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About This Coterie

A place for artists of all levels and mediums to discuss and share.


Coding and Graphics


  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. showcase of some work throughout my RPing years 🙂 please link back if you want to use them!
  3. Just my random sigs and things. Do not use any of these as they were made for and by me. Thank you.
  4. Probably a random smattering of digital painting and editing and whatsever.
  5. I only took up art again end of 2018, and want to try my hand at freelance work.
  6. A collection of graphics i have made over the years.
  7. Graphic showcasing for the site Metro: Beyond, based on the Metro 2033 novel and game franchise created by Dimitry Glukhovsky.
  8. A place to submit character concept art, whether it be done in digital or traditional style.
  9. Show us some of your work in progress stuff! We'd love to see some of the stages of your design.
  10. If you have ever found a cool trick to do with a graphic or drawing share it with us! Videos are awesome but instructions work too!
  11. We've all been there, working on something for hours but forget to save it and your graphics program or computer crashes and all that work is lost. On more traditional mediums, you had those moments that you get up and walk away and when you come back you realized you gave them two left hands or your toddler colored them in to "make it pretty". Share these moments with us!
  12. So sometimes you screw something up but the end result ends up being better than you hoped. Share with us some of your graphic mistakes stories that just ended up being perfect!
  13. A stash of forum signatures, avatars, banners, headers, etc.
  14. I thought I'd finally do this since I've been drawing more.
  15. I feel that. It's hard to get back into art after a prolonged break! Use your old art as inspiration to return to your former glory, but things like time and energy start to come into play 😧 I hope to see more from you! I redesigned my art mascot character. She's a bit on the lanky side since my recent works have been super chibi in terms of proportions. I need to get back into doing character studies and anatomy things but uuuuggghhh lol Maybe one day, but today is not one of those days
  16. I accessed my old DeviantArt account today since I'm taking over modding the The Initiative bit and I think this is probably the best piece I've ever done in my entire life. But don't be impressed it took me about four months to complete and I probably couldn't manage anything this good anymore XD
  17. Avatars I have made for myself and for others (mostly for the site Bombarda Maxima) THESE ARE FOR DISPLAY ONLY, AND NOT FOR USE. Please give feedback if you can!
  18. Ah, bummer! I was looking forward to seeing it but thank you for the information, I'm sure I missed it somewhere, sorry!
  19. There's been a gallery malfunction that we're trying to get squared away. All of the images from prior to (I think) 2016 are broken.
  20. I'm mostly just doing digital, art when I get the extra cash I want to pick up painting tiny panels with acrylics! My friend introduced me to the technique and I've wanted to make something with it. I use Paint Tool SAI, it gets the job done but I'm looking to get into Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop in the near future!
  21. @Morrigan Not sure if it's just on my end, but the image seems broken? 😮 The last thing I really finished was a few months ago! I wanted to make something cute with holo fabric in the outfit. I think I did alright for a first time attempt! I've been trying to keep the style cutesy and kind of simple! Line art is super difficult for me but I'm happy with this!
  22. I used to do a lot with pencils, regular and colored. Now I mostly stick to photoshop.
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