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About This Coterie

For those of us that run, play on or otherwise enjoy modern fantasy roleplay




1. Don't be (too much of) a dick.

2. Should probably have modern fantasy/urban fantasy/supernatural whatever as the topic.

3. Go nuts.

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Athena


    We haven't even been open a month yet but we would love to have more similarly themed affiliates! http://themarkedrp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=48 We have both scrolling and static.
  3. This'll be for hoarding modern fantasy specific topsites, resource sites, etc. Good places to list our sites and the like. http://topurbanfantasy.gotop100.com/
  4. I feel like any urban fantasy should typically have at least one supernatural creature to deal with. Most tend to go with Vampires and Werewolves, my board is no different although we fully intend to expand on this in the future. Also, I have noticed that most allow for expansion of the plot through their members. It could be something as simple as creating factions or groups that stir up extra drama for the board or even bigger such as creating new races. Perhaps that's why I tend to prefer this genre is that it feels like there is more collaboration overall that goes on rather than simply between individual characters on the board.
  5. I love it when boards have races for mythological creatures that are either completely original or based on the less than typical ones. I've seen and joined some that have had Fae and mermaids, which are always fun. I have yet to notice any with wendigo but perhaps I'm simply not looking hard enough? I used to be on a board that was largely member driven and we were able to create a race of our own after a lot of thorough research and hard work. It was a lot of fun and interesting to see what people came up with. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do the same on my own board at some point.
  6. SithLordOfSnark

    Your Sites

    Most of my sites are invite only, but if you're interested in checking any of them out, I'll leave names here and you can PM me. Desires of the Flesh - A BDSM site (18+ naturally), taking place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hell & Heaven - A no app, no word count, no activity check sandbox site where pretty much anything goes. Also 18+ Where Dreams Go To Die - A panfandom site taking place mostly around high school shows, with our main premise being taken from Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. 18+ Healing Hearts Ranch - This actually belongs to @KARA BELLA, but I've been an admin since pretty early on and I believe we agreed that I'm officially co-owner now since I'm the only remaining admin from the beginning besides her. Originals: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.: An AU take of Originals Season 1. X-Men: Desert Oasis: Not open yet, but this will be an AU second gen X-Men game where only OCs will be accepted. Buffy: After the End: This is an AU of Season 8 of Buffy which doesn 't take the comics into account. Lost in Fairytales: AU of Once Upon a Time. We start just after the first curse has been cast. Roleplaying Games Central: This is far from being open, but I'm looking for people to help. Unlike Hell & Heaven, this place has specific games being run, anywhere from Buffy to X-Men. Islands in the Sun: Another owned by @KARA BELLA, taking place in the Islands of Hawaii. Wow, after writing that list, I'm surprised I run so many games...and quite successfully too. LOL
  7. Prophetess

    Your Sites

    I never did get to this. Hi there. Admin on Resolution. It's been my first go at admin'ing for myself after so many people telling me just do one for myself if I wanted something. It's small and it's good. I've been staff on other boards and sometimes bounce between sometimes chat (taking a break from that) and forums. I prefer forums with my work schedule though. Though I'm learning a lot reading and interacting when I can with everyone.
  8. archaeon

    Your Sites

    First of all, can I just say wow, so many of these sites are so interesting and look gorgeous to boot. Yes, yes I have been clicking links and snooping. You're all such clever clogs you. Lovely stuff. Personally, I hail from the Irenic Institute. We've been around since February 2016 but cheated a bit and shifted our focus to PBeM for about 9 months of that. We wandered back to the forum a couple of months ago and are planning on staying there. We're not a huge site but have a good core of writers and have recently opened our doors to new members again. It'll be interesting to see what sort of folks we attract. The majority of our current members are 30+ or thereabouts. They've all played in numerous other games/genres/styles and have settled on what they like. I think that shows through in the genuinely relaxed and supportive atmosphere in the community. Everyone's outgrown the drama and just want o get on with enjoying the what they're doing. Haha! Which makes us all sound like a budge of fuddy-duddies but that's really not the case. Anyway, I plan on continuing my delving into everyone else's sites. Thank you to everyone that has shared so far!
  9. I know this topic has been quiet for a while now but it's such a good question and got me thinking. For me, an urban fantasy has to first and foremost be urban. Otherwise, it's just fantasy and you can shove all kinds of prefixes on that to differentiate. But, again this is just my feeling, what really defines a good urban fantasy is a strong urban setting. Oh, you can wander off into the deepest, darkest sticks as well but you always have to end back in the urban centre. And if that urban centre has a unique feel about it then I'm all the more for it. The fantasy element can come in a variety of flavours and if the plot is interesting enough then I'm willing to give it a go. I have admittedly grown a little bored if the standard vampires vs werewolves theme with humans caught in the middle. These days I'm more about myths and more ‘monstery’ monsters in my fantasy. I like mixing mythology up just for a taste of something a bit different from the common European or classical stuff that seems to dominate. The latter maybe makes it more horror? Which is why I always get so frustrated by all the genre labels. I normally stick with the good old umbrella term fantasy which by definition is simply the imagining of impossible or improbable things. But I do think there needs to be a pervading sense of the dangerous throughout it all though. An undefined feeling of malevolence as you walk down that dark street at night. Your hackles should raise when you're typing up that ancient translation. I'm not saying that magic and technology can't mix - quite the opposite in fact - but they shouldn't be happy bedfellows. The ancient, arcane, supernatural whatever should be threatening no matter what form it takes. I'm with Mistress Of The Obvious on this one. The supernatural should delve into and reveal the darker side of human nature. The hidden monsters, both internal and external, and the struggle against them. All the while, I enjoy mixing the magical impossibilities with the modern mundane. For instance, my latest project had a necromancer barista who would give his favourite customers a jolt of life energy with their espresso to perk them up. An AI housed in a metal golem, effectively making a sentient robot. Basically, grab a well developed urban setting (imagined or otherwise), add a dash of magic, some fantastical creatures of whatever flavour you fancy and jumble them together in (hopefully) interesting ways. Throw in character-driven plots and a few unexpected twists (preferably caused by past mistakes or covered up secrets)and I am there.
  10. Rune

    Reading List

    Oooh good thread. To add to the others, the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. The Otherworld series by Kelly Armstrong. I recently picked up Kim Harrison's Hallowed series but haven't gotten to start it yet. Any thoughts?
  11. ReDRidingHood

    Reading List

    I love almost all of the series listed! Let me add: Comics: Moonstruck by Grace Ellis The Black Monday Murders by Johnathon Hickman Young Adult: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater White Cat by Holly Black
  12. First let me hop in to say I'm always thrilled when someone knows what a leucrota is. (I played a corcotta on an RPG back in the day!) LoreFolk features Jackalopes as some local fauna. We use their breeding season as a catalyst for events around Easter time (because antalope-horned rabbits might as well lay colorful eggs). In terms of Fauna i'm partial to pulling things from folklore & fairytales. We're also doing a plot around the Fern Flower that blooms on the Summer Solstice and whoever finds it wins a Miracle. It's supposed to be the big tourist draw that brings folk in to the city. I love this kind of stuff!
  13. I haven't really been up on my game for creating flora, but for "wild fauna", I have two creatures I made specifically for my Urban/Hidden Fantasy site. One of them is a shadowy-cat-like creature that steals/hordes shiny things....often bringing bad luck with them even though they are mostly harmless. The other is a monster that causes nightmares and feeds on the negative energy produced by them - inducing severe depression and other disorders in their victims (they basically choose one person to leech from and hang around for days* until either cleansed or the host dies) [*Days could be weeks, or years, depending on the host]
  14. ......tbh that's....not too far off from some Fearsome Critters!
  15. Muse

    Your Sites

    /me clicks all the links to take a peek. /me almost forgets to come and post here, too. Oh hai. I'm founder and admin of a not-quite-modern Victorian fantasy site called Thorns: Uprising. It's a revival of a 10 year-old original PBP. I was staff a decade ago and another staff member and I have kept our hearths warm for this place for all this time. Finally, after site hopping and never finding the right fit, we put our heads together, edited content, and brought the site back to life. It's only been 3 months, but we're having a good time writing old characters (my, how much our writing has improved in ten years!) and re-forming the world to make it that much better. I'm always encouraged to see sites that have been written on for so long. I have high hopes that this time, since I'm an admin and NOT about to abandon the place and disappear from the internet, Thorns can stick around for years to come.
  16. This is a supernatural fantasy top site listing for people to consider: http://topurbanfantasy.gotop100.com/ I decided to create this one because I've never found a top site listing that was specifically for our genre. Secondly, most of the ones that do exist suffer from being over crowded and no longer monitored, so they never get reset to give new sites a chance at succeeding - I mean, how many even semi relevant top sites have you seen where Souls hasn't had the number one spot even if they haven't gotten a new vote for months. This one is dedicated specifically to supernatural fantasy, actively overseen and will reset every 3 months so that inactive sites will become weeded out over time.
  17. My site exists in an Alt Universe where earth has always been openly inhabited by the supernatural. They exist openly among humans - most of them do anyway. I've been building an NPC sort of bestiary to give people an idea of the various beasties they can use to enhance their threads and plots. Some of the fauna on the list are the leucrota - weird hybrid hyena-horse-wolf kind of thing. Griffins exist, phoenixes, wendigo, valravens etc. Flora wise we've got things like mandrake and Peridexion, which is a kind of tree that repels dragons because it smells awful to them and is pretty toxic but it attracts doves and other birds heavily because they like the fruit. So in that kind of vein, what sort of things would you like to encounter as a player?
  18. I'm admittedly currently sticking to the whole, "All magical creatures are secrets to the humanfolk - with rare exceptions" setting, but I'm trying to explore the politics between various magical creatures and their ways of concealing themselves for survival (although truth be told I'm really more-or-less aiming for an overarching plot that covers the Unveiling itself - and the subsequent struggles between human and non-human alike). Like, for instance there's an entire organization based on the idea that scientists are trying to augment the human genome to be more like Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Fae, etc etc. And yet another Org that's basically set up as a crusade to kill anything non-human. I want to see more half breeds based off of things aside from Vampires and Werewolves.
  19. You should check out DBD then. The whole base of our plot is that creatures like Witches, Humans, and Fae all exist openly in the world - work together, go to school together blah blah. Werewolves, Vampires and Skinwalkers on the other hand still have to stick to the shadows, and can be murdered/harmed openly without much if any repercussion. We even have wendigo! Granted the wendigo are just plain monsters that have started haunting the forest outside the small town world section. However, we have a wendigo-based playable species that will be introduced into play soon!
  20. So, would a world that has no humans and the usual fantasy races work? Like, we have 8 races that are closely related with each other and who have been living together for literal ages which is why race doesn't define culture in the slightest but your home country does. The only difference between them are visual and a few racial abilities but they are still similar enough. All 8 are custom made so people would need to adjust to something new but at least there are no personality and cultural differences and it's more of a visual thing which one you choose.
  21. ....... I can't really say too much of this until it's done, probably, and don't want it to sound like advertising, because I'm not, and it probably won't be done with remodeling for "a while" but for the site I'm working on, it's essentially a city whose government is magical creatures, and humans (albeit magical) are more the minority who are new to the city and just learning to explore things. For tech, human tech isn't supposed to be able to work, so they've had to convert a lot of Earth's devices into redesigned things that have special magic on them (haven't worked out the decision yet whether it's runes or special devices or materials) into something I'm calling Faetech (it's called Faeworld, so why not Faetech) and the four governing Clans are, while humanoid, Levians, Dryads, Naeko (instead of werewolves, because I feel that's over done) and Faeries, which go by nine different names (not technically those species, but leprecahns are among them, as the Plant Fae, yes.) Probably not exactly what you meant, but..... *shrugs* Edit: I wouldn't get your hopes up too high for how I'm reversing the "Humans with secret magical creatures coming out into the open" setup, though- I'm probably doing it wrong, and the amount of Lore I've been writing up is a touch bit much.
  22. I've seen this done in a couple of places, but never entirely in the context I'm thinking of. I'd love to see a world where some supernatural creatures are more integrated into mainstream society than others, with those species which are stigmatized being the ones most likely to harm human beings: Werewolves, vampires, and possibly even wendigos. Give me a world where the cannibalistic species has to go on the offensive about their civil rights, and vampires shudder to even get their causes caught up with one another, because blood drinking can be ethical, don't compare us to those gluttons! You'd get overtones of allegory, what with lycanthropy being contagious and vampires/wendigos making the "what if they prey on our children" fear-mongering easy to work in as a part of lore, but you could always work it so that it didn't get too heavy-handed. Give me modern creatures, political arguments, media wars, and above all wendigos.
  23. To The Minamobile

    Your Sites

    I'm an admin on Our End, which is a panfandom site whose premise is that all of the characters being played regardless of origin have been imported into existing lives, in a modern-day London where supernatural creatures exist alongside the human community (who are slowly finding out about the existence of creatures and rightfully flipping their lids). So, you know, you have all the fun of everyone meshing, plus characters suddenly realizing they're a werewolf/vampire/witch/shape-shifter and freaking out about that. We've been open for a year now, and I'm immensely proud of that fact.
  24. Dragon

    Your Sites

    I'm currently running Dead Before Daylight which is going onto year three at the moment, though its changed quite a bit since its conception. I've been slowly evolving with most supernatural creatures existing openly among humans, while other species are still forced to live in hiding as they aren't accepted by society and are still openly killed.
  25. I'd love to see more gypsy characters around. I've always preferred them to witches because there's more subtlety to their "power" if they even have them at all - often its more a sleight of hand sort of thing. Unfortunately the PC push in the role play world has pretty well snuffed them out as a character type. I've been thinking about adding a gypsy faction to my site despite that crap. A long time ago I ran a site called Poisonwood and I created a gypsy faction for it. They were nomadic protectors of the werewolves in the lore. One of my characters was a born werewolf that had been secretly given over to the band as an infant so that she wasn't thrown into the river - whole huge infidelity plot it was fantastic. Anyway ramble aside, I hugely agree with wanting to see more of those sorts of characters. I've never been a fan of the Harry Potter sort of witches/wizards in RP - love the universe, just don't like it for RP purpose.
  26. Prepubescent children who are either born and/or turned into various creatures, having the the abilities of their parent(s) or corruptors. They shouldn't be kept to fandoms, I opine.
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