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Character Theme Songs

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Oh man, all my characters have at least one song, some of them have many.


For instance, I just found this song the other day and had to add it to a character with two other songs...but it fit her far too well to not.  

Co-Founder|Adminspacer.png - Multiparagraph RPer/freeform writer - Genre Preference - DARK like my heart....Bwahaha

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Violet -   Alice   Elizabeth:   Those are the one I can think of off the top of my head. I also have like relationship theme songs for some of my more esta

I know I asked previously if people listened to music while they wrote and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the responses. Now I'm wondering (regardless of whether you use music or not while writi

Castle by Halsey is definitely my OC’s song. Meanwhile, I have an avian whose theme song is Just Give Me a Reason by Pink. I’m Going Slightly Mad by Queen is the theme song for a character I haven’t p

My original character, whose name will be probably be Francesco, is ideally represented by the dance of personified virtues at the end of Il Sant'Alessio (1631):




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Satin Jackets feat. Panama - Back to Me

"Heartbeat, my heartbeat,

Comin' back to me, Comin' back to me,

Feelin' like there's something I lose,

When I keep you,

Comin' back to me, Comin' back to me"


Dailo/Dragon Head  ( Leader ) of a Triad Mafia who constantly reminisces over the past and a previous flame. 




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Most of the time I don't have specific theme songs for my characters. It's about 50/50 that I assign a song to a character because characters tend to change over time -- also searching for a theme song can be a challenge too because I always want one that is juuuust right.


The ones I've used in the past have been:
- We don't Have to Dance (Andy Black)

- Maid of the River (Sarah Calderwood)

- Ophelia (Natalie Merchant)

- The Cure (Lady GaGa -- Linney Cover)

- Upside Down (Paloma Faith)

- Vagabond (Tommee Profitt ft. FJØRA)

- You Can Be King (Lauren Aquilina)

- Runnin' (Adam Lambert)

- Survive (Madilyn Bailey)

- Into the Fire (Megan Nicole)

- Phoenix (Fall Out Boy)

- Machine (Mister Wives)

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I love making character playlists so I could never choose a single song (with most playlists hitting the two hour mark, woof..). The staff for our current site even put together a playlist for the board that we thought evoked moods and themes that we thought could inspire players. I can't really listen to music when I'm writing, but I'll put on a playlist for the day before actually posting to get some vibes going.

Here's a few I'm real proud of 👌 found on spotify

The Cowboy  |  The Vainglorious PunkThe Witch PriestThe Money Grabber

and ofc The Strange Ways Playlist




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