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What is a Roleplay Outlet Search?

The Roleplay Outlet search is a place to find roleplays whether it be partners sites or character homes to be able to play with for any of your roleplay needs.

How many Roleplay Outlet Requests requests can I have?

You may have one active Writing Partner request, one active Roleplay Search and one Character Search per character that needs a home.

How do I bump my writing partner listing?

Edit your listing. Bumping via comments is not permitted.


As with all of our site our standard bumping rules apply no more than 2 times per week.


Note: You do not have to make a change to your listing in order for the bump to work. We just recommend it. Editing the listing and saving it will bump the listing as well, without any changes.

How do I get my listing taken down?

Click on the "Report Exchange" or "Report Writing Partner" and advise the staff that you would like it taken down. We will hide the listing and if you do not want us to put it back after a month we will delete it.

Why isn't there a Fantasy genre?

There is a long answer to this but the most direct answer is that "all roleplays are fantasy by definition". Since most people are referring to "magic" when they are speaking of a "fantasy" genre we have made this change accordingly for clarification especially for those of us that are Science Fantasy fans (doesn't normally include magic) and similar.


Will we ever add "fantasy" to our genres? Since we imply fantasy on all genres we find adding the word is unnecessary, so no.

How do I bump my directory listing?

There are 2 ways to bump your listing. You can use the handy "Bump It" button at the top of your listing when it shows as available:



When your listing is not available for a new bump then you will see:



Additionally you can bump your listing by editing it. No changes need to be made but there is a "Site updates" section to inform potential members of your sites status or recent events.


Posting reviews will not bump your listing.

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