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About This Coterie

A coterie for administrators and players using the content management system NOVA by Anodyne Productions.




Within the context of RPG directories, NOVA is somewhat underutilized, but it's a very robust system-born from the old Sim Management System or SMS-that allows character biography management and organizes site-wide plots in the form of missions, which are then populated by mission posts (joint posts or JPs). Each author is added to a JP where tags are written in a shared space  similar to Google Docs. Many NOVA sims function within greater fleets such as Obsidian Fleet or 22nd Fleet (where Prometheus is located). This is the place where you can share interesting sims, skins, mods or ask for technical assistance if you've run into an issue. Here is a style guide on how to use NOVA's basic features. While there are a number of different spins on NOVA (with installs for D&D, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica) the most popular genre for a sim is by far Star Trek, which also has an available coterie on RPG Initiative. 

  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. There are two new available themes for NOVA on Anodyne Xtras, Vaed'rae and Apnea which you can grab here. They're both fairly dark and make use of solid colors and transparent backgrounds. The personnel biographies are updated on Pulsar in the narrower Vaed'rae to look neater and the panel is embedded in the header for convenience.
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