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Why do I have to upload an image for every version of the playby?

This is to ensure that the Plaby is represented in all aspects that they can be used. The primary reason for this is to help people that are looking for playbys to find what they are looking for in a playby and while you can list the "possibility" having the visual to back it up is important to hunting for the perfect representation of your characters face.

What pictures should I upload for a playby?

Put up pictures that provide the representation of what you are saying they can fill. You should only need one image per style but if they have a few feel free. Please do not upload entire collections of images. If you need/want to do this then please think of doing a gallery album for yourself.

Why isn't there a Fantasy genre?

There is a long answer to this but the most direct answer is that "all roleplays are fantasy by definition". Since most people are referring to "magic" when they are speaking of a "fantasy" genre we have made this change accordingly for clarification especially for those of us that are Science Fantasy fans (doesn't normally include magic) and similar.


Will we ever add "fantasy" to our genres? Since we imply fantasy on all genres we find adding the word is unnecessary, so no.

May I use a moving gif for the images in this directory?

The main image and cover image are required to be static.

How do I add possible family members?

Edit a playby listing and go to bottom for "Familial Relationships" and start typing in the playbys name. It will pop up with a list, click on it so it shows above the field. You can do this for as many as you'd like.


Once you're done save the listing.

Do I need to edit both plaby listings to make them show up on both playby listings?

No. If you add it to one listing the other listing will automatically add the one you edited to their familial relationships.

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