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About This Coterie

Coterie for participants of NaNoWriMo and for various events centering around NaNo 2018.




1. Common sense and the Initiative rules, honestly that's it.

2. You don't actually have to be participating in NaNo, if you just want to come by and cheer us on you're more than welcome to


And guys feel free to create your own topics in the coterie (of course) if there's something about it you want to discuss that we don't have already open!

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Remember how I started this saying I may rush into something totally different by the end? Today you meet the main character of... the Other idea that has appeared. So. MC is either going to be Helen Blackthorn, a half-Faerie half-Shadowhunter girl who was attacked in the last installment of the series and has some permanent issues because of it (including having lost her brother). If it's Helen, she's 17 going on 18 and grew up far too quickly thanks to her mother's ill health and a world that is intolerant of the fact that she is not quite like them. Her brother was missing, and there are a string of murders happening practically in her backyard. Or! MC is Clary Fray, a sixteen year old girl whose mother used magic to ensure she was blind to the shadow world for the first 16 years of her life. ... And then her mother goes missing, and Clary finds herself suddenly submerged in a world she's only just beginning to see, and doesn't have to tools or the knowledge to truly understand yet. Which one it is kind of depends on which part of The Shadow World: Rewritten I end up working on. both have working outlines so...
  3. Oisin was raised in an assassin cult that believes in keeping balance in the world. Or they did, until they decided to change leaders. Oisin really believed in the whole balance thing up until he met this laidback poet by the name of Daire. Daire helps open Oisin's eyes to a different perspective of the world and what balance really means. Personality wise, Oisin starts out as the kind of robotic type that does what he's told without really questioning it. He was raised not to ask too many questions so he just sort of learned to accept that life was the way it was. Meanwhile, Daire was raised in a big family and his inquisitive nature causes him to ask questions about EVERYTHING. So when the two meet, that's how Oisin's eyes start opening.
  4. Periodically during the month of October, I'll be posting discussion topics that challenge you to think about your story and where you're going with it. You also get a small amount of points for your NaNo House for participating, so you can get your house an early lead during Preptober! Today's topic is, introduce us to your main character! So I actually have two MCs, I can't say one or the other is more of a main because the mainness is pretty shared. But, both Zuko and Toph are my mains. Both are a little different, with Zuko being more of an old-money type person, rather than royalty. His family are a long line of successful businesspeople, and he was supposed to be a lawyer but his sister trying to kill him for the inheritance sort of threw off that groove. Lol Um, and Toph comes from a big name, but the bigger name is the one she made for herself. (Pretty close to the original material I think.) She started attending a law school and then changed her mind, and made herself a detective on her own.
  5. I'm in the I want to get it freaking done already camp. This thing started as my NaNo 2017 project when I didn't have any active rps and I needed something to do with my time, and it exploded and is now five books and mumblemumblemumble words, and the first book is still missing chapters... so I need to site down and make myself do it.
  6. Urban fantasy/alt history set in 80s/90s Soviet Russia, then expanding out to England and France once the USSR fell apart. Vampires, werewolves, and daoine (basically my interpretation of elves/fae more or less) and magi are common enough that if even you haven't met one you definitely know someone who has, but the actual full extent of what magic is capable of is only taught within those communities. As is the fact the magical community doesn't exactly feel itself to be bound by human laws, for that matter.
  7. Okay so the setting of my NaNo is... a fantasy setting. The story itself revolves at first around an assassin cult that believes that by assassinating certain people, they are creating world balance. They choose no sides--or they're not supposed to. But when leadership changes hands, the leader starts making some selfish choices and is easily bought by a war-hungry country. The setting is still kinda underway but I loathe setting my stories in identifiable "historical" context so it'll just be something original. Hopefully... As they say, nothing's original anymore. lol
  8. The arrival of superheroes in the big city is driving Detective Marina Kent crazy. Sure their superpowers come in handy, but what about the collateral damage or the fact that you canโ€™t take a superhero case to trial? When Marina gets paired with Snow Princess, she decides its time to act and become a supervillain to force the heroes out of town so things can get back to normal. I started that idea a few years ago but life got involved. I might start over this year.
  9. I have this weird affinity for writing prologues so that's actually what I love to do. Specifically I love writing in 2nd person for prologues which is just something I only get to do in that sort of circumstance.
  10. I haven't decided specifically on which I want to do. I know I want it to be either Supernatural or Sci-Fi or possibly actually get some work done on my Alice in Wonderland spin off story. I feel like I need to re-read Alice in Wonderland for that one though. If I don't do Alice in Wonderland I'll be doing my custom built world Knights of Cydonia which is a futuristic desert world where the population is controlled by a drug called "Good Life" which basically is like a cooler version of xanex in the future.
  11. If I go with At the Crossroads of Destiny the setting is pretty well canon for avatar: the last airbender, which means! Basically it is set in a historical fantasy setting somewhere amid an industrial revolution with an all encompassing world war that has been going on for 100 years by the time the story starts. Prejudice and violence run wild, as does political intrigue and betrayal. It's a volatile world you'd hardly imagine came out of a show for kids (but it did and man the depth to explore...) anyway. We start in the Earth Kingdom, arguably the most war-torn of the surviving nations late in the spring.
  12. Periodically during the month of October, I'll be posting discussion topics that challenge you to think about your story and where you're going with it. You also get a small amount of points for your NaNo House for participating, so you can get your house an early lead during Preptober! Topic #3 is, introduce the rest of the class to your story's setting! Mine's supposed to be clearly based on the 1920's crime-noir type genre, so I've got revolvers, old style cars, suits and fedoras, Cuba Libres and thick cigar smoke hanging over a game of blackjack. It's a very interestingly nondescript-but-somehow-still-very-specific aesthetic, and it's extra difficult for me because I don't normally write in this particular setting, so it turns out it's a difficult one for me to drum up on the spot. I had a hard time with it when I tried writing it the first time five years ago, too, so you know. I have no idea how I'm gonna do it this time. Lol hopefully I'm enough of a better writer that I can figure it out. Since the main focus is on the clashing of a group of detectives and a criminal triad, it'll end up also pushing my medical and legal knowledge, but in this particular part of town, there's no real cop presence. The law enforcement out there is usually also in one of the triads, so the criminal groups control the main bulk of where the story takes place, and it leads to interesting and seeming impossible situations where both the 'bad guys' and the 'good guys' are a problem.
  13. Hmm this is a hard one? Kind of? With both of my current main ideas it's kind of the same thing though. The idea for crossroads comes from an rp that ran... uh. I registered on it in 2009, it ran for less than a year. 10 years I have had this story in my head because of that board, and I... yeah. That's why it wants to be written now. And it won't be anything like the board would have been, I'm sure. But it'll be mine, and I'll be happy with it. Memories of a fire Princess is similar, I was writing it around the same time. It was actually completed, once. ... The completed version is a massive trainwreck and the rewrite is designed to fix a lot of the horrible writing.
  14. Periodically during the month of October, I'll be posting discussion topics that challenge you to think about your story and where you're going with it. You also get a small amount of points for your NaNo House for participating, so you can get your house an early lead during Preptober! For our second topic, what's the most exciting part of your story for you? What are you most looking forward to? For my own, honestly, getting it freaking done already. xD I've had the outlines lying around since freaking 2014 and I'd like to write it now.
  15. This is the synopsis I have on Nano: "After leaving behind the assassin cult that raised him, Oisin finds solace in Daire, a young poet, only to have Oisin's past catch up to him."
  16. Mum is shipped off to Van Dieman's Land with kiddo in tow. (Was mum a convict? Or was she shipped across as part of the Convict Family Reunion Scheme?) There's family issues and there's supernatural strangeness (thriller-ish? Changeling?) with some naval gazing about the transformation the land undertook when the European's arrived. Obviously a bit bare bone's at the minute while I research and settle on the most interesting to me ideas.
  17. Alright, I think I have what I'm doing down, finally. I'm writing a fanfiction piece called The Badger. In The Badger, Zuko must team up with an aloof and chain-smoking self-made detective named Toph in order to find justice for his parents' murders, and prevent his crazy criminal ringleader sister from getting the family fortune. There's a lot of self-reflection and growth that also needs to be done along the way.
  18. Uhhh. Well I'll... do one for each of my 2 main ideas (and just accept that by halfway through I'll either have picked one or jumped to something totally different!) At the Crossroads of Destiny Zuko chose Iroh (and thus the Avatar) over his sister under Ba Sing Se, but such an act is not without consequences. The team first must escape the falling city, and then must recover from their injuries. In the aftermath they are separated from Iroh who is arrested and returned to the Fire Nation as a traitor, and Zuko puts his mind to rescuing him from his imprisonment. Still before they can do that, there is training to be done and there are allies to make nice with. It's far from smooth sailing. I'm kiiiind of planning on a climax at Day of Black sun but we will... see. What happens. Yeah. Memories of a Fire Princess A character study/fic that follows Lady Ursa through her childhood and into her marriage of Ozai - and beyond. She struggles with the simple day to day life of growing up amid a war, and then she struggles to learn how to move among the court without endangering herself. The perils of the palace are great, but she finds friends there too - and she tries to raise her children as best as the can. After Iroh's failure and loss in Ba Sing Se, things break apart. Ursa kills Azulon and is in turn banished, and a new chapter of her life begins.
  19. Welcome to Preptober! Periodically during the month of October, I'll be posting discussion topics that challenge you to think about your story and where you're going with it. You also get a small amount of points for your NaNo House for participating, so you can get your house an early lead during Preptober! Our first topic for this year's Preptober is: Give us a synopsis of how you want your story to go. What's the conflict and obstacle that must be overcome?
  20. Lol, welcome to House Koalatalon, @Morrigan! Spread the purple koala love by editing your profile.
  21. Welcome to House Dogear, @Daryl Dixon! You can sport your house crest by editing your profile! c:
  22. Welcome to Harepaw, @StormyWays13! c: You can rock the awesome by adding it into your profile info!
  23. Add your RP posts to your word count ๐Ÿ˜› What bit of history are you thinking of writing?
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