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      • Modern Earth
      • Short Description: Based in current day San Diego, California. The skies the limit! Whether you want to be a janitor to the biggest a rich and power socialite. The choice is yours!
      • RPG Rating: Something In The Water RPG Rating
      • Animals: Canine Futuristic Earth Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: Humans have been gone since 1988, but the wildlife flourishes. Wolves, dogs, coyotes, and jackals have gained a peculiar advantage: the ability to take a humanoid form. They have become the Luperci -- but while many have taken to making and wearing clothes, taming and riding horses, and other "civilised" pursuits, others have stuck to their traditional ways and avoid use of their two-legged forms.<br /> <br /> 'Souls has been consistently active since 2001!
      • RPG Rating: 'Souls RPG RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic School Supernatural
      • Short Description: TNI is a long running jcink site with an overarching plot that keeps things moving forward and keeps people involved. With a low word count, lax activity requirements and an active and dedicated member base, we invite you to come and join in!
      • RPG Rating: The Next Incantation RPG Rating
      • Video Game: Dragon Age Medieval Magic Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: Blighted is a mature 3-3-3 rated, heavily au focused Dragon Age RPG. Currently taking place in 9:30 Dragon. Unlike most Dragon Age rpgs that you find around, we do not explore a timeline familiar and experienced during Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, or Dragon Age: Inquisition. We explore the idea of an alternate Thedas. A timeline that veers off the well worn path that we get to walk in the games. Join us as we experience a Thedas, with new adventures, new threats, and new sides to take.
      • RPG Rating: BLIGHTED RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Multi-Genre
      • Short Description: Piertotum Locomotor is a JCINK Premium AU Future Potter RP set in the year 2030. We accept characters 18+ and have both adult and university-aged students on the site.
      • RPG Rating: Piertotum Locomotor RPG Rating
      • Sci-Fi Space
      • Short Description: A Dreadful Star is a scifi horror RPG. Embark on a journey to colonize Rossler-3 and brave the dangers both planetside and aboard the colony ship Reliant. Member driven, 18+
      • RPG Rating: A Dreadful Star RPG Rating
      • Comic: DC Universe Comic: Marvel and X-Men Universe TV: Doctor Who and Torchwood Multi-Genre Spy Supernatural
      • Short Description: Agents of the Multiverse, or AotM is a pan-genre, multi-fandom roleplay for experienced writers 21+. We offer rapid-fire, real time style roleplay as well as slower games on our forum. AotM is accepting of both canons and OC creations from almost any fandom or genre, and offers a warm and welcoming community where everyone drives the plot!
      • RPG Rating: Agents of the Multiverse: A Panfandom RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Book: Black Jewels Historical Magic Steampunk & Clockwork
      • Short Description: An AU Black Jewels rpg.
      • RPG Rating: She Returns RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic School Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: A modern Harry Potter roleplay set in the hidden, magical community of Hemlock Hallow located in Antarctica. Outside the law, the interconnected biomes are home to researchers, students, criminals, and all those in between. All you need is curiosity and a questionable set of morals...<br /> <br /> This site is built by players, for the players, where writers are able to create and adapt their own plots.
      • RPG Rating: Hemlock Hallows RPG Rating
      • Movie: Star Wars Sci-Fi Space
      • Short Description: Vagabond Code is an alternate universe Star Wars roleplay set ten years after Return of the Jedi that combines Legends and Disney lore.
      • RPG Rating: Vagabond Code RPG Rating
      • Modern Magic Modern Superpowers Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: Join a world where the people of Earth have discovered they are not alone in the cosmos. A convergence of dimensions has brought wonders such as humans with powers and otherworldly beings, but also challenges as we've found ourselves unprepared for extradimensional threats. A merge of fantasy and sci-fi in a modern-day setting. For/by adults. Devoted storytelling and character development. LGBTQ+ friendly. Inspired by works like the Chronicles of Amber, The Watchmen and Planescape.
      • RPG Rating: Masked in Shadows RPG Rating
      • Book: World of Darkness Horror Modern Magic Supernatural
      • Short Description: Devil's Playground is an 18+ roleplaying game set in the world of darkness. We welcome intermediate to advanced writers to explore this dark world with us through various playable species, including vampires, witches, hunters, and the everyday mortal without any idea what happens in the city once the sun has set.
      • RPG Rating: Devil's Playground RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
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