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About This Coterie

Coterie for participants of NaNoWriMo and for various events centering around the event. If you're taking part in NaNoWriMo, interested in it, or just want to cheer those that are taking part on, feel free to join us in our race for 50k words!




1. Common sense and the Initiative rules, honestly that's it.

2. You don't actually have to be participating in NaNo, if you just want to come by and cheer us on you're more than welcome to


And guys feel free to create your own topics in the coterie (of course) if there's something about it you want to discuss that we don't have already open!

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Can I be sorted? I mean, it's May 2020 right now, so I totally get it if I need to wait until closer to actual NaNo. I participate in Camp NaNo and have many goals on-going between the NaNo events, so I just figured I might as well ask.
  3. And in the final few days of NaNo i pushed to 59621 which means... 14931 more words since my last post.
  4. I'm up to 44690, so apparently 7067 words since my last update
  5. Grats Koalatalon! Am I the only dogear that has survived this far into the month? Rofl I was going to do a word count upgrade but it's only like 6pm so uh. I'll be back in a few hours. GOGOGO guys~!
  6. I *am* at more or less the end of this draft, so I'm about to slow down to a molasses pace... but still 😆
  7. Yikesssss. I feel so bad xD I got 20k more since last time I updated too xDD I uh. Might just stop updating for myself. Lol xD
  8. ....it almost seems unfair that we're on the same team. Current word count is 72,716... 😄
  9. @emeraldas everything you've written for your project since the start of NaNo. c:
  10. I've.... been so busy with doing nano and having my regular life that I forgot to come back and post. Do you just want what I've written so far or just a daily total....? XD
  11. Apparently I've gotten another 23,358 since the 12th. Sorry guys.
  12. I've gotten a total of 3150 words since last time I posted bringing my total up to 37623
  13. (This is project two, because I hit 50k and now I'm just writing whatever I want, sorry, but still. Lol)
  14. I got 897 yesterday, and today's number looks to be 2,825.
  15. 3080 words on 11/10 for a grand total of 34473!
  16. 6582 words today! ... Lord word flurrying at 5am but you know what. Go figure.
  17. Yesterday, I did like, 64, and today I hit a nice 7485. I'm getting ever closer to 40k.
  18. 1306 words total today for 24811 words!
  19. Apparently I did 7324 yesterday.
  20. I'm feeling okay! One plotpoint in my story was supposed to be Much Shorter than it's turning out to be but it ended up being... kind of interesting? Watching the interplay between MC1 and the father that she ... only just learned about the existence of. She spent the first 16 years of her life quite literally living a lie, thanks to her mom just omitting huge swaths of information. Antagonist 1, the father, kidnapped her (and her mother, previously in the story) because he wants to be a family again. You know, along with his cleanse the world of impurities thing (demons, which makes sense, bu
  21. We're fast approaching the end of week one, so let's touch base a little. How's everyone feeling? Are your stories working out for you? Are you finding any challenges that are unexpected? Are the kids not alright? HaVe YoU beEn eaTiNG aND SLEepiNG!? My muses threw a sudden curve-ball out of nowhere and I'm writing a book that I didn't intend to write, and had no idea I was going to write until literally October 31 at something like 11pm. xD It was... somewhat unfortunate, but the end results are turning out to be decent enough (excruciatingly wordy though, but I suppose this is wha
  22. Welcome to Harepaw, @Tired Old Soldiers! You can show your house love by editing your profile to add it!
  23. Laaaaate, but I'd love to be sorted into a house, please!
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