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About This Coterie

Coterie for participants of NaNoWriMo and for various events centering around the event. If you're taking part in NaNoWriMo, interested in it, or just want to cheer those that are taking part on, feel free to join us in our race for 50k words!




1. Common sense and the Initiative rules, honestly that's it.

2. You don't actually have to be participating in NaNo, if you just want to come by and cheer us on you're more than welcome to


And guys feel free to create your own topics in the coterie (of course) if there's something about it you want to discuss that we don't have already open!

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. +4976 since last update. (note for myself in case I miss updating tonight, this is Up to today's writing but does not include it)
  3. First time checking in! >.> +681 and lots of catch up to do!
  4. 1733 for day 2! I'm not giving day 3 yet because... Ive still go ta few hours ahah
  5. 11,268 (Don't compare yourself to me. Don't do it.)
  6. Hey kids, it's time it's time!! Share your daily word count totals here to get them added to your House's points total! May the wordiest house win!!
  7. I love how laser focused the main character of my time travel piece is. He knows what's coming, he absolutely wants to fix it. And he's focused on getting the best outcome - it's not always perfect. But I like how little he strays from that. There's no aimlessness. He's... Driven. And it's weird to some of the characters in the story, because they don't understand that this person who is currently in the body of a 15 year old is actually an adult with a solid 10ish years of profession experience as a hero versus most of his class being students still learning how to be heroes. And even those w
  8. I'm mostly worried about life exploding partway through the month for one reason or another and leaving me with no real ability to get anywhere on any of the stories. But still, anything I get done is better than not trying at all sooooo gonna go for it.
  9. My chair busting and the deal for an AlphaSmart falling through. (No, seriously, do you guys know how much never leaves my notebook just because I didn't get out of bed and transcribe it before moving on to the next thing?)
  10. Welcome to Preptober! Periodically during the month of October, I'll be posting discussion topics that challenge you to think about your story and where you're going with it. You also get a small amount of points for your NaNo House for participating, so you can get your house an early lead during Preptober! If you had a House last year, you'll remain in it this year; if you don't have one yet, pop into the House thread and ask for one! Our next topic for Preptober is: What are you most worried about this NaNo? My wrist giving out on me two days in c:
  11. Matthias [Surname Pending]: Basically inverted Harry Potter. No money or fame, nice living mother, well-adjusted childhood, Jewish and mixed race with good grades that don't matter, the kind of inheritance only an only-child could enjoy, and sub-par Sukkot-building skills. Compare to: WASP with tragic upbringing and more fame than Britney Spears, bad grades that don't matter, convenient inheritance of all the things he'll need or want, and legendary instant hand-eye coordination.
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