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Advice When It Comes To Admining

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I'm in the process of being handed "the keys" to a site that I was willing to take over from the current admin (whom I'm friends with) and I was wondering if there are some of you lovely folks who might be willing to impart some wisdom when it comes to becoming an admin - not just of a site that was previously run by someone else, but just in general? This will be my second or third time acting as an admin in my years roleplaying, and the first time I've seriously entered into it in several years on my own.


One of the things I'm planning on doing as soon as the switch is made is to ask the current members to fill out a little survey about things they do and don't like about the site - among other things - and also to perhaps go so far as to put up some polls to get an idea of how best to direct the site in the next few months while I work behind the scenes to get things in order. Other than that, I'm wondering what more I can do, or if this is even a good direction to head in at first, which is why I'm hoping to get a little advice on all matters all around.


Thank you in advance!


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First thing that comes to mind is: You can’t make everyone happy. So run a site you enjoy. 


On WL we have had a lot of success in using polls and surveys. Especially for rule changes, changing how we want to run our season change over (3 or 4 ic months per season), how we want to do content warnings, we even used a poll to pick our name! We used the poll/survey stuff in google docs. 


Recently we did some revamping that got rid of unnecessary rules and work. I am all for making things easier on staff and members. Simple. Uncomplicated. Way less stress/work/restriction. Its fabulous. 

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Don't keep/make unnecessary rules that add additional stress onto the staffers.  Frankly, don't create any process that adds unnecessary strain on staffers or members.  Whenever possible, simplify simplify simplify.  Today your new admin is excited to take over, in three months they're going to start getting tired.  Make the process of running the site as simple stupid as possible, make the staff work as easy as possible.... because  a staffer becomes a staffer because they love the site, but if they're too wrapped up in the administrative tasks that they can't take the time to enjoy the place with the members, you're spelling burnout.


On another note, listen to your players.  The site should be one YOU love, but when a member voices confusion or offers advice on a better way, listen to them.  I've found that MOST members have the best of intentions and many times, errors they make are due to simple misunderstanding.  Your member base can be a powerful tool to help you understand where you can improve.


Finally, be the kind of admin that every member feels they can sit down and talk to comfortably.  Be nice.  Be friendly.  Go out of your way to talk to everybody so they know that their opinions matter to you.  Trust is an essential part of being the admin of a site.  Be the sort of person you'd trust and value.

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