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  1. We all have moments during roleplays that we get annoyed by something or someone, which is very frustrating. So here the thread in which we can vent said frustrations I just hate it when I am trying to form a sentences but I can only come up with a Dutch saying and not find a proper English replacement for that. It makes me feel like what I am trying to say does not really come across. Also when you are working on a post and your internet decides to be fucky, you loose that post and have to re-write it. Half the time I don't feel like I have enough energy/muse whatever you wanna call it and write it out again.
  2. The old saying is "Write what you know?" Isn't it? But that's not true, is it? One of the joys of roleplay is being in settings you would never have the hope of being in, and seeing that environment change. But, hey, lets face it, I don't know how how to fly a spaceship or how to fight with a sword, so what do I do? I go to the internet and read up about it, and I know a bunch of you guys do too. But what weird places has your character's interests taken you? For me, I've been reading about 18th century literature, cold fusion and virus replication.
  3. When I first joined an RP on this part of the internet, I was flabbergasted when I was asked to choose a “real face” for my character. Until then, we used either drawings or nothing at all (a few sentences of description was enough to get us by), and now nobody would RP with me if I didn’t go this route. Not only did I not know any celebrities (I wasn’t much into pop culture), I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of attaching a stranger to a character they had no control over. It really limited my character creation opportunities because I wasn’t comfortable using actors at random (what if I chose a horrible person and people thought I supported whatever horrible things this person had done???) and sometimes I couldn’t find anyone who really fit. Further, I found myself trying to find people I wanted to look at rather than thinking about the character itself. Over the years, I’ve become more comfortable with the idea of PBs, but it still weirds me out. People attach too much meaning to them and the obsession is odd. From “claiming” people’s faces to only “shipping” characters played by certain celebrities, it’s just bizarre. On a surface level, I get it. You see a face, say, “Hey that looks like my character!” and then stick it in your avatar. That very basic concept of PBs doesn’t bother me so much anymore, and it can be likened to casting someone in a play, or making a “dream cast” for a novel, or whatever. But we take it so much farther than that with our obsessions. The pictures have to be perfect—high quality only. With the increase of post templates and mini profiles and doHTML, we have to find multiple pictures of our characters, so now we have to spend time searching for a person who not only fits but who also has many good pictures to use. And there are a huge chunk of people who judge other writers by their PBs, who limit plots by PBs, who require certain PBs be used, etc. It’s bizarre. It’s obsessive. It’s . . . a little much. I’d love to use stock images because I’ve seen some rocking stock photos, but now that we all needs avatars, gifs, hovers, templates, applications, etc. . . . it’s just not feasible to do it without using the same picture over and over. I don’t think there is a “solution” and I’m not really looking for one. I was just reflecting over my RP experiences, and I recalled how strange it had been to plunge into a world of “real faces” and the culture shock that was associated with it. I mean, guys, we’re creeps.
  4. Super simple question, just tell us how many sites (and maybe include genres) that you are a member on. This topic is exclusive to being a member. If you staff on that site please do not include it in your total. Just to make this clear this isn't a thread that is meant to find out that you exclusively staff. This is purely for how many sites you're a member of. If you are only a staff member then this question doesn't apply to you. If you would like to share how many sites you are a staff member of, please do so in this other thread:
  5. Love em or hate em. Do not reply, all replies will be removed. This is not a discussion thread, this is an interest thread.
  6. Hello All, I wasn't sure whether to post his here or in RPG Confessions - please move it if it is not appropriate for this forum. I honestly need some advice on the often vague dividing line between having true concerns and just being paranoid. As an RPer and RP manager of many years - I have seen lots of issues arise. Some of them were repeated often enough that they became red flags for me when new people applied to my roleplays. I confess to now being a somewhat paranoid GM - mainly because I loathe confrontation, hate the thought of hurting feelings, etc. Especially since RP is supposed to be interactive and fun! Here's my issue.... A person has joined one of my sites (I have a few), wrote a decent character bio, and then proceeded to ask upward of twenty times how soon the story was starting. They received the same answer all twenty times. When the story launched, they leaped in with enthusiasm - which was majorly awesome! They are a better than fair writer and seems to be really nice. The issue appeared when they repeatedly did a thing that was very unnecessary in forum roleplay. A friendly reminder was sent out to the group at large that this was not necessary. The person asked if they were at fault and I diplomatically told them that yes, they were doing the thing, don't do it. The very next day, I sign on and that person has done the thing again - 3 more times. I have since sent them a private message on Discord asking that they cease and desist doing this thing. This is a very simple thing, not a complicated issue. You do it or you don't do it. Not doing it is the way forum play is designed. Am I being paranoid in that I feel like this person purposely did the thing to push back?
  7. Years ago, I was in the RP and fanfic writing communities for Rammstein and a similar band, Oomph! For some reason, there was a TON of fandom crossover with Oomph! and, of all things, Boondock Saints (I still have no idea why). I also really enjoyed LOTR Speakeasy, which was Lord of the Rings actors (and people with six degrees of separation to them) in the 1920s. What's your weirdest fandom/RP niche?
  8. I am looking for some feedback on a situation involving a pair of members. Member #1 joined and was an active poster with everyone then made a romantic wanted ad for themselves. Member #2 took said ad shortly thereafter. Since the ad was taken, there's became an obvious problem of them doing 3-5 posts back and forth with their ship which are all tagged in the shoutbox while ignoring any other posts they owe on the board. We use the tagging system and both members acknowledge they have other threads (even states in the cbox they know this other post is owed), BUT they continue to go back and forth with one another. Member #1 recently made a second character but has made no attempt to plot with anyone except the love interest played by Member #2 and has started a second thread between them that is prioritized. My co-admin suggests that we just ignore it and go about things, let them do their thing, but I feel like ignoring it isn't a good solution and this could become a bigger problem. Any advice? Anonymous poster hash: 6f15f...403
  9. Y'all, I need help! If this is the wrong forum for this, just move me! I have two sites on IPS forums which I love. It's easy enough that even I can do some basic changes. However, I have a 3rd site languishing away and in need of a new home. It is currently on Nova (which I also love), but it seems that their next major update could be a very long way off. Bottom line: I cannot currently afford a 3rd IPS site. Once I can save up and start buying licenses for the other two so I don't have a monthly layout in fees, I'll be able to move yet again. I'd also kill to be able to have a test site so I could see what I was breaking before live installing it. Next, I am not a coder. I can maintain the basics of a self-hosted site, but it helps to have good support. I need things spelled out (adding themes, mods, etc.). I have tried JCINK - right now it's a no for me although I am committed to trying and help a friend get her site customized. So - list of questions below! JCINK (Friend's Site) Best sites for requesting a custom theme with out-of-the-box features. I am even willing to look at paid options. I have found and looked through numerous resource sites, but most are simply impossible to find things on or everything is very outdated. Add to that, most have an unfortunate tendency to disregard the visually impaired by using light themes with pale colored text or very tiny fonts. Browser zoom only helps up to a certain point. I can make minor changes and updates (color tweaks, font tweaks), but I really need to be able to copy the code to the appropriate place and go. Theme support would be awesome. FOR ME (phpBB, myBB, SMF) I need recommendations for an easy to use free forum platform. Ease of use means reasonable well-documented and easy to manage when it comes to adding themes, mods, etc. Having access to simple, clean, well-managed resource sites is a must (preferably ones that stay current with the software). Features Good documentation. This is a must. I need to have directions stated in Village Idiot terminology. Account Switching: Built-in or easy to add mod. Sub-accounts: Guess this goes hand-in-hand with #2. It would be preferred that we be able to set up multiple accounts on one email. Customizable: site, main profile, mini-profiles, etc. Support for a wiki (yes, I can set one up on a 2nd site, Wordpress works great, but that's a pain to maintain). Some form of alert or mentions system for ease of tagging folks. I loathe BBCode, but if it can be customized, I can live with it. A gallery would be nice, but not mandatory. I can find alternatives or maybe try out some of the gallery software on Softaculous. Easy to install and update...bears repeating. Support, support, support (I'm really nice when asking) Mobile friendly is a huge plus. Any and all help, recommendations, suggestions, letters, hate mail, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time everyone!
  10. Wasn't sure what prefix to throw this under... it could fall under either. Can anyone tell if a site will last these days? Its hard to look at a site and know they will be around for years to come when the overall lifespan of new role play forums is generally a few months. What do you look for in a site that makes you think they will be around for a long time? Particularly when a site is under a year old? It always seems to be a gamble when joining and perhaps it always will be. But for sites that have been around for a year or more, what do you think keeps them going? It doesn't appear to matter how much work someone puts into it, I have seen some brilliantly planned sites go down in an excessively fast rate upon opening date. What is something that can kill a site when it seems to have everything going for it?
  11. What drew you to a site, but might have made you hesitant about jumping in? If you are a converted lurker, what made you jump in?
  12. So, as I move towards improvements on the discord front... I had a central question/mindset... and its more of a curiosity than anything. How do you guys feel about servers that announce your arrival? As a new member do you find this discouraging when joining a new community? Why? Are you for or against discord servers that practice this? I also have a lot of other discord questions and guides, so a part of me has considered making a coterie for it... but I would instead join one over making one myself. I have been super into improving servers so maybe this would be the place to do that?
  13. Admin and Players, please tell us your best stories about the positive impacts a Lurker or allowing lurkers on your site/chat has had on your RPG. Bonus points if the story includes converting them to Players. Former Lurkers: Please tell us your best stories about having been a lurker and being converted to an active RP member!
  14. So as I go through sites I see fabulous mini-profiles, I see garbagey ones. I see the same ones over and over and over and over. And what I'm curious about is from a member (and I'll even take staff perspectives too). What sort of mini-profiles do you, as a member, find the most appealing? The most common ones in the roleplay world that I see are the hover effect ones that don't work at all on mobile. What sort of information do you find useful in a mini-profile? I know this can be specific to the site like species etc and feel free to add that stuff. What do you find fun as a little add-in, something you kind of like seeing in a mini-profile? A common one I see is like Mini-profile gifs but would it be cooler to have a "Character Playlist" spot instead? Feel free to discuss. I'm looking to see what you love and hate about them without starting a debate. Feel free to screenshot/monosnap/etc some of your favorites if you feel inclined.
  15. Based on a conversation in the Discord server this morning (and y'all should totes join the server if you haven't already), I want to know - tell us about an original or fan character you're proud of, but haven't gotten a chance to use in a while! Maybe you just haven't RPed in that genre in a while, or maybe you're in the middle of a redesign, or maybe they just require a slightly more specific setting and you're not wanting to DM right now, it's doesn't matter! Questions to start with What do you especially like about this character? What kind of setting were they designed for? What was the last campaign/thread you used them in? If you revisited this character, what might you change about them? (You can also brag about alternate universe versions of canon characters, if you want!) I'll start - I made a character for a fantasy RP on Gaia whose plot escapes me... but the gist is that our characters were humans chosen by gods and goddesses to represent them in sort of quest. We made up our own deities that got added to the world's lore. My champion's name was Owen, and his big gimmick was that he was chosen by a very minor goddess: The Forge, the servant of the God of Smithing. The Forge was very bitter about being forgotten all the time, and made it her mission to curse smiths everywhere until they started respecting their tools more. Owen was more concerned about the fact that he not has a magical miniature forge for a chest cavity. His adventuring partners appreciated having a walking campstove. Owen did not appreciate their appreciation. I'm hoping one day I'll find another fantasy thread I can use them in. Barring that, I might start a fantasy RP where all sorts of minor gods go on strike.
  16. This is an Avatar Specific Topic Your Graphic Mod here is working on an Avatar dump for the pre-made graphic section. These will be free use for players to use for whatever reason. This is a quick little survey to find out what kind of things people would like to have available here. Things like signatures and site banners etc will be included eventually as well. What character type depictions are you interested in (i.e. human, dragon, mermaids etc)? Do you prefer complex or simple images? Colorful or black/white? Any playby recommendations? Any images you would like to suggest?
  17. How do you use journals and why do you think them useful? Do you think they are a place for only random thoughts, fun stuff and things that do not tie in with the storyline, or a place to enhance the storyline from the personal perspective of said character, to build on it, to bridge gaps and to tie loose ends? I think they can be used creatively for lots of things. I have bridged gaps, tied loose ends, showing things which were partially written in the storyline, and partially implied only, deepened stories by showing a character's (flawed, but meaningful) perspective, foreshadowed some things by setting the ground in the information comprised in the journal, which would become important/ more interesting later on, tying with events which haven't happened yet. In one case, the journals were a sideplot of the story - if the main story was action-focused, the love story was reflected by journals only (with intentions to further become half journals, half letters, but those were to be reflected also in the journal thread). His point of view vs hers. And it worked perfectly. Looking forward to hearing your creative experience with journals, diaries, letters!
  18. Inspired by this thread. What kind of player is more annoying to you? Type 1, who uses open rules to crash threads and insert their character as the biggest, baddest, most unbeatable fighter who will start a fight for no reason and win always because they say so? Or Type 2, who uses consent rules in order to let their character be snarky, aggressive, and even do things that are wrong, but will never ever give permission for their character to get so much as a scratch unless it follows their narrative? I feel like, for staff, type 1 is easier to deal with. You tell them to quit it or leave. Type 2 is weirder because the allowance for this kind of behaviour is built into the site. As a player, I can just stop playing with either type, but I definitely find playing with the Type 2 to be more annoying because GOSH, you can't just ask for a punch and then call me rude for following through.
  19. Polyvore is gone. It was shut down by Ssense a few days ago (I think they acquired it) and they've stated that it's not coming back. Apparently Ssense wanted the email lists and user information of the polyvore members. I loved polyvore. It was a perfect platform to merge together visual art and writing, and now it's gone. All those pictures and collages I've made over the years have been vanished. I knew it was a possibility that if the website ever vanished, all our work would vanish, too, but this is silly. Now I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know an alternative that would allow RPers to make collages for their characters and plots? All those poor people who spent every day on Polyvore crafting beautiful artistic pieces. . . . And those people who RPed directly on polyvore itself. . . . They're in even worse shape than the rest of us. Edit - If you're a polyvore user, visit their blog: http://blog.polyvore.com/ You can request your content to be sent to you, and you can opt out of having your information given to Ssense.
  20. Asking for a friend....... I need to consult the pool of RPers who know things that I don't: you guys. What exactly IS a "Shipper App"? And what is its purpose/function?
  21. I might be a bit old fashioned, but the new fangaled way of replying to shippers (where someone posts on your shipper, and then in response you post on their shipper) just... I'm not sure if I can wrap my head around it. If you prefer it this way, can you tell me why you like it? I like old fashioned shippers where you just reply to one thread, so you can easily read the conversation. (Then again, I come from the era of plot pages where it was lyrics and you just chose the relationship from the lyrics and went from there.... anyone else? lmao) I'd just really like an open conversation about different preferences for shippers. I'm willing to get the reply to mine, I reply to yours way, but I'm having a hard time understanding!
  22. Are you set on having faceclaims? Do you make them optional? Are they completely in place of a physical description or not? How far can you go with tweaking their appearance for your character/does clothing and hair style really matter? What about when joining a site, is the availability or lack of (or even the presence of a PB that is disliked) truly so important as to make/break joining that site for you? I fully admit that most sites I've RPed and staffed on have not had faceclaims as a requirement, and as a result I'm mostly against using them even though I do have FCs bookmarked for some characters. Though for each character it's only one and it took me years to find some of them, especially those who I've designed from the ground up. If you want to use them more power to you but I honestly don't see the point of them unless they're canon characters or it's an RP based on a show/movie/whatever. And if it's supposed to be an original RP with OCs that requires a PB? I can understand basing the appearance of a character on a certain PB but not when they look exactly alike aside from minor edits. I'm not even touching on tracking and reserving FCs and only allowing that FC to be used once and the hassle on the staffing end of it. Recently I was looking around for sites to possibly join and I have to admit the FC thing confuses me. Like okay, yeah, it's awesome that you can have a character and easily make graphics for them if you've got a PB. But it seems like most sites don't give you the chance to write an actual description of a character in the application anymore and idk. To me it's odd. I'm used to having 200+ word descriptions of what the character looks like, pointing out their physical scars and imperfections and how they carry themselves. Pointing out eye color and mannerisms and how they might blend in or stand out in a crowd. My vision is also terrible and I find that descriptions are easier to visualize in my head as opposed to figuring out how to describe the appearance of a PB most of the time if there's no description to go along with the image. Eye color is hard to distinguish, downright impossible actually if it's a small image or not a close up of the face. Then there is the issue of lighting and heavier graphical edits to faces which introduces a whole new set of issues for someone who has visual impairments or who may not be the best at separating lighting from actual skin tone. Generally that means looking up who their PB is and then looking up pictures of them and asking the RPer if I'm getting them right just to make sure. For me, it's exhausting. I see people who ban a certain PB or who won't join a site because either their PB was taken or someone had a character with a PB they hated. I understand not liking the PB because of something they've done, but the character isn't the PB. Imo it really stifles creativity and honestly, is it really such a huge problem? And how far is too far to go when editing the appearance of an PB? Eye color and maybe hair color/length are fair common and reasonable edits. The issue I have mainly with mine is finding someone who face shape/bone structure that matches the character. To date I've only had one PB I've found that matches the character's bone structure and didn't require much editing (none in this case actually), but tbf my little healer was half based on the Harp Twins to begin with so Kennerly Kitt being a perfect match isn't exactly surprising. But then I look at other characters, good luck finding a tall, muscular woman (wrestler/bodybuilder, because this particular character likes walking around in full plate armor with a sword bigger than she is) that also happens to have this particular facial structure, which leaves out a good chunk of the candidates there without even going into skintone/eyes/hair. How do you deal with the more niche or unique characters?
  23. Hey guys. Curious as to your experiences writing characters based on your real life. I've often thought about writing a character based on myself, and am currently taking it a bit more seriously. I think it would be awkward, with several internal monologues of self doubt. I have a lot of insecurities. Finding a face claim that fits is also super weird. I've been googling overweight actresses and the options are limited. I do have a career that I think people may find an interesting read, and hopefully not too boring. It's not like I'd be writing about a girl who RPs, binges netflix too much, and has one too many cats -- which admittedly, also me. Haha. I also think it has the potential to be rather therapeutic. I have a lot of family history, sexual orientation, and other issues I could potentially work through by examining myself as a character concept I suppose. But enough about me! What have your experiences been with playing characters based on yourself? Was it hard? Easy? Explain. If you haven't done it, why not? If you've never thought about it, what immediately jumps to mind? Would you? What concerns would you have. Discuss!
  24. This might be a useless thread, but I figure it might also be an interesting one. Who knows? Gets it off my mind, at least. So, this has been on my mind for several days now; I realize i have a particular style to it, and other people have other styles, and I honestly think that only by comparing them and, to take a quote, "using good ideas wherever we find them", can we really improve our styles. Now, every site I can remember seeing, eventually, has an "open threads" board, for people who have people getting trouble getting people to join those threads. So, my thoughts are, how do people start threads? I usually start out with a location description, so people are on the same page for what's going on around them. Am I in a forest, a field, a building, on a city street, what are some smells, is there wind, is there anything we can feel, what can we hear, are there other people around, what's the weather like, what time of day is it, that type of thing? I usually take a paragraph or two to get through that. Then, after, I describe my character- which character I'm using, what they're wearing, how it might differ from the description or playby that I might be using, things like that. Next, i give a bit of backstory- what's happened between their last thread and this one, why are they where they currently are, if they've got any plans or goals at the moment. Finally, I try and put in some "atmosphere" or "surrounding events" or whatever. I might have my character bump into or start talking to somebody I don't mention or do something else, leaving the responder to either be that person or a witness to it. Or I might have there be some sort of incident like somebody tripping over something nearby and embarrassing themselves, and my character is the witness. I like to try and put in at least two to three potential events that could have somebody else enter a thread by having them filled with their own characters, or make it so that their character can come up with their own logical reasons for being there. One of the most important things I try to impress on is, even though the thread is basically about my character, and another person's character, whatever's going on around them isn't about our characters, they're just one of many things happening on that day, and there's other things going on around them. Typically, my opening post can usually be somewhere between 3-7 paragraphs, and then the rest of the thread I do about a paragraph or two, and it usually winds up my characters do a -lot- of talking and IC thinking. It's a bad habit, I think. Is this making any sense? Do other people start threads like this? How do other people typically start their own threads, both open threads and planned threads?
  25. We've all heard the phrase "Welcoming environment" if you haven't you've been searching for roleplay sites from under a rock on Mars with no wifi connection. For each of us this tends to summon up a completely different idea of what it means for the site to be welcoming. While the word "Welcoming" alone tends to conjure up the idea that we should 'belong' here, it generally never actually means what we wish it would mean. So it's time to have your opinion on the usage of this word heard. When a site includes this in their descriptions or advertisements, what are you expecting to find when you join? Is it just a bunch of people who greet you? Does it go beyond the superficial? Do you expect more than just a few days of feeling included, only to quickly come to the realization these people know eachother...and they do not know you? This thread is not for arguing, it's for opinions.
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