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  • These requirements are to be performed prior to submitting your code to our directory. We try to approve directory listings quickly and that means that we can approve your listing within 30-60 seconds after you have submitted your listing. To keep from wasting the staff's time or your time always make sure that you have completely complied with the following.
    1. The codes you submit must be your code. Altered code from another script is forbidden.
    2. Codes that compromise the Initiative or other's security is strictly prohibited. Those that knowingly break this rule will get banned from submitting codes to the codex permanently.
    3. Please upload your placeholder or temporary images to the Initiative's Gallery or use Placehod.it's https links.
    4. [doHTML] tags are prohibitted in your "code" space. This will make it easier for users to implement on non-Jcink forums/locations that allow for HTML. If you are a Jcink user then all you have to do is wrap the code in [doHTML] CODE [/doHTML].
    5. Additional rules to the use rules below are prohibitted. If you feel that additional use rules need to be applied please post in the Staff Contact Center.
    6. Notes/additional information should be unecessary for these codes and are prohibitted in the description. If you need to explain detailed steps of how to apply something it's more likely a guide. Not sure. Ask Us. If you want to give use pointers you can do so by using code comments and placing them where appropriate.
    7. Attributions
      • Attributions to the Initiative are not required but appreciated. Helping others find your scripts here is really awesome. You can do this by using an attribution of "Made by USERNAME at The Initiative" linking the Initiative to our site. Or linking the whole thing to your member profile.
      • When attributing you can attribute to a personal site.
      • Attributing to another resource site is prohibitted.

    Once you have complied with the above rules go to our Codex and press "Add new Code" in the top right just like adding a topic on the forum this will bring you to our Codex form.
  • These requirements are to protect both the person that creates the code as well as your site for using it.
    1. Removing credits from the code is forbidden.
    2. Copying the code and making alterations does not make it your code.
    3. Making changes to the code is permitted as long as the copyright/credits stay in tact.

    Compliance is mandatory to continue use of the Initiative Codex.
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