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Bending Nation

Found 38 results

  1. Salya

    Tainted Onez

    A sandbox RP mixed with other kinds of things, such as Graphics and writing.
  2. Deep Sea


  3. When making macros, how do you guys pick your "perfect" button size? I've always done things through trial and error, but unfortunately that's pretty much left me resizing and redoing countless times before coming up with something I like. So I was wondering if somebody had a different way of doing things. Do you have a pre-set size that you just use, or a particular button style that you stick to and just "skin over" the template? Do you scratch it from the get-go and just adjust as necessary when you put it on the board? Use the original macros as a sizing guide and reskin them?
  4. This thread is to share a link to your favorite fonts. Fonts that you just can't get enough of and love so much. http://www.dafont.com/bleeding-cowboys.font
  5. So one thing I always see is a big difference in the size of avatars everywhere. I remember when there was a day, long before mini-profiles and all that jazz, that there was a standard size to avatars. Hell, I remember the size it was 150x200. Now avatars have no standard size and it bloody-well drives me NUTS! Something that I like to do is make avatars and donate them for others to use but with non-standard avatar sizes this has become impossible. Here on the Initiative we have a size that sticks, 250x250. We only changed this from the rectangle version we had before because it was no longer support (however I have figured out a way to get it to work we just aren't going back). That being said, square avatars are only common on resource sites. This thread is primarily to talk about how you feel about avatars, what is your preferred avatar size and how you feel about the increasing size of avatars when mobile devices are becoming more common. Give me your feedback. I don't like the larger sized avatars, 250x250 is even on the larger size but I know it works for this site and I was reclaiming the lost pixels in width by adding them there. I find mini-profiles a little daunting but I will use them with necessary as they are pretty they just feel needlessly complicated for a player to add a place for details that can be better displayed in a different manner.
  6. Ok so I've been debating with myself over this for a while. Some sites are ok with a hand drawn picture of your character, but most require actual photo of a real person. My question is, which do you guys prefer seeing? Personally, I like hand drawn characters better than actual photo. A photo isn't hard to snag off of Google or Bing images. When someone has a hand drawn picture instead, there was someone who put some time and effort into perfecting that picture to make it look just right. I like knowing there was more effort going into the character than just copy and paste. Recently I tried joining someone's role play with a character that was hand drawn and was rejected because it wasn't "a picture of a real wolf" and told me I could join it when I "got a picture of a real wolf." There are a lot of details in my main character that no photo of a real wolf will ever be able to show. Which is the other reason I like hand drawn characters, because you can add a lot more fine grained details in your picture than an actual photo.
  7. VirusZero

    Vader Crush

    From the album: Star Wars Rebels

    © Disney

  8. From the album: Star Wars Rebels

    © Disney, LucasArts

  9. I am dumb in this field, and I know it. I am trying to search public domain images depicting either mariachis in specific costumes, or traditional Mexican dancers, and my google, despite me searching for mariachis public domain gives me things which I am sure they are not in the public domain yet (e.g. the painter Jesús Helguera died in 1971, so definitely his paintings are not in the public domain). How can I be sure that what I use (assuming I find something to like) really is in the public domain?
  10. So as technology moves forward and we get more hi-resolution devices things are starting to become more high def. I sit here and visit the Initiative on my mobile device and realize I need to start optimizing for high resolution items. So do you think about mobile devices in your design? Are you starting to become more moibile friendly in your design? Did you even know there was a difference? Have you ever viewed your site in mobile view before? Do you have questions on how to design to be more high resolution friendly?
  11. This could probably go for graphics or coding but I'm thinking more visual effect/ final output rather than the nitty-gritty details, SO! ~        Okay so... When you are building a site, or looking to join a site, how important is it for you that the graphical depiction of your site is on par with your site's setting?   As an admin:  Do you gravitate towards a skin theme that fits the setting (eg dark skin for a dark-fantasy site)?  Do you make banners and buttons to reflect a certain feel for your site?  Do you expect character avatars to look or 'feel' a certain way? (eg no modern glamour shots for someone supposed to be depicting someone from say 1760s London)  As a member:  How important to you is it that the site's look & feel matches the setting?  Do you try to choose icons for your characters based on how you see them in the setting-- or do you just go for pretty pictures?    Please discuss  
  12. I've really wanted to use an image as a background for my website's nodes (xenforo speak for forums.) I think when done right, they are gorgeous and very much add to the feel/atmosphere of a site. Many of you have gorgeous images representing your settings or forums. I've been tinkering with them as I have the Theme House add on, Nodes. The issue I am running into is this: node/forum font description color is white or light grey. It means I have to use some very dark images for it to not be too busy and allow the forum titles, icons and descriptions be visible. I've tinkered around with various photoshop actions, .psd's, lowering brightness, levels etc and can't for the life of me find something that works right with the theme. Should I stick with something that has a gradient or no color /matching node background for most of it and tuck a small image to the very right? (Iconish size?) Is there a way to darken and image to make font still readable but not ruin the image to be almost unseen? How do forum image formed? Tips? Tricks? Favorite tutorials? Actions? Advice? (You can visit my forum in sig. It feels wrong plugging it in the post when I already do via signature.) ^example of an image I tried using as our "Repository" (Knowledge base) forum/node background. My instant reaction to it was, "Thanks. I hate it." Even that was "too busy," for the text. Thank you and have a wonderful, stress free day!
  13. Does anybody know or can estimate how expensive a digital wallpaper commission would be? Like, something that can be used as the background of a website like these
  14. So I was thinking about gifs and how they are used and I was wondering what everyone's opinion on them are? For the most part, I personally don't mind gifs. I prefer that they be in places that I'm not staring at them at all times but I can live with them being in places that I can turn off. (for example I can turn off individual signatures here on DF so if the gif is too flashy I don't have to stare at it). Of course there are drawbacks to that, what if it changes? I will not be able to see such a change. Overall, I don't mind gifs but I don't like seeing them everywhere all the time for all of the things. What is your opinion? Do you have methods that you use to ignore images that you don't like? Will you join a site that has them? Will you join a site that prohibits them? Will you show me your favorite gif? My fave Gif is:
  15. From the album: Star Wars Rebels

    © Disney

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