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What do you think is important in Roleplay?

The Supreme One

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I find some of the most important things to know in roleplay are as follows. What are your opinions on these?

How much do you like to read for an average response?
1 Line? 1 Sentence? 1 Paragraph? 2 Paragraphs?


I’m not to picky on how much people reply with. I prefer it not to short though,
because if it doesn’t have any substance than there is nothing to reply to. -vladimirsbach

How much do you like to write for an average response?
1 Line? 1 Sentence? 1 Paragraph? 2 Paragraphs?


I tend to respond with around as much as my partner, but I don’t like extremely long replies most of the time. If they are enjoyable, I forget about length. -vladimirsbach

Do you like literate roleplays?
Yes or no?
Obviously everyone likes being able to read the writing,
but how picky are you?


I prefer roleplay partners capable of writing more than one line,
and in complete sentences. -vladimirsbach

Do you know the difference between literate roleplay and semi literate roleplay?
yes or no?


I know the difference between the two. It is as clear as the water is not actually blue, but an effect caused by the refraction of light through the water. -vladimirsbach

The difference between semi literate and literate roleplay is dem der w3rds yu see.

Semi literate roleplayers tend to; shorten words, toss in foreign words, or use words that don’t even fit into the sentence structures.


For some roleplayers this works for them, but for me this is not acceptable unless it accurately fits the character.  -vladimirsbach

Say for example; ‘a pirate, or a drunk, might have a slurred speech problem.’

Everything has an end, everything but me that is. I shall live for an eternity, watching as the petals fall from the trees. 

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