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  2. There is an awesome new group started just for history lovers and their rps. https://discord.gg/9YGADG2
  3. I know this is super late, but thank you! I'll check that out too because that is a good idea.
  4. I'm guessing your best bet would be getting more specific with your search. Look up art societies of the time, famous American artists born mid-1700s (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_artists_before_1900), and especially search by state and historical societies in specific places. What spelunking Wikipedia by year has shown me is, well, a lot of people were dying during the war - including artists illustrating it, and even more are from unknown/uncategorized artists. There were probably more famous French artists painting Americans than Americans painting, period, at that time - and understandably, a lot of what was being painted or illustrated at that time was the war.
  5. I am super struggling to find paintings or prints of America during the first few years of the 1800s. We're moving our long standing RP back to the states with a little time jump and I'd like to fill the site with images. Anyone have any resources on this?
  6. Watching this Netflix docu/drama and really ready to throw a Russian character on RR.
  7. Well, I made an ancient character on a modern supernatural site who was born in Akkad. I love the history of his early life, and now I just kind of want to write in the ancient Akkadian Empire. Maybe Sumeria...
  8. I'm currently not on a western forum, though I have been in the past. I'd love a site that plays out the plains/indian wars. Also, I used to run an antebellum south board many moons ago. I'd love to see a legitimately awesome American Revolution forum. My passions are Victorian and Greek History though so I'm getting my fill of them atm.
  9. I'd love to do an RP in the Mongolian period at the height of Ghenghis Khan's rule. Magnificent Century has given me an urge to try out an Ottoman rp, too. Those are the main two.
  10. High quality film of Queen Victoria: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-48427315/queen-victoria-as-you-ve-never-seen-her-before
  11. Just a general convo - but what eras really inspire you, that you're not currently playing? I am only currently playing medieval (12thC) Europe which is my current favourite period, but I also love WW1 and 5-9thC England. What are some of your fave eras for RP, or just for interest?
  12. Regency England, so 1811 onwards Books Eavesdropping on Jane Austen's England by Roy & Lesley Adkins Walks through Regency London by Louise Allen Links Popular drinks during the Regency Era Parliament/Government of the Regency Era
  13. APPARENTLY MY SHIPS WERE ANACHRONISTIC All my pirate/privateer books were so busy insisting that English privateers (and pirates) sailed in sloops that they forgot to mention that this wasn't until at least 1710 (unless they stole a ship from the Dutch or the French). In fact, in the period I was writing in, the Navy had ten sloops, all were purpose built to enforce the ban on wool export. They were lightly armed and not much larger than the group that was delivered back in 1670 (and later sold off as useless). These wool export enforcers boasted two whole guns. It wasn't until 1704 that the larger sloops were commissioned and it wasn't until 1710 (thereabouts) that they were commissioned in larger numbers, but the survivors were sold off a few years later. So that explains why I was struggling for research. The other piece of information I wish I knew about English sloops? There is no typical sloop. "Sloop" seems to have been a catch all term for an unrated ship that wasn't a ketch or a brig. It could have one to three masts, it could have any rigging system and any sail set. In fact, this seems to have been the class that was experimented on, the 'commanders' (not captain! The rank 'captain' needs to have a rated ship) were expected to write a report on the ship's handling. Many sloops were altered, with the masts moving to and fro and the rigging/sails altered. Also, this lot of sloops were unstable and the commanders kept asking the navy for more guns. Given the rate of capture/sinking of these sloops, it looks like they were ill-equipped against their French counterparts. Clerk of the Survey in Portsmouth and a commissioner, Thomas Blanckley, has this to say of sloops: So that explains my struggle!
  14. We fudge quite a few things, actually. Ones already mentioned include literacy levels and travel times. But the site I help admin is set in Victorian England, and we fudge the strict rules of society that govern who different characters interact with. Things like that.
  15. Children's ages. We will age up our character's children like you see in a soap opera.
  16. Would be great if the answers were supplied at the back of the book 😅
  17. Examination of officers 1780s "EXAMINATION OF OFFICERS This memorandum, not dated, must have been drawn up while Middleton was at the navy board, which had the conduct of the Examinations of Officers, and may be considered as marking the standard aimed at, 1780-90." Now all I need are the answers...
  18. I have yet to watch that, it's on my list though! To answer your question, only if I don't catch you 🤣
  19. But can my character dab like they did in The Favourite? 😆
  20. We also fudge travel, though the rule of thumb is generally that it's 50 miles a day by horse and carriage unless said character is travelling by coach. Then they could travel a far greater distance. Another thing we generally overlook is dancing. We try to guide our members as much as possible, but I haven't got time to check that characters aren't waltzing their way around Almack's 😅
  21. For me, it's the challenge. You have limitations in the time period you have to work around; especially as humans and you have to work with and research those limitations. What was around at the time. What peoples abilities were. What peoples roles were in society. I think there are a lot of RPs out there right now that are supernatural or realistic or anime where people don't have to think to write. They make a character that they can do anything they want with that has no structure when the structure is what makes them amazing to read and write.
  22. I'd love to see an antebellum American south board. I had one ages ago back before forum RPing was really even a thing.
  23. Literacy amounts. Travel is another one, or how hard traveling would be. I used to horse ride fairly regularly and imagine how tiring it would be for hours on end? Life expectancy of children. I don't mind so much if it is in the past and I'm writing it. It isn't something I particularly want to RP out though. Or parasites. -cringes-
  24. And if everyone isn't on the same page about how much we fudge travel, it can ruin plots or reveals. I think that's the tricky thing about fudging, one person's fudge can be another person's plot point, and that fudge can unintentionally undermine the story another is trying to tell. That level of detail is hard to monitor I think, because it's a bit micro managey.
  25. I've not done advertising on Tumblr in a little while, but I do remember this coming up at some point. . . I just forget where. Might've been on one of the other resource sites. Either way it sounds like a familiar issue RPers were talking about so I'm starting to wonder if Tumblr did something to effect posts with links. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.
  26. Travel is probably one of the biggest things I fudge. Though sometimes I might still use it, but write it in prior to the arrival of my character(ie so-and-so has been at sea for x length of time, traveling by carriage for x days, etc.) so that it's still used just not like delaying threads. But I've also worked travel length into posts before for various journeys and so forth. There are times where stuff happening too soon can be less entertaining or where there can be plenty of action/development beforehand that's important. I'm trying to think what else besides perhaps literacy and/or cleanliness, but I'm sleepy so my brain is sluggish right now lol
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