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  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. AlexWright

    Woe be Unto Thee

    I'm an avid gamer. Avid. Mostly with single-player RPG type games (Skyrim, Divinity: Original Sin, Dragon Age, etc. etc.). Here lie the highlights of those adventures...
  3. So we have Bethesda (Fallout 76), Blizzard (Diablo) and Frontier (Jurassic World Evolution) that are on the top of my shit list for recent garbage works. From games that don't work, to things that their community is crying out for and not providing it to them to a whole slew of just bad shit. It's getting insurmountable. We all want to play good games but it feels like the devs are suckering us into nostalgia bits and making a half assed product before they bail and work on something new to squeeze some more money out of you. I'm actually getting to this point that I may just stop buying video games that are well vetted by the community and ignoring everything else. I'm at a loss. My most recent interaction with Frontier was that they basically said "Your computer is too OP, soz lol". I'm like what? I told it it works for everything EXCEPT THIS ONE THING!!!! It's not my computer. Help me either understand or gripe your own recent game issues to the world.
  4. I've got an Xbox 360, One and I have a PS2... somewhere. I think? I may have chucked the thing. Playstation was the platform I started out with, but I've used Xbox exclusively for a few years now. I like both consoles, but right now Xbox One is my preference because its back compatibility is better - don't have to purchase them again, they just download into my game library as they're released for One . Beyond that, I don't play games enough for any other specs between the two to make a difference to me so I'd stick with Xbox just because I prefer the controller.
  5. It's amazing. Given a choice, screw 76. Go rdr2. If you want fallout, just play New Vegas.
  6. I've heard nothing but good things about RDR2.
  7. The vitriol being leveled at the game (not the business) is unwarranted. It's a fun casual time killer, nothing more or less. But honestly? That's Bethesda, they make light and fun entertainment, not great games. Speaking of, I've picked up rdr2 which is a fantastic game and is happily eating up all of my attention. So it's been a few weeks since I've picked to 76 😉
  8. I think New Vegas is by far the best of the FO games, and honestly I wish New Vegas and FO4 could reverse places. NV was something of a slap dash build to appease fans, especially compared to the time and resources put into 4 - but it was amazing. The primary factions were intriguing, and the spread of potential outcomes depending on your choices are all compelling. On the contrary, 4 has more factions to choose between... but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what route you choose, everything pans out more or less the same. That complaint aside, Boone and Rex are definitely at the top of my favorite list. Boone has that whole lost-lover-life-dedicated-to-revenge schtick that I'm a complete sucker for. And Rex is a fun companion with a pretty intriguing history to puzzle out - cyber dog that's effectively immortal so long as his vital organs are maintained, was most certainly formerly Caesar's Legion war dog and is strongly hinted at having been one of Caesar's personal dogs. They were definitely my favorite companion pair to tow around. NPC interactions were much less dynamic than in fo4 but that undercurrent of dislike between them is still there and it amuses the hell out of me. Rex and his dislike of hats lol. There are so many amazing quests that its hard to choose which I like most. All of the companion quest arcs are great. That Vault with the crazy plants is fun - and they built a pretty effective maze to fumble through. I spent as much time trying to puzzle out how to navigate that place as I did solving the quest. The White Glove Society quest arc is pretty fun. And of course Come Fly with Me, the quest with the crazy ghoul cult? Loved that! And the DLC?!? Lonesome Road, Honest Hearts and Dead Money were amazing. Old World Blues was too but its my least favorite of the lot.
  9. How is this game going @Kit the Human? I've not heard a lot of good about the game since its official launch. Anyone else playing this?
  10. Kit the Human

    Adventures in Fallout

    Got screencaps from your adventures in Fallout? Share them!
  11. I'm amped for the Fallout 76 (I enjoyed my forays during the beta) so I've been replaying Fallout 4, it's modded to buggery. The two big mods for me is the Sim Settlements Mod and Start Me Up. But I have a massive list that I can't be assed typing up, nor screenshotting. That aside, I think that New Vegas is of course, the better game. The world is so much more lived in than anything Bethesda has done, and a lot of the quests are interesting or amusing. Not so much of the go there, kill that, report back schtick. Has anyone got any favourite characters, mods, quests etc?
  12. I don't consider it an MMO even though it sort of is. I play Fortnite. I have Black Desert I've been clean of WoW for 5-6 years if not more now? I think it's closer to 8. I've played The Division. SWTOR killed me with the micro transactions but I return that that every once in a while. I'm sure there are more I own but don't play for one reason or another. My current standing favorite is Fortnite though.
  13. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is my current addiction, despite all the dang bugs making it unable to be completed. LOVE THE GAME NOT THE BUGS.
  14. Mena

    Dragon Age

    Hops in Hi, my name is Mena and I am hopelessly addicted to Dragon Age. I wanted Shale to show up in DAI considering the Dwarf Inquisitor comes from the Cadash clan, which is the clan Shale was from As far as Romance goes, I have a hard time romancing anyone but Alistair in DAO, but I have played out each romance. DA2 my goto is Isabela, and DAI its always gonna be Iron Bull from now on that I've played through the other possible romances. Archers are really fun in DAO and DAI. I never gave one an honest whack in DA2.
  15. I just recently unsubbed from WoW again due to the cost/time ratio because work has been crazy and playing for like 8 hours a month is not a good justification for the sub, and I don't play the AH well enough to be able to get tokens. I've been playing it off and on since 2005, which just seems crazy for me. I actively log into SWTOR with F2P, and occasionally sub for coin perks. Mostly I run around with a friend and level and RP our characters together. I also do a once a year couple month run in LOTRO because its still one of my favorite games, I just can't commit the time to it. I will occasionally sub to FFXIV as well to do story quest updates. The big thing for me in MMOs is oddly enough, being able to see story content solo, because i have an erratic schedule. I like being able to do things with friends, but we don't mesh on our schedules as much as we used to. I also hate PVP, so there are quite a few games out there I'm not interested in trying. (except Overwatch, which I love, but doesn't really count as an MMO I think?) I've also played Guild Wars 2 for a little minute, but once my friends stopped playing I kind of lost interest.
  16. Surprising no one: Dragon Age is my number one favorite franchise. The lore of the games, and the political struggles that happen during disasters fascinates me. I also really love the Mass Effect series, and even loved Andromeda though apparently that's an uncommon opinion. The Witcher series, even if I couldn't actually stand trying to play number 2. I have read and listened to a lot of books for this series as well. Warcraft from the RTS games all the way through the MMO. (Honestly Blizzard's big 3 Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo are among my favorites.) Final Fantasy games, though there are some I haven't played like 12, 13 and 15, which is mainly due to being on PC. (I do occasionally pop into the MMO XIV) The Sims will always have a special place even if their DLC and expansion content feels money grabbing to me. The Tropico franchise because its just downright fun being a virtual dictator. I'm not sure if it counts as a franchise yet, but I am loving Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity 2.
  17. These are my jam, ya'll. I haven't been able to get Jurassic Park: Evolution yet! It is on my wishlist! I second the need for people to play Frostpunk! It's one of my favorite city/management games ever. I also love Surviving Mars and Planetbase. Planet Coaster is also great great fun! I love it. Reminds me of old Roller Coaster tycoon games. Two Point Hospital is fun for the first 5 missions or so, then it kind of lost it's charm for me. The events were repetitive, and opening up new things in the later levels didn't seem to help too much. Kingdoms and Castles is a nice little quick to start up city building/kingdom sim with Tower Defense elements. I really enjoyed that, even if some of the mechanics of gameplay frustrated me at times. Prison Architect is probably one of top 5 favorite management/builders, and I love that you can blueprint stuff before building anything. Also alongside this is Banished which is one of my favorite little management survival builder sandboxes. For ones with specific missions, Pharaoh/Cleopatra, Lethis - Path of Progress, the entire Tropico franchise, and Hearthlands are amazing little kingdom/city builders with management that also progress a story and have specific building goals. There are some other games that came out with Pharaoh/Cleopatra from the same company, but I did not enjoy them as much. On the Eh it's okay side of things, I enjoyed Towncraft okay. I really like Oxygen Not Included, but I can't give it a recommendation until its out of Early Access, Parkitect came out right before Planet Coaster, and where Planet Coaster shines, Parkitect fails. I have a ton of these types of games, but the above are what left the most impressions on me.
  18. I play 95% of my games on my PC. I do have a Nintendo 3DS but that's for Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing >.> They unfortunately don't get as much love as my PC. I haven't owned a new console since PS1, though I am considering getting a Switch at some point.
  19. I used to play lots of MMOs. Jade Dynasty, 9Dragons, Swordsman Online, mostly Korean-grinder martial-artsy MMOs, but I've also dabbled in a few sci-fi style ones (CABAL and CABAL 2, for instance), played WoW for a while but I got bored of it and couldn't justify the cost anymore. Currently, Yume and I are doing a play-through of NCSoft's hyped-out Blade and Soul, fun game tbh, worth the hype (and you can watch that at the YouTube link in my signature if you're interested!), but seems like most of the ones we can tag-team together are gone now. Sad. Personally, I like ones with good story-line, decent character customisation (Black Desert made me so happy with their character creator), but I hate games that depend too heavily on PvP or feature open-world PvP with no protection from it. And I dont mean stupid jail. Okay. That doesn't fucking stop anyone from griefing. In fact, for some it seems to be a reward for it. I like games like Blade and Soul where, when I want to PvP, I can; if I choose to, I can't get out of easily, but I'm not forced to do it, either, nor can someone else just walk up to me and make me fight them. But to be honest, I'm not terrible at PvP, I just don't like games deciding I'm going to PvP for me. Blah blah complaining blah. Unfortunately the PvP crowd is very loud and most game companies will try to cater to them, so a lot of newer games are open-world PvP. I play MMOs because they're usually pretty fun and playing with friends makes any game more interesting. But without friends to play with, I will revert back to single-player games like most-Final-Fantasies and The Sims.
  20. So I've recently gotten back into playing WoW in between roleplaying, work, and other things because I'm terrible and can't resist this. What kinds of MMO's do you like? Are you currently playing? Are you currently playing WoW? O_O Why do you play the multi-player roleplaying games?
  21. Is anybody else playing it these days? What do you think? The franchise has sure evolved since the days of the very first Assassin's Creed game, now years ago.
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