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From Console gaming to PC gaming and mobile gaming and more.


  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Morrigan

    Fortnite STW

    That's such a fucking tough choice. I play PowerBase penny almost exclusively NGL. I have Halloween penny from last year as her support with Santa Sarah as the other.
  3. Morrigan

    The Forever Beta Scam

    It's actually becoming more and more common. In fact there are loads of games that stay in beta for years. I'm pretty sure Conan was in beta for 2-3 years before they properly released early this year? It's just a new trend that is happening with game developers that feel the hype will get them more money then the actual launch mostly because they over promise and under-deliver and they have clauses for "No-take backsies". The one I linked above is the most abhorrent one so far but with games like Fortnite still in Beta... it's making me wonder if we're not heading toward a trend where even big companies (like Epic, Origin and Blizzard) start releasing beta games to squeeze more money out of you than you would pay waiting for a fully released game. Blizzard did it with WoW when it first came out so it wouldn't surprise me if it became a new Gaming trend.
  4. Kit the Human

    Fortnite STW

    How am I supposed to choose who I take on the load out?? They both look awesome. (Thora is usually in my support slot because of her trap durability thinger and because no one respects a nice build )
  5. Kit the Human

    Marine Corpse Ramirez

  6. Kit the Human

    Machinest Thora

  7. Kit the Human

    The Forever Beta Scam

    I've only bought two unfinished games - Subnautica and Fortnite. Subnautica was reviewing very well by my preferred gaming website and Fortnite had seen streamed (this was back before BR). Otherwise, I've never backed a game. Which is why I ask: is it that common? Or do people keep on backing untried devs/companies with a bad track record anyway/games that promise the world?
  8. SithLordOfSnark

    The Forever Beta Scam

    I didn't even know this was a thing - I don't think I've ever played a game where this has happened, actually. MTG Arena was in Closed Beta for about a year and they just launched into Open Beta, but I doubt it has anything to do with trying to milk money, since the game is Free as well as Free To Play, and lots of people actually refuse to spend money until they make the game worth playing.
  9. Morrigan

    The Forever Beta Scam

    Coming off of this topic where I brought it up: What do you guys think of the newest Gaming scam on the market, the forever beta! Where you are promised the world (and then some) and they never deliver no matter how much you donate, you invest or whatever? Then devs just stop developing when the money is gone. The biggest scam artist so far is a game called Star Citizen: https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/08/31/and-your-monthly-star-citizen-controversy-is-a-20-paywall-to-watch-citizencon/#22626aa5697b 190 million dollars that they raised to develop this game just to come back and say "WELL WE NEED MORE MONEY FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT!" AND THEY AREN"T EVEN DONE WITH THE GAME! They aren't even in beta! They are in Alpha! Special Note: I will add, that, while it's still in early access for STW, Fortnite does not appear to be one of these sorts of scams. They are actually delivering new content and actually developing a well produced and great game (still don't understand why they don't just lock TP and release the game but... not my game I guess). They are just taking forever but there are other games out there that do this as the one listed above. Opinions? Thoughts? Are you as fucking jaded as I am?
  10. Morrigan


  11. Morrigan


  12. Morrigan


  13. Morrigan


  14. Morrigan


  15. Morrigan


  16. Morrigan


  17. Morrigan


  18. Morrigan

    Fortnite STW

    No idea if I'm honest. apparently, this is a big thing within gaming right now where they keep games in beta forever and they just make money and when the money runs out then... they stop developing and either don't release or don't care. For STW I don't know. I mean it took them a year to come out with more STW content since their initial early access release that wasn't an event to keep you spending.
  19. SithLordOfSnark

    Fortnite STW

    So in other words I should just delete Fortnite from my XBox since I never play Multiplayer? I've been waiting for STW to go f2p because I can't bring myself to pay for the game (since I'm broke.)
  20. Morrigan

    Fortnite STW

    The rumor is, never. Or when they stop making money.
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