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      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic School Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: A modern Harry Potter roleplay set in the hidden, magical community of Hemlock Hallow located in Antarctica. Outside the law, the interconnected biomes are home to researchers, students, criminals, and all those in between. All you need is curiosity and a questionable set of morals...<br /> <br /> This site is built by players, for the players, where writers are able to create and adapt their own plots.
      • RPG Rating: Hemlock Hallows RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic Mythical Creatures School
      • Short Description: The year is 2026, and it has been 25 years since Hermione Granger-Weasley and Minerva McGonagall opened the doors of Granger University - a way for students who weren't sure what path they wanted to take after Hogwarts, to get a little taste of each available occupation before narrowing down on one. It was first inspired by the class of '98, whose education had been sorely lacking that year, as a way for them to get back to a new kind of normal.
      • RPG Rating: Piertotum Locomotor RPG Rating
      • Book: World of Darkness Horror Modern Magic Supernatural
      • Short Description: Devil's Playground is an 18+ roleplaying game set in the world of darkness. We welcome intermediate to advanced writers to explore this dark world with us through various playable species, including vampires, witches, hunters, and the everyday mortal without any idea what happens in the city once the sun has set.
      • RPG Rating: Devil's Playground RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Modern Magic Modern Superpowers Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: Join a world where the people of Earth have discovered they are not alone in the cosmos. A convergence of dimensions has brought wonders such as humans with powers and otherworldly beings, but also challenges as we've found ourselves unprepared for extradimensional threats. A merge of fantasy and sci-fi in a modern-day setting. For/by adults. Devoted storytelling and character development. LGBTQ+ friendly. Inspired by works like the Chronicles of Amber, The Watchmen and Planescape.
      • RPG Rating: Masked in Shadows RPG Rating
      • TV: Doctor Who and Torchwood TV: Star Trek TV: Stargate Dystopia Sci-Fi Space
      • Short Description: Unwind in a Fantastical Escape! A games room for scholars or students. Designed as a breakout room for people studying to spend sometime in a fantasy space away from the day to day.
      • RPG Rating: Atomic Academia - Sci-Fi and Other RPGs RPG Rating
      • Modern Magic School Supernatural
      • Short Description: A veil has fallen upon the world, and beneath it hides a long forgotten truth: magic exists, and so do the humans who can make use of it. Witches. It's at Aradia University that they learn witchcraft and spellwork. At Aradia, a witch can truly blossom. Learn to hone your magical skills; discover your affinity amongst the various schools of magic, connect with your familiar and witness the form it takes. Already graduated? Come back for a masters or settle down at the local town of Witch's Rest!
      • RPG Rating: ARADIA RPG Rating
      • Crime Horror Supernatural
      • Short Description: Enter Godsridge, a coastal town stirring with the supernatural. Mystical Keystone fragments, coveted by factions, ignite a power struggle. Most residents are unaware, but rumors of the supernatural draw FBI attention, creating tension with the local police. In this lively town of untold tales, ethereal forces, and power pursuits, you shape the destiny of Godsridge—a town on the edge of magic and mayhem.
      • RPG Rating: Sleepless Empire RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Animals: Equine
      • Short Description: Our Homeland is a realistic wild horse rpg. With no magic, crazy colors, or humans in the world of Our Homeland, horses must rely on wit and prowess to survive. Realistic scenarios such as natural disasters, predators, overpopulation, territorial qualms, and more could threaten any life throughout Our Homeland . . . and it could take a miracle to ensure survival. Taking inspiration from equine rpgs of the past, we hope you can call this place your homeland too!
      • RPG Rating: Our Homeland RPG RPG Rating
      • Historical Earth Human Western
      • Short Description: For generations, the American Frontier has long stood as the home for the lawless, living life free and unchained, away from the ever modernizing East. However, the times are changing. With Law & Order being slowly being introduced to the otherwise lawless lands, the time of the cowboys and outlaws is quickly being pushed into the history books.
      • RPG Rating: No Such Thing As Civilized RPG Rating
      • None2 Horror Modern Earth Modern Superpowers Supernatural
      • Short Description: Modern Supernatural Fantasy set in New Zealand
      • RPG Rating: Midnight Dreams RPG Rating
      • Manga/Anime: Shonen Gods & Dieties Multi-Genre Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: Our star is full of gods and mistakes. Our setting picks up 88 years after a war of the races ended in begrudging peace and a calamity has caused a whole continent to flee! Will the races learn to get along and share limited resources or is more conflict brewing? Come join our supportive community of story enthusiasts sending their characters on adventures! Choose from 25+ races and 40+ locations to RP in! The Almanac sets the scene, the Atlas gives you maps of our world, and a Beastiary awaits!
      • RPG Rating: Aphalia RPG Rating
      • Supernatural
      • Short Description: A modern supernatural themed +21 world set in the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Blood Moon Rises is a character driven role play, designed to explore your own creative freedom.
      • RPG Rating: Blood Moon Rises RPG Rating
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