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  • Strong Lady Alpha

    Helena Lawson-Eastham


    The wife of the late cougar lord and the leader of the pride, Helena spent most of her life in Sacramento, California. She was already a member of a cougar pride before she met Richard Eastham, their marriage fusing the two prides together. An able businesswoman, headstrong and smart, she has learned how to forge connections and to make an ample profit out of them, as well. Moving with much of the pride into Pine Creek, Kentucky, she set up her connections there.   Differences between the local wolf pack and the Eastham-Lawson pride had both of their leaders engaging in a full moon battle, with both the wolf alpha and the cougar lord losing their lives in the conflict. Helena was the one who rose to the head of the cougar pride after this, and though it caused some mutterings among their ranks, her confidence has held the pride steadfast and strong, with a peace forged between them and the wolves.  Helena has plenty of pride connections in play, including various pride members and their associates. She would also most likely keep up connections with the wolf alpha, Regina Morgan, who is also in play on site. 


    More information on site: http://devilstattoo.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

    Or in the Cougar canon list: http://devilstattoo.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=38

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