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About This Coterie

For those of us that run, play on or otherwise enjoy modern fantasy roleplay




1. Don't be (too much of) a dick.

2. Should probably have modern fantasy/urban fantasy/supernatural whatever as the topic.

3. Go nuts.

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Shattered-Universe

    Your Sites

    I'm an admin on Shattered Universe, which is fairly new but we crossed over from a science fiction roleplay site, so we took our stories and misc stuff with us. We have a fun mix of magic and high technology depending on the particular storyline and who is GMing. 😃 We have a straight sword and sorcery; but then we have a battle going on where there are machine guns, laser swords and magic shields stopping bullets and such and then we have pure science fiction with high technology and FTL space travel. 😃 We have a fun mix of genres going on. I wouldn't mind a supernatural creature storyline or two as I cut my teeth on internet roleplay with Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse.
  3. I wanted it so badly that I made my own site for it, but I'm still struggling to find what I'm looking for: I'd like to see more creatures based on American myths & folklore. If we have anything first nation's based, it's usually a wendingo or a skinwalker.....and usually skinwalker is just portrayed as a different kind of werewolf instead of their actual powers. I want more Fearsome critters.
  4. Crimson

    Your Sites

    Hmmm I have admin a few sites from HP based to now just original supernaturals & RL Biker site. My latest one is down in my signature, this one emerged form the old one that we had to close after 4yrs do to adults acting like children with tantrums and all.
  5. I might be crazy, but i'd love to see something to do with Mermaids that has more of darker feel to it. More along the lines of how the actual fairytale of The Little Mermaid goes, as opposed to the Disney version. Not that I don't have many feels for The little mermaid, because hello childhood.

    Your Sites

    I've been on a few modern supernatural sites that sort of fizzle and died because I found things became too cliquish and while trying to integrate with new members are fun, it's hard to stay motivated when almost no one is giving you a line in y'know. Currently I'm running The Devil's Playground, which is a Vampire The Masquerade game set in London during the modern nights. Not all of us running it are super canon orientated so we're kind of a low key mix of VTM lore and our own take on vampires and that world. We've been open for over a month now and we're slowly gaining new faces. Makes me happy in the long run to be able to do what I want, with my baby.
  7. Agreed, there aren't nearly enough books about magically inclined humans without making them part something crazy.
  8. I also don't see too many witches/gypsies/psychics. Like, regular human, no special half-breed, just magically inclined and doing things the way a modern regular psychic, medium, wiccan, etc would do
  9. I would totally love to read about werealligators. There is seriously nothing cooler than alligators! @MissQ, we should seriously consider werealligators. Although personally I like that element of co-existence in my urban fantasy where you have one world that the public sees and another is hidden behind it like Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere or Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series. It's always extra exciting for me when certain characters are aware said world exists but have to pretend not to know, kind of builds up that suspense since they're going to inevitably screw up somewhere and tell someone. Where's the fun if you keep the secret? XD
  10. This might sound totally crazy, but I'd love to see something written about leprechauns. When did leprechauns stop getting love? No one bring up those horrible movies from the 80s-90s because that is not the kind of leprechaun that I want to see. I guess leprechauns could go with the whole fairy/fae bit or trolls or something, but I feel like there's a lot of untapped potential within the world of leprechauns with the whole good luck and bad luck, and they're seriously more than just tiny dudes guarding their pots of gold.
  11. D-S

    Reading List

    One perhaps unusual suggestion, for it's more comic books, would be the Fables series. Fairy tale characters trying to live ordinary lives in a modern day big city. The magic is limited, and there are not many traditional modern fantasy species, there's even investigative elements at moments, but I think it counts as modern fantasy still Because, yes, you have illustrations and all, but the plot and story telling is so rich in itself you feel like having read a short novel after each comic. Some comics are a bit weak on this side, and leave you with only a few images and dialog lines in mind, but it's not the case with this series.
  12. The site I'm working on is centered on angels and demons. I played on another site that had them quite some time ago as well but I don't see nearly enough sites with angels/demons around usually. Fae are also interesting, though there are so, so many different things with them and it sometimes drives me a bit crazy.
  13. We have angels/demons on mine; so far my demon Lord is meshing quite well with the vampires and Helsing descendant currently being played. Nobody's really taken up on angels yet though, but I'll let you guys know if anything comes of it lol. The way I'm managing "Fae" is letting my members create the lore as they see fit/apply. I have a couple of general tidbits in the Lore, but I left the direction up to whoever decides to make characters for that avenue. As for Ghosts, I wrote in an entire Afterlife angle specifically to give a chance to explore death. I have a magical cat that brings ghosts into view on the mortal plane like a walking seance she's quite fun to play so far, but very VERY VERY like....Theme/plot/niche specific so I'm finding it hard to come up with things for her to do.
  14. ^ We've got a handful of ghosts on WAB! Honestly, sometimes I want to play nonhuman characters so I recently made a gnoll on WoH! I've always rather liked gnolls (they're supposed to be ugly but I think they're cute, they kinda look like hyenas on two legs) and they're always fodder in D&D campaigns. I wanted one as a "main character" so decided to make one.
  15. Zozma

    Your Sites

    So I've got one modern fantasy: We Are Bulletproof and one diet fantasy: World of Hearts (I call it that because it's not exactly high fantasy but it's original fantasy and we have dragons and stuff--I just really am not into the historical style fantasy thing so it's definitely not medieval.) My longest running site went for almost seven years before it went under. My current sites are both babies under a year old. Haha!
  16. Fae are a really interesting species! We actually have the option to play Seelie or Unseelie Fae in my site. The problem with them is that there are just so many? Like, it gets complicated unless you try to simplify the lore which, I dunno some people would feel like it doesn't do them justice but there's really just a lot of different kinds of them so if you wanna introduce them to a site, I feel like it's better to make the lore into something more cohesive. I also actually love the ideas of ghosts. I don't know how they'd play into a site's story since they're essentially just spirits of dead people. But, I don't know, I just think they'd be an interesting species to explore.
  17. @Dragon and @CovertSphinx Dragonlance <3 <3 <3 Do you guys know how hyped that series got me? I have been attempting to write high fantasy because I started to read them again. UGH SO GOOD. Personally, I want to see more fae types. I also don't really see a lot of angel/demon type sites out there.
  18. eleholly

    Your Sites

    I come from my brain child, Tempest Harbor. We are also going on four years! Rune, I feel like we've been tagging each other's boards for forever. We should've gotten to chat sooner! LOL
  19. eleholly


    Sweeeeet. I gotchu.
  20. Dang lol Skie was my second guess!
  21. Skie, actually lol. Although eventually I did name a child of hers Kitiara.
  22. I adore those books! Was it Razor?
  23. CovertSphinx

    Your Sites

    Aside from a failed experiment back in the day (oh geeze its been...7/8 years now since Bittersweet Moon closed after a year and a half of never getting off the ground), Onyx Treaty is my first real dip into Modern Supernatural/Fantasy. It hasn't gotten off the ground yet (just me and another member atm), but I believe it has solid potential: the lore is very open with the ability to play everything from a Wiccan, Normie Human, Vampire and Werewolf, to Fae, Deities, Demons, and Angels. The setting is your standard urban Secret Society of Nonhumans that everyone is tired of BUT its specifically important to the plot of the site; which is to play out the "transition" period of nonhumans coming back into Open Society and either live with humans (and each other) or enter a multisided war that could potentially equate to Ragnorok or the Rapture (based on the PC characters of course lol). I think once I manage to grab a "core" base and place my checkbook where my rules are (Jcink Premium) it'll grow into a full community. Well, IF I can find people that are interested enough in the story to help build from the ground up that is; I keep finding the "I want a site that's already active" crowd instead. But I'm determined to keep looking and waiting and trying and hoping .
  24. When I was a kid, I read the Dragonlance series OBSESSIVELY. I devoured those books. The dragons there to this day are still my favorite. My oldest RP character is actually named for one of the Blue Dragons (and one of my favorite characters even though he doesn't have a huge part), but nobody but you guys know that lol. I'd like to see more Fae.
  25. Rune


    We were at some point... I'm not sure when it vanished. Static me up!
  26. I believe there is at least 1 of these floating around out there. Most sites take place during that time because that's when most of the books are. At least in the later Passes tech was coming back kind of? I, too, would very much like to see the Nonhumans and humans interacting like it's the norm. Even just in books it'd be fabulous.
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