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Pokemon roleplay interest check

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Hello there I came from the abyss with an idea; 

18+ feral pokemon/mystery dungeon type roleplay where you start out as a Pokemon with no memory of where you came from and how. Only your name.


The main goal of the roleplay is being a sandbox roleplay where players can create their own societies from scratch. Maybe packs, maybe it's a village or something along the lines. There will be quests similar to pokemon mystery dungeon and as well as dungeons. 


I plan on the leveling and HP system to be fairly simple. I also want it to have a sort of darker tone and some semi-realism elements. Pokemon only being able to faint 3 times before they are considered deceased and actually die. 


Here's what I have planned: 

-A simple leveling and battle system based upon battles and finished thread count

-A crafting system which allows you to craft your own items or homes. 

-A harvest/farming system which will allow you to harvest berries.

-An aging and season system


It will be hosted on jcink, and I will be paying for jcink premium from my own pockets.


I was wondering if anyone would be interested or willing to give some advice etc. Since I simply want to test the waters to see if I get any bites before placing time in this project.



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