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      • Supernatural
      • Short Description: Strange Ways is an original supernatural roleplay based in the fictional coastal city of Calder, Oregon. Calder is an eccentric cultural gem, hidden in the pristine nature of the Pacific Northwest — and a pivotal haven for the supernatural community, who exist just out of humanity's sight. Bizarre occurrences are on the rise. The magic that has always bled through from other worlds is more unpredictable than ever, threatening the fragile equilibrium of supernatural life.
      • RPG Rating: Strange Ways RPG Rating
      • Supernatural
      • Short Description: Ruled for centuries by the founding families, Carnival, Maine had been a haven to the supernatural, and wherever the supernatural gathered, the god-touched syndicates were never far behind. With a new threat moving into the outskirts of town and alliances threatened between the founding families, who will be true to The Secrets We Keep?
      • RPG Rating: The Secrets We Keep RPG Rating
      • Dystopia Futuristic Earth Human
      • Short Description: It's mere weeks since the last of the earths upheavals and survivors are slowly finding their way to this island, learning to forage for food, learning to adjust to a new life. Maybe they're lucky enough to find other survivors, maybe they prefer to be alone. Whatever the case, this is their new home and it's up to them to make it work. There will be countless challenges ahead of them, but after surviving the flooding, these people can survive anything, right?
      • RPG Rating: The Last Island RPG Rating
      • Panfandom Multi-Genre
      • Short Description: Looking for a place where you can unload your creativity? Want a refuge from the chaos of today? Or maybe you’re just hunting for a place to vibe? Well, then, we've got you covered. Come and explore The Oasis, today! Ages 16+, only, ProBoards Forum.
      • RPG Rating: The Oasis RPG Rating
      • Manga/Anime: Avatar: The Last Airbender Human Steampunk & Clockwork Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: We are an 18+ literate RP site set in the worlds of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Think of us as 2 sites in 1. Our timelines are completely independent of one another and exist separately. We are set 9 years post-war in Aangverse and 3 years post-finale in Korraverse. The nations of the world, benders and nonbenders alike, are settling into an uneasy peace. As with any truce however, there are those that seek to break it apart, and plunge humanity back into chaos.
      • RPG Rating: Avatar: Hou Tian RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Dystopia Supernatural
      • Short Description: It's the year 2095. 85 years have passed since the virus DraC-2 first appeared in society, ravaging the world and infecting humans indiscriminately. The Infected, virus-mutated humans that had uncanny similarities to classical vampires, began to tear down the fagility of society in massive strides until nothing was left. Stronghold became the last known surviving city in western North America, ruled over by a dystopian Military thirsty for control and power.
      • RPG Rating: Blood & Bone RPG Rating
      • Panfandom Multi-Genre Supernatural
      • Short Description: an illustrated panfandom forum rp with a twist! to play the chessmaster's game your character must give up their memories or their abilities... which will they decide?
      • RPG Rating: Zugzwang RPG Rating
      • Historical Earth Medieval Earth
      • Short Description: A historical, medieval RP set in 12th Century England and France. We're an AU site where Henry II has lost his throne. Plenty of court intrigue, war, romance, angst and everything else abounds on Saints Sleep!
      • RPG Rating: Saints Sleep RPG Rating
      • Cyber/Bio-punk Dystopia Zombie
      • Short Description: Post-Apocalyptic roleplay set in the year 2099 in the remnants of Portland, Oregon. The world of devastation showcases the conflicts between other factions and the environment around them riddled with zombie-like creatures called ‘The Lost’ and mysterious monsters hidden in every corner.
      • RPG Rating: Devastation RPG Rating
      • Movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe Modern Superpowers
      • Short Description: Nothing Lasts Forever is an AU Marvel Cinematic Universe rpg taking place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Hydra has taken over, Inhumans are imprisoned and brainwashed, and S.H.I.E.L.D has been labelled a terrorist organization.
      • RPG Rating: Nothing Lasts Forever RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • TV: Game of Thrones Human Medieval Magic
      • Short Description: AU ASOIAF RPG set about 170 years prior to the books/tv show. It focuses on the aftermath of the Dance of Dragons and the Regency of King Aegon III.
      • RPG Rating: Dance of Flames RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Modern Earth Modern Magic Supernatural
      • Short Description: A relaxed modern fantasy rp based in New Orleans with diverse characters and members. Not affiliated with the fandom, we do have supernatural elements. Decadence is member driven plots with plenty to get involved in. Wanteds are coming soon. We are always glad to add new folks to the fold. Come give us a look.
      • RPG Rating: Decadence RPG Rating
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