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street level vigilantes in the dc universe (Interest Check)

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I have been rolling the idea over in my head for a while for a DC Universe site, but for "street level" characters only. So, no superpowers or meta abilities, nothing supernatural, mystic or magical, no aliens. Just the vigilantes and villains of the "normal human" variety (think Batman and Green Arrow). Minor meta powers like accelerated healing would be allowed (where they make sense) as would normal human's who augment themselves using tech or science; such as Steel, Ted Kord, Poison Ivy or Bane.

Characters such as; Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Doctor Fate, The New Gods, Spectre, and Zatanna would be banned (though for some banned characters a member could choose to play depowered versions. IE. Clark Kent the human farm boy reporter or Diana Prince highly trained government agent would be open for play). The overall idea being to have some of that sweet, sweet lower power level DC universe play.

I'm currently on the fence about characters like Clayface, Manbat, or Killer Crock as even with "scientific" explanations for them, their abilities seem a little too meta/superhuman.

You would also be able to use any version of a character that you wish (DCEU, DCTV, Comics, etc) as long as they fit the overall site lore/rules and their history is flexible enough to leave room for necessary connections to other characters where applicable.

There would be 4 main City Locations;
Gotham - Home of the Bat family, where Bruce Wayne is missing and presumed dead.
Blüdhaven - Home of the Outsiders, where an all out gang war is on the verge of erupting.
Star City - Home of Team Arrow, where a mysterious dark archer has recently arrived on the scene.
Metropolis - Home of The Watchtower, a small group of government sanctioned heroes lead by The Guardian, where 2 term Mayor Lex Luthor has just begun his bid for a recently vacated Senate seat.

I have ideas on teams and unaffiliated characters to include on a site canon list, to give potential members ideas on characters to pick up and play as well as ready-made starting points.

There would be a few over arching site-wide plots that the players have the ability to progress and there would be city-centric and site wide events to participate in from time to time, but overall I'd love for it to be a sandbox where players can develop and push along their own plots and character arcs with little interference from the staff.

It would also be a no word count, low AC site with as simple an app as possible (because I hate apps myself). I am thinking their would also be a few character rules put in place to keep people from grabbing super "postcesty" characters (IE you can't play Batman and Robin) and possibly to keep someone from hording all the more popular canons, but I'm not sure yet if it's completely necessary.

So, thoughts, comments, ideas? Would you be interested in joining, or maybe even helping with, a site like this? I could definitely use some site name ideas if you have anything to throw at me, as well.


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Interested in helping? My inbox is open!

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My honest take on the idea is that it sounds like it would be extremely hard to define what is and is not allowed for powers. You'd be drawing lines all over and how would it be kept consistent if someone wanted to bring in an OC character? Taking the power out of superheroes and villains is like fully declawing a cat. You may want to go a different route with the focus of the site--maybe it's not the powerless powerhouses that are the concentration of the plots but the everyday citizens instead who'd been affected by their shenanigans?

Have a great day!

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