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  2. +1 to Humankind, sporadically always return to Lord of the Rings: Online (if anybody wants to play or RP there together, HIT ME UP), and Crusader Kings 3 is my current obsession. So many story and character possibilities...
  3. Right now I'm playing Pillars of Eternity on xbox + Disco:Elysium (do recommend) and Humankind on PC.
  4. I really love Planet Zoo, it just has so much replayability and I don't seem to get tired of it. Two Point Hospital is really fun every now and then - it gives me nostalgia for Theme Hospital, if anyone remembers that one. Rimworld has to be my favorite right now though - I just love the humor, randomness and how it is relaxing and sometimes super stressful at the same time. Really recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it!
  5. Not sure what qualifies as a franchise or not, so please bare with me.. 😅 The Elder Scrolls (My first love was Morrowind and I have also spent a fair amount of time on Oblivion and Skyrim. I absolutely love the world, lore and how they - in my opinion, were the pioneers of actual roleplay, with the immersive dialogue, options and consequences. I feel it lacked a bit in Skyrim however, and online is a whole other story, but I hope they get it back for IV..) Dragon Age (I am obsessed with all the games - the characters and companions in particular. I don’t think I ever get so emotionally invested or connected to the figures than in these games. The lore and world is also amazing and I can’t seem to get enough) Mass Effect (I’ve never been much for space or Sci-Fi, but Mass Effect won me over with its world, lore and again - companions. Being able to influence the course of things and build relationships is just the best.) Divinity I and II (Me and my swede love to play co-op and this one has really been our favorite for sure. The lore, characters and cool mechanics are just amazing and I just get really sad thinking it might not be anymore follow ups coming..) Pillars of Eternity (I am still playing through the first one, but I already love the world. Again, the companions, banter and relationship building is key for me and they have nailed that part. I also love how this one really gives me the sort of old school table top feel.) The Sims (Probably the franchise I have spent the most time and money on and it just never gets old. Sure, I might stop playing for a year or so, but I always pick it back up eventually.) Tropico (I love management simulators and this one is just super fun - the whole vibe just makes it so chill to play.) Civilization (There’s just something really relaxing about these games - the strategy part (which I always play on easy or normal so I don’t have to stress out) and just the beauty of the interactions and world building.) Sherlock Holmes (I absolutely love the Frogware Sherlock games - especially the old ones. Walking around, picking up clues, deducting and solving mysteries. Those kind of games can get really immersive) Fallout (Love the post-apocalyptic world and the story in those. Have spent a lot of time on those games, despite not being much shooter combat.) Those are the ones I can think of on the top of my head. So many good games
  6. I started out on PC so that will always have a special place in my heart. Some games I definetly prefer playing on the PC, like simulator games, dialogue focused ones and those that just are better optimized for it. RPGs I really prefer playing on xbox series x though - Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Dragon age needs to be on that big screen with the cinema speakers for immersiveness in my opinion 🥰 Also, my computer is falling behind these days and is not capable of running most new things smoothly, or at all, so there's that 😅
  7. Pretty much constant Sims 4. And if I'm not playing it, I'm watching someone else play it.
  8. Along with my filthy mobile games, I’m currently playing Stardew Valley.
  9. I'm almost always 'currently' playing one of the Dragon Age games (in that, if I ever fancy playing they are my go-to games) - they never get old for me. The one I'm actively trying to complete, though, is Witcher 3, although I am dragging my heels at the moment trying to complete the maps, because I only have one DLC to go before it's complete. I've loved the game, but wow all those ?s on the map can get a bit tedious ...
  10. Currently working through Dishonored 2 and if I want to chill and listen to music then Loop which is a puzzle game. Oh and I often pop into Guild Wars 2 which I've been playing for three years, though I play it less these days and only log in 1-2 per week.
  11. I'm currently replaying/playing Kingdom Hearts on PS4. I got the All-In-One Package and just beat KH1 and currently working my way to 2 then 3. (Currently distracted by the Untamed on Netflix). I want to tackle and beat the FF13 series and play FF7. I'm curious to what you're playing now and what you want to play afterwards.
  12. Xbox gamertag: jandaaaa Ps4 gamertag: moontoast I also have Origin & Steam but play mostly on my consoles. When I am playing i'm usually on Red Dead Online. Really keen to get animal crossing soon, and I have heard stardew valley has now gone multiplayer ?
  13. I've been playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering on MtG Arena which is free to play. I usually use budget decks of my own making but they also supply you with decks as you move through and complete the tutorial (YAY free cards). My gamer tag for Arena is Minxer13#65402 I've also been playing Sims 4 a lot, well mostly building houses from floor plans and stuff to try and improve my abilities. I recently tried building the Golden Girls house but I've got mixed feelings about it lol. My gamer tag for Origin is Minxie13 The only other game I play at the moment is Final Fantasy XIV. I'm on the Cactuar server and my main is Mika Tsutome.
  14. I'm horrible when it comes to suggesting or picking games, however, I do have Steam and PS4. Steam: Grimscythe (display name) mrsblunder (username) PS4: Grimscythe90
  15. Lets get some people together here! Suggest some games! A free one that you can get right now is a 4 player game "World War Z" which is a zombie shooter for 4 players! It's available on Epic! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/world-war-z/home Suggest some and lets exchange some IDs so we can play with each other.
  16. Seeing as 2019 is coming to an end, I thought it would be a nice time to make a topic dedicated to the year. What game that was released in 2019 did you most enjoy? My game of 2019 is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Good system and a good story with a lot of re-playability. I am personally looking forward to the DLC scheduled to be released next year. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Shenmue 3 were also long awaited releases, but they were only about a week of playtime each. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers was also a great release, but I am not sure if that counts as a 2019 game release...
  17. I mostly just play mobile games these days.
  18. Since I found the gaming coterie, I have decided to make an attempt to revive it. For actual playtime, definitely Final Fantasy XIV for the PC. With its frequent updates, even after long breaks, I eventually end up spend a good month or two practically doing nothing but playing it. However, if we're going by gaming series, I have easily spent several thousand hours on the Atelier series and Kiseki series which are both games that have largely been the Playstation line-up of consoles. Atelier is my go to series when I want something light-hearted while Kiseki would be the series I go for story. One day I will revisit all the Kiseki games and attempt to get platinum trophies on all of them...
  19. I play simulation games personally. Things that take minimal remembering of things and is more a balancing act than anything so things like: Jurassic World: Evolution Surviving Mars Big Pharma Two Point Hospital I also enjoy silly games like House Flipper or Conan
  20. What is your most played game on <insert launcher or console of choice>? What is it about that game that keeps bringing you back? For me, it is Slay the Spire. It's my most played on Steam and I now have it on the switch. Because it's a rogue like, it has endless replayability. One of the things I have appreciated about games lately is whether they're good for casual gaming. My issue with FPSes and the like is that they rely on you remembering how to do the thing, enemy patterns and timing. I struggle with that now that I don't sink hours and days into a game in the same way I used to. Slay the Spire is a card game, I just have to remember what things mean and their effects, which is infinitely easier whilst still being a challenging game.
  21. Below the editor when creating a new topic you will see something called "Thread Starter" click the steam icon and start typing the name of the game (I attached one of my fave ones to this) and click it when it comes up. When you submit it you will see the information above your post.
  22. AlexWright

    Woe be Unto Thee

    I'm an avid gamer. Avid. Mostly with single-player RPG type games (Skyrim, Divinity: Original Sin, Dragon Age, etc. etc.). Here lie the highlights of those adventures...
  23. So we have Bethesda (Fallout 76), Blizzard (Diablo) and Frontier (Jurassic World Evolution) that are on the top of my shit list for recent garbage works. From games that don't work, to things that their community is crying out for and not providing it to them to a whole slew of just bad shit. It's getting insurmountable. We all want to play good games but it feels like the devs are suckering us into nostalgia bits and making a half assed product before they bail and work on something new to squeeze some more money out of you. I'm actually getting to this point that I may just stop buying video games that are well vetted by the community and ignoring everything else. I'm at a loss. My most recent interaction with Frontier was that they basically said "Your computer is too OP, soz lol". I'm like what? I told it it works for everything EXCEPT THIS ONE THING!!!! It's not my computer. Help me either understand or gripe your own recent game issues to the world.
  24. I've got an Xbox 360, One and I have a PS2... somewhere. I think? I may have chucked the thing. Playstation was the platform I started out with, but I've used Xbox exclusively for a few years now. I like both consoles, but right now Xbox One is my preference because its back compatibility is better - don't have to purchase them again, they just download into my game library as they're released for One . Beyond that, I don't play games enough for any other specs between the two to make a difference to me so I'd stick with Xbox just because I prefer the controller.
  25. Kit the Human


    It's amazing. Given a choice, screw 76. Go rdr2. If you want fallout, just play New Vegas.
  26. Morrigan


    I've heard nothing but good things about RDR2.
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