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About This Coterie

The general non-RP discussion. Join in here.




  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. I'll always have a special spot in my heart for the Suikoden, Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy series, etc. But these days, I mostly play visual novels, mystery/horror games, and tablet games. I'm currently playing a Zero Escape game called Zero Time Dilemma.
  3. Kate Bush is mesmerisingly witchy. (Music video for Babooshka!)
  4. english

    Last thing you copied

    This is where the empires converge. Borders must be patrolled and defended often. (This is from my rp site! 🤣)
  5. I'm shorter than you imagine. I wish I was as muscly as people think I must be for how much I talk about working out/eating well. I have a lot more opinions than I typically give because I don't feel its worth fighting on the internet over. I don't intentionally make CILFs, it just sort of happens. I have on-going hip problems but I still go out and run anyway.
  6. Bodybuilding. I have made the attempt a few times but seem to lack the time commitment necessary to really make it a thing.
  7. While I have no love for archery (I'd much rather just shoot firearms), the horseback riding would be pretty cool. Though around here it's pretty expensive. Offhand there aren't any hobbies I really want to get into at the moment. I have more than enough on my plate as is hobby wise. (I play video games, I go to the range, I've started making bullets myself, I play board games with friends. Plus I work a LOT... there are days where I have spent 16+ hours at work.)
  8. I'm that person who has to be careful when picking up hobbies, because I inevitably get in too deep; I'm incapable of skimming. See: the thousands of dollars of digital camera equipment and the hundreds of hours spent learning React for no particular reason other than it seemed like a good next step in Javascriptage. Also I knit. I picked it up when I was a junior in college and a friend got an awesome new roommate who taught everyone the basics. I began with scarves (like you do), moved up to hats, socks, sweaters, the fanciest and most complex of cabley colorwork things, at which point figured this stuff was okay, but was it really handmade if the yarn was store-bought? This logic led to the purchase of a spindle and a deep dive of the world of spinning -- and if anyone has been looking for a truly relaxing hobby, it's spinning yarn -- but I wasn't really getting the full experience without a spinning wheel (sidenote: long drive to the guy with the wheels for sale on Craigslist -- he was a serious business dollmaker, and his entire house was covered in dolls of various shapes and sizes). BUT IF SOMEONE ELSE WAS PREPPING THE WOOL, WAS IT TRULY MY PRODUCT? Enter the bags of raw fleeces, the hand carders, the combs. And it's not like I've spun all the yarn I've ever knit with since, I just want to be able to do it. You know, in case civilization collapses, and everyone needs mittens. All this to say that all that I'm pretty sure the only remaining piece in the sheep-to-sweater process that I haven't taken upon myself for the completionist aspect of it (other than shearing, but I can't actually keep the sheep, so ...), is dyeing. Unfortunately doing it right requires basically a whole new kitchen and everything that goes in a kitchen ... But it's on the docket for one of these days.
  9. @Kit the HumanYes but in Inquisition you can court Iron Bull where in Awakenings you can't even try with Sten #GoneQunarinotSorry
  10. SKYRIM I have so many hours dumped into that game it's ridiculous... Dragon Age, Wildstar (I will miss you), Diablo 3, Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls Legends, Magic The Gathering Arena, Guild Wars 2. I used to raid hardcore in World of Warcraft, but I haven't played in years. Tried Final Fantasy online, but I just don't have time to play a subscription. Rather use the money for other stuff. On mobile, I love Pokemon Go. I'm also a fan of any game I can build and expand my own medieval/fantasy kingdom.
  11. But you can't drop a chandelier (lyrium container) on a bunch of broodmothers in Inquisition, making it far inferior to Awakenings. 😉 I'm seriously enjoying Fallout New Vegas at the moment. The Mojave Desert feels lived in, in a way that FO4 never did. Plenty of laugh out loud moments, soundtrack is very creepy (think it comes from FO1/2?), and plenty of interesting characters. Loving it.
  12. SithLordOfSnark

    Favorite Video Games!

    Final Fantasy franchise. Quantum Break. Assassin's Creed. LA Noire.
  13. Like both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But if I'd have to choose out of the two franchises I'd have to say Dragon age with Inquisition being the best one.
  14. Ezio or Connor, just because Desmond reminded me of the Assassin's Creed series and those are the two that were my initial favorites lol
  15. Kocobo's (the current admin of this account) favorites are mostly Captain America, Miss America, Harley Quinn, Shadowcat, and probably a few more I'm missing lol
  16. Comment on this thread with your favorite video games of all time and why if you'd like to share! Some of mine (Kocobo is the current admin on this account) are the Uncharted series, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Final Fantasy, the new Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and sooooo many more lol
  17. omg YES! Archery was always a dream for me. I also wish I had time to learn how to play an instrument. Guitar, piano or violin. Things I've done in the past but didn't stick to it, but wish I had the time and money to do so are: Making and coloring nails Knitting Making Jewelry Making props for cosplay or dagohir Sculpting *mainly any form of clay Painting on canvas Actually finishing a webcomic Among others. Maybe one day...
  18. @Huli have you ever considered approaching a local speciality printer to see if they have any gold-leaf leftovers from their foil-blocking? They may also be able to help you acquire at trade rates. I would love to learn calligraphy. I have the steady hand of a casual dipsomaniac but I write with a fountain pen so I'm at least out of the blocks. I'd also like to learn some kind of self-defence (I'm a beanpole with a big mouth) and to speak Portuguese. Other than that, strongly considering a post-graduate degree in etymology or lexicography. I love words!
  19. Garmr

    This or that?

    Strawberry all the way. Creamy or chunky peanut butter?
  20. I'm slowly saving for and planning a through hike of the trail starting out of Georgia in the late winter/early spring. I was going to jet out for it this year but a potential job kept me back (didn't work out so ugh). I've got my pack planned out and have been slowly accumulating the actual items - water purifying gear, space blanket, emergency kits etc. Pack for my dog so he can carry his own food and water between towns. Maybe we could network and get something together. My mother doesn't want me going alone and apparently taking the dog doesn't count.
  21. All black. For the aesthetic.
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