully re-open. It's... well, honestly - I'm struggling. I don't have a lot of faith in people doing the right thing so regardless of what level we're at, I'll be self-quarantining. Back to games - I've mostly been playing FFXIV, with Animal Crossing and Zelda games taking up the rest of my gaming time. Been working on getting coding fixed on my own site, and reading a bit here an there as well. Did a bunch of late spring cleaning, and deciding what winter clothes to keep for next year and what to chuck. I'm also discovering quarantine body is a thing and am trying to get that under control. <<
  21. I LOVE the 10th Kingdom! It's hard to find other fans, but we're out here. "What should we do, braid it?" Currently my binge favorite is The Great, a new tv show very loosely based off of Catherine the Great on Hulu. I gobbled that first season down in a few days, but kind of feel guilty about it. I've also gone down the rabbit hole with a new binge of Gossip Girl, mostly to shake my head at the ridiculousness.
  22. Attempting to cook more recently because I'm learning first-hand that quarantine bod is REAL. Oof. Working (from home) way more than prior because my employer is evil and knows none of us have other plans, so work/life balance has entirely gone out the window. Creating a Dragon Age pbp rpg, because I'm a big DA fangirl and because I've found DA roleplayer communities to be full of kind and talented people. I love writing in that world, in general. Canoodling with my fella but ultra missing girls nights, so I definitely want this pandemic to end sooner rather than later. Letting my lion's mane grow wild. At this point I'm a cross between Cousin It and Chewbacca. I miss my stylist, too lol
  23. I built a couple model kits and binged all of Scrubs. Outside of that, mostly lazing about, gaming, and writing.
  24. work went work from home.. so still working. But I've thrown myself into a bathroom renovation and building a new skin for absinthe on the side.
  25. Ignoring adulting as much as possible, rip Also took the time to build a site and try to be active in the RPing community in general again
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