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How do you decide on 1 RP when several interest you?

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Not sure if this topic already exists - when I looked, I didn't find anything similar to my question. So here goes.


First of all, hi 😁Basically, my question is:


Especially if you're already strapped for time/feel like you couldn't keep up writing in several roleplays at once, how do you decide on a roleplay when several hold your interest? I'm excited by quite a few roleplays I've found, but I couldn't physically write for all of them, or even more than 1, so feel torn. Also, there's the fact that my interests and motivation change over time, and may shift to different topics/fandoms. I would like to have a roleplay as a "constant" in my life... but it's hard innit.


Thanks for reading and your time!

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For me personally? I got myself a damn good RP partner and we cycle through whatever we want on a private site. We also run a few of our own sites.


I find that if I'm just looking to join that I look for the one with the best community and that I feel will give me the most opportunity for plot.





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When I originally thought I didn't have the time for multiple RPs, I simply created a panfandom site which lets me play anything I want in one setting.


Now, I just don't bother limiting myself. lol

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The community.


That is literally it. If I don't feel like I am part of the crew, not even plots and threads will keep me around for long. I need to like & enjoy the people, and the people should at least appear as if they feel similarly about me.


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Join the discords of the few you like and dawdle about to see who you fit in with before getting started on the app lol... Do some plotting of possible characters and see who teaches out to plot and where you're going to be comfortable. You might find you really mesh with one community and not another.

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For me it comes down to the character creation rules (and sometimes some other rules if I see anything weird). I usually get really interested in a plot / setting and then jump to the character app guidelines, only to find out it's got a bunch of weird rules that are a huge NO for me. Also the community. If I can't plot with others, I tend to lose interest. 



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