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It's honestly been so long since I've been on a site with OCs.  I've been doing canon RP almost exclusively for years now, so yeah, I always use the face used by the original media (whether it's animation, video games, or whatever real life person is playing that role).


But when I do look for a place where I can play original characters, I do tend to veer more towards art -- whether its original art or art from some media these days.  Largely because I've found that more and more, I'm turned off to the idea of using real life people.  Especially since a lot of stories I like to explore can hit into dark themes and attaching a real person's face to that when they have no knowledge of it and certainly didn't have the freedom to choose/deny a role is kind of uncomfortable for me.  So yeah, that's why I tend to favor artwork for original characters more recently.


I don't watch as much anime or read as much manga these days as I used to.  But I was definitely big into it for many, many years and it did make it easier for me to find a character from something or other that I felt was a good representation for whatever character I was writing.  Especially when I'd start doing simple edits, like changing hair or eye color.  

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I have literally no artistic talen whatsoever. If I attempted to draw my characters, they'd just be crooked stick figures. So, I have no choice but to use photos of actors as playbys. Despite not being massively clued up on actors, I do try to cast the net wide. Most of my RP is historica, so I like to find actors in Historical roles that look the part I'm playing. Luckily, there's Tumblr's dedicated to period play-bys sourced from just about every historical show and movie ever made. 

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Personally, I prefer live action PBs, although I've played characters with just art before. As nerdy as it is, I enjoy the process of hunting down PBs a lot, and finding good representative images of them, but I don't mind if someone else uses artwork of whatever kind. NGL, though, if you want to ship with my character, you'll probably have a head start if your PB is live action, lol. That's just the way my brain works.


I'm coming from an RP culture that went from insisting on everyone having a live action PB back in the day and being derisive if you didn't, to more recently switching up and folks getting super nasty and dragging people for using a live action PB for any source that wasn't live action. (Comics, anime, whatever.) It always seemed such an arbitrary thing to get mad about if the PB wasn't whitewashing the character or erasing parts of their identity.

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I usually choose a face because it matches what I have in my head, but with that said, I still tend to lean towards using faces that are underused and I often find myself searching through models for that exact reason until I find one that fits the look I want. I do occasionally find faces from tv shows/movies but its rare.

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I started out using random anime pictures off Google and using Tektek to come up with character's appearances. I ended up converting to real life face claims after coming across my first couple RP sites with them in use.


Due to what I consume pop culture wise, i tend to end up using FCs who were huge celebrities or whatever decades before now, so there's a  good chance that a few I use end up being deceased. I really don't see living status as a dealbreaker for a face claim as I just see FCs as a representation of the character's appearance; I really feel lot of the rules in place about FCs just contributes to lines being blurred between IC/OOC. I do tend to use more musicians, but in general I just use whoever I think fits the character I have in mind.

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I do think the media I consume influences the playbys that I would like to use lol. I struggle with the concept of using a playby that I associate with another character, though. Because in that sense, I feel like I'm playing that character from the TV show or movie, rather than playing my own character. So I go out of my way to find playbys that I don't recognize or that I recognize but don't have a strong sense of their career history.





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