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There are various differences when it comes down to comparing ‘literate’ and ‘illiterate’ roleplay.


A skilled, literate roleplayer seeks out ‘quality over quantity’.


While filler content can sometimes mask itself as literacy; a true literate roleplayer knows that simplicity or making content easy to understand is always the most important aspect of a literate writer.


Take a moment to let that sink in, because if you really think about it; you’ll realize this is true.


Who truly wants to read content, they can’t really understand?


Another important aspect of literate roleplay boils down to wording; or word usage.


Remember the point posted above; that simplicity is important. Using complex words, or sentences; is not a form of true literate writing.


Once again; you want your reader or roleplay partners to understand what you are saying.


Another aspect of literate roleplaying is the way a post ‘flows’, which ultimately is not as important as the other aspects of literacy.


That doesn’t mean it’s not important though, because we all know that a post that sounds good; can also impact the reader on a deeper level.


Now if we start talking about illiterate roleplay; there are many other factors to focus on.


An illiterate roleplayer may, or may not have issues with their spelling, grammar, and or punctuation.


However, this is not the case for all illiterate roleplayers; some simple choose to write as they do.


An illiterate roleplayer typically has issues with being able to read, or write; usually because they are still in the process of learning.


Some might even be from a foreign place; and have little to no access to the resources that the rest of us do.

Many look down upon illiterate roleplayers, but I always do my best to try to aid them in improving.


The last aspect of illiterate writing that I’m going to go into today; is post stuffing, or fluffing.


An illiterate roleplayer sometimes tries to mask their illiteracy with fluff, or filler. As I stated before; a true literate writer knows the difference between filler and essential content.


Just because a post is long; does not make it well written. Some of the best posts are short, and straight to the point. They only include what’s needed, and nothing more.



Everything has an end, everything but me that is. I shall live for an eternity, watching as the petals fall from the trees. 

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