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  1. Hey guys, I know for me it is incredibly important to be a part of a roleplay forum that has a sense of community. In fact, I've found myself recently surprised to find there's a surprisingly large amount of people who prefer to be left alone entirely as they join a forum. Which side of the fence are you on? How important to you is it that a forum has a chat system,a way to simply relax and be people? Do you feel it hinders the roleplay process, keeps people from actually posting on a site? Is it to much for you to have to be a part of a chat and a forum? Do you need the chat alongside the for
  2. I would love opinions, I have heard horror stories about sites that kill off one or two canons and I want to know if its a bad sign or if it will be ok for plot wise to do so.....
  3. Let's say you're hunting for a new site. You're browsing through site's advertising sections. What, specifically, do you look for in an ad? What will make you click?
  4. @KainZilla 's post in this thread got me thinking about this, specifically this quote: I've always thought that 'writer's block' and 'lack of muse' were excuses we gave ourselves when we felt bad about simply not really feeling like writing at the moment. I've always had the habit of setting a time for posting in my schedule, so that posting is just as a fixed part of my day as making dinner or going to the gym. And I've pretty much always thought I had it completely right, and other people really just had to either be more disciplined or get honest with themselves.
  5. I had one of those dilemmas where something small turned out to be something huge. A member on my board messages me in a state of upset. We'll call this member Jamie. Jamie was angry at a post that someone (who we'll call Leslie) had put up for them, as it made claims in the narration of her post about Jamie's character that were not accurate (according to the Jamie). When Jamie talked to Leslie about it, Leslie explained that it was a difference of "character perception" and refused to make the change. And this was all over a three-word reference to how present Jamie's
  6. So I've been toying recently with the idea of making a set of siblings and I've been looking around for a good set of faces that I like together. As I chose two that I adored, I realized that they were (objectively) different races. So! I was wondering, what do other people do for choosing siblings for RPs? Can someone from the UK be siblings with someone from Greece? Is it hair color and eye color more than anything? Do you look at bone structure? Place of birth? Something else? What do you feel about "color blind" FC casting for biological families?
  7. I have a rp partner who I love dearly. We have been together for the majority of our rp lives. She is absolutely amazing and I wouldn't trade her for anything. But... she needs so much more than I can give her, and it starting to effect my ability to play at all. We always have a lot of plots together spanning multiple sites and she is always hungry for more. I, on the other hand, could stand to have a lot less. I am more comfortable being a one thread at a time kind of person, but I currently have 32 "active" threads with 28 of those being with my rp partner alone. If I try to make plots with
  8. So I'm at a crossroads, I think. When I rebooted Tally, one thing that was strong in my mind was that a lot of our core members had started on the board at the ages of 15-17. This was followed by my co-admin's desire to bring her daughter onto the board... a girl that I know well enough to be comfortable with her being part of the community. There was a possibility that she would also bring her friends, so we set up the "Junior Players Policy" which was designed to keep those players safe, and still allow our older, mature players to write what they wanted. So in a sense---we woul
  9. We've all joined amazing sites in our time. Some of us have seen them rise and fall like great kingdoms among the seat of internet trolls and harvesters of roleplayers. We've all had things we loved, things we liked okay, others that could have been improved upon, and even others we absolutely hated with a passion. So here's the questions: 1) What are some of your most favorite features on some of your most favorite forums? 2)What are some features you've seen used that could be great, if given some work? 3) What are some things you've seen done/used on forums in the past, o
  10. I'm just reading a debate on another site, on how you shouldn't use a FC of a different heritage for your character just because they superficially look the same. On the one hand I understand not treating minorities as interchangeable, on the other as someone who uses unknown faces I care only for the physical features of my avatar, not for their identity because it's not known. I'd like to know to what extent you care about accuracy when using known celebrities; do you think it's wrong to use, say, a Chinese face for a Korean character, an Indian actor for a Pakistani, etc? Is it worse than u
  11. My question is a bit connected to this blog post or to this one. Everyone knows that sometimes two writing partners have different interests in what kind of stories to write. If I don't have any interest in some aspects the others want to explore, I am not saying it, accepting to write what the other is interested in, because I am sure that, no matter how much I like it or not, it is a part of the story and therefore worth exploring for character development and/ or plot progression. As long as one of us is interested, the other can go along for the ride. I believe th
  12. So I recently left a roleplay community because an admin was sorta an asshole to me. I got a standard PM that said "we're doing an activity check" and I asked "well do you have a list so I can know if I'm a culprit" to be told "NO!" just to get a message a day later to tell me "yes you're a culprit, stop being a dick". To me I am actually more upset that they couldn't just outright tell me when I asked them to tell me in the first place and it's actually what upset me and made me tell them I was leaving fully in the first place. What the point of this is.... why do we beat around t
  13. When you join a new site, in what manner do you want to be included? Describe the ideal behavior you wish the staff and other members to show you to help make you feel at home.
  14. What are some of the best open thread starters you've seen? What is your tried and true blind opening? What suggestions might you have for people struggling to write opens?
  15. This may seem like a silly question to some but I'm serious. My forum experience is with phpBB, InvisionFree, and Invision Power Board. if these forum programs had 'Post Templates' I would have heard about them before now. As it is- I have never heard of them until today. So, could someone please explain to me what these things are and why people don't like them? I'm curious. If you could show me an example, that'd be great. Thanks Arch
  16. I'm one of those people who actually loves apps, so it's not the app itself that I find kinda weird, but every once in a while I join (or lurk on) a site that pends literally 99.9% of applications. And I just don't understand. Maybe it's because I was a teacher and from a teaching perspective if all your kids are getting D's and F's (which is in essence what pending is, right?), then something is wrong with either your explanation or your expectations. Since most writers on roleplay sites -- especially not-beginner sites -- know how to write an app/character... Anyway,
  17. I've brought my baby back online after four years hibernation. It's super exciting, and I'm ecstatic that so many of our old crew have chosen to come back. It's actually floored me how much support we've got. Naturally, there are those who don't have the time, resources, interest or desire to play the characters they did four years ago. In one case, a player who chose not to return had characters with intimate connections to many of my characters. This meant I had to consider her characters in updating what mine had been up to over the last four years, and how those situations had
  18. Okay, so this applies more to those of us who RP in a fandom... but does anyone go to communities targeted at your fandom and try recruiting there? I mean, like I run a Star Trek RP, and I'll go hang out on social media with other Trekkies, but they aren't always set up in a way that welcomes RP recruiting without it being disruptive to the group. Anyone have experience with these sorts of groups and how you can recruit without being disruptive? @Morrigan
  19. Alright. So here's something I've run into myself when I've been on the hunt for a site. I look at a site, and they have a cbox, but the cbox doesn't look to active. You ask a question, but it takes a while to get an answer, or, worst yet, those that are there dance around you because they're waiting for an actual staff member to answer leaving you thinking that you're being ignored. It's not the most welcoming environment, and can turn you off joining. If it doesn't turn you off joining, it is certainly a turn off when it comes to posting more often because it feels like you're hav
  20. As roleplayers we are often inspired by multiple sources. This can be a tv show,book, movie, something we saw online, and even other roleplayers. For some of us we walk a fine line between playing our own original creations and literally taking something someone else made and playing them. This is something I've seen all over the place, an argument for or against using other people characters as their own roleplay characters. My opinions vary on this particular topic. For instance, I believe if you're RPing on an actual fandom site playing a premade character from another location
  21. I've been using googledocs for years to do 1x1 RPing, but I am curious to see if anyone else uses it to. Also, what are your experiences using either gdcos or DBPaper? How many docs do you currently have active on there? What sort of things do you write there? Well, I have three currently - one is a sort of experiment for a plot on my DA forum, another is a Vampire the Masquerade RP (linked to our current tabletop campaign on roll20) and the third is a 1x1 with a new RP buddy (another experiment). That is what I tend to use these for, experiments and 1x1's I don't want
  22. This topic has been floating around in some way, shape, or form in various threads recently, so let's talk about it. While I like that the roleplaying community tries to be inclusive and understand that people have different experiences and lifestyles, I find the overwhelming "trend" of political correctness tiring. (Why, then, did I start a thread about it? Because talking about things is good, okay.) People have taught me many things I wasn't aware of years ago, and sometimes I sit there and go, "Huh? I didn't think about that. Neat." But more often than not, I find myself
  23. Why the heck is it so hard to start threads, and how do I make it more interesting so that I WANT to be the thread starter? Nobody likes to start a thread, but there has to be some way to deal with this besides "suck it up and start the thread."
  24. So I have this member. They haven't specifically broken any rules, nor made any members uncomfortable, maybe only slightly annoyed them. However a few times they have said things that just got under my skin. They've yelled at at staff, for not "doing enough", even though they give us boatloads to do every day, and we are working on our site 2+ hours at least every day, if not more. No other members have complained about how slow we are. They just also seem... to not fit into the community. They act a lot younger than all of us, and sometimes say things that hint they aren't ready
  25. I've thought about this topic in the past, and knowing it's probably common amongst roleplayers, I looked through three pages on here to make sure it wasn't already touched upon. Seeing as how this thread was created - you now witness my poor research results. Anyway, Open Threads. For something so inviting it sure is hard to drag people into them. Seriously, you'd think they'd lap up the opportunity to get their new or half-used character some fresh interaction, but no. They gotta be snobs about it. Okay, that last part was a bad joke, but really - has it always been s
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