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About This Coterie

A coterie about all things historical RP.




  1. Be excellent.
  2. Talk about all things old.
  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. We fudge quite a few things, actually. Ones already mentioned include literacy levels and travel times. But the site I help admin is set in Victorian England, and we fudge the strict rules of society that govern who different characters interact with. Things like that.
  3. Children's ages. We will age up our character's children like you see in a soap opera.
  4. Would be great if the answers were supplied at the back of the book ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. Examination of officers 1780s "EXAMINATION OF OFFICERS This memorandum, not dated, must have been drawn up while Middleton was at the navy board, which had the conduct of the Examinations of Officers, and may be considered as marking the standard aimed at, 1780-90." Now all I need are the answers...
  6. I have yet to watch that, it's on my list though! To answer your question, only if I don't catch you ๐Ÿคฃ
  7. But can my character dab like they did in The Favourite? ๐Ÿ˜†
  8. We also fudge travel, though the rule of thumb is generally that it's 50 miles a day by horse and carriage unless said character is travelling by coach. Then they could travel a far greater distance. Another thing we generally overlook is dancing. We try to guide our members as much as possible, but I haven't got time to check that characters aren't waltzing their way around Almack's ๐Ÿ˜…
  9. For me, it's the challenge. You have limitations in the time period you have to work around; especially as humans and you have to work with and research those limitations. What was around at the time. What peoples abilities were. What peoples roles were in society. I think there are a lot of RPs out there right now that are supernatural or realistic or anime where people don't have to think to write. They make a character that they can do anything they want with that has no structure when the structure is what makes them amazing to read and write.
  10. I'd love to see an antebellum American south board. I had one ages ago back before forum RPing was really even a thing.
  11. Literacy amounts. Travel is another one, or how hard traveling would be. I used to horse ride fairly regularly and imagine how tiring it would be for hours on end? Life expectancy of children. I don't mind so much if it is in the past and I'm writing it. It isn't something I particularly want to RP out though. Or parasites. -cringes-
  12. And if everyone isn't on the same page about how much we fudge travel, it can ruin plots or reveals. I think that's the tricky thing about fudging, one person's fudge can be another person's plot point, and that fudge can unintentionally undermine the story another is trying to tell. That level of detail is hard to monitor I think, because it's a bit micro managey.
  13. I've not done advertising on Tumblr in a little while, but I do remember this coming up at some point. . . I just forget where. Might've been on one of the other resource sites. Either way it sounds like a familiar issue RPers were talking about so I'm starting to wonder if Tumblr did something to effect posts with links. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.
  14. Travel is probably one of the biggest things I fudge. Though sometimes I might still use it, but write it in prior to the arrival of my character(ie so-and-so has been at sea for x length of time, traveling by carriage for x days, etc.) so that it's still used just not like delaying threads. But I've also worked travel length into posts before for various journeys and so forth. There are times where stuff happening too soon can be less entertaining or where there can be plenty of action/development beforehand that's important. I'm trying to think what else besides perhaps literacy and/or cleanliness, but I'm sleepy so my brain is sluggish right now lol
  15. These yes. And the cleanliness level - I mention sometimes that certain people are reluctant to take baths or that it is a stench in the ship's hold, but more people are cleaner than they would have been, I guess. Also in my Viking novel, a siege & conquest of Thessaloniki by the Franks which should have lasted a month or two until the city changed hands again, lasted about five years ๐Ÿ˜‰ so that when my character returned, the city was still with the Franks. The permanent conquest happened, in truth, ab0ut 70 years later or more. But if the city was free 5 years later, then my character wouldn't have had any reason not to remain there, and the story would have ended too soon.
  16. I think literacy levels and speed of travel are the two biggest things. I don't think I've seen a historical RP out there set in this period that accurately reflects literacy levels, even amongst the nobility and I've found it's easier to drive the story if your character can conveniently write as well as read or vice versa. Also - horse travel! It sort of ruins the fun when a journey between estates or court should take 2 weeks and you find yourself having to delay the action on the other end!
  17. A lot of writers playing in history will outright admit that they fudged, altered, made up, or outright ignored some aspects of the time they were writing in. I rather enjoyed Kate Atkinson's description of her method in her Author's Note in Transcription: "Roughly speaking, for everything that could be considered a historical fact in this book, I made something up [...] After many conversations with myself, I went ahead and invented whatever I felt like [...] If I had to describe the process, I would say that it felt like a wrenching apart of history followed by an imaginative reconstruction." Someone else, I can't remember who, also said something along the lines of: 'don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.' Of course, we should be wary of what we assume are facts. Assumed facts are either wrong, or broad enough that they're useless/misleading. That aside: in your rp, what do you fudge, invent or ignore? Why?
  18. With Tumblr these days, it seems like any posts with links are less likely to turn up in search results, if at all. Has anyone been finding the same? I've switched to using content source to provide the link.
  19. I started watching The Terror last night, it's good! I did find myself getting confused as to who is who though. All those penguin men. It does menacing very well.
  20. This is so specific that I'm not bothering putting it in the masterlinks, but Female Convict Research. It's so good! But also, look at the price on this book! FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS!! (317.58USD) Thankfully, it's in the library.
  21. I wasn't sure if something like this has been set up already, but I thought it would be good if we could all share those interesting links that we no doubt come across. I thought that I'd start us off with this amusing article that was sent to the papers in 1773. The level of snark made me laugh. Enjoy! https://georgianera.wordpress.com/2018/11/13/inspiring-a-rivalship-amongst-the-gentry-a-letter-to-the-papers-1773/?fbclid=IwAR1X08rdFShCJ5lKgRLAB_nEAXeqROqFd3lG8UJIIZlWp_hnfkN60hM9s9I
  22. Has anyone watched ITV's Vanity Fair? I thought it was brilliant. If you haven't watched it yet, I really do recommend it. The Tudors is one that I can always go back to and re-watch again and again. Along with anything Jane Austen related.
  23. Between 1808 and the 1820s, European clothing was rarely seen outside the two main settlements in Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania). Bushrangers wore kangaroo skin and fur. This was warmer and more water proof. Soldiers wore "bush dress" as well. This resulted in accidents. Two parties rushed each other in 1816. They were both groups of soldiers. They each thought the other were bushrangers. ๐Ÿคจ
  24. Reading about Tasmanian history has given me a desire for a historical rp there - particularly prior to mid-1820s. The divide between the upperclass and everyone else was very strong, but convicts roamed freely with economic independence encouraged once quotas were met, traded with the local indigenous*, hung out with soldiers and sold kangaroo to the merchant-farmers. The classic penal colony didn't come out until the 1830s and that was only achieved with the introduction of herds (merino sheep) that forced an end to the nomadic-pastoral lifestyle, and the deaths of some powerful bushrangers. *or were horrible. This was still colonization.
  25. I know that one you are talking about. It is by Elisabeth Gaskell, I think ๐Ÿ™‚ . I just liked the other one more.
  26. I've never seen the one about the U.S. Civil War. That one says it has 3 seasons. The one I mean though takes place in England and is a 4-part mini-series.
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