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My site has a number of IC fights. We used to have a system where posts were judged on detail and it was very time consuming and very hard for members to feel comfortable with it. We have moved to a dice rolled method but it still feels very after the fact. We allow a fight to be fully role played out, with a few things that would end the fight(pping, gming, not enough words, under or over on damage taken or attacks given), and once all the posts are done staff rolls dice and decides the outcome of the fight. We have different levels of "points" that are given that adjust the dice up or down based on size, age, and class levels.


How do you handle IC fights?

For our site, letting them handle in ICly isn't really what we are looking for.

I would like to find a way to make the judging of the fight not be after the fact but apart of the fight as well.


Thank you!

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I'm going to start by saying that I don't really get into stat-based RPs myself, so I might be missing some of the finer points here, but I have been part of many a D&D homebrew game over the years, so...


If its possible with your platform's software, integrate dice rolls directly into each post to determine if the actions of the post were successful. If someone has say 5 dice rolls in a row that are unsuccessful, they automatically loose the fight because their character has become exhausted or something and keeps missing. If you roll a nat20, you win. If you roll a nat0, you loose. Stuff like that. 


As for staff judging, I'd say only involve that mechanic if the fights have gone on for X number of posts or longer, or if things seem to be hitting a stalemate. Then, take into account the dice rolls for the actual fight posts as an additional modifier, and go from there. 

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  • Admin

Dice rollers that lock in are really your only option here.


I don't mind some dice for my personal RP but I don't use it in written RP so beyond that advice, I can't really help.



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If you have a site Discord you could make a dice rolling channel and have them roll the automated dice so the results are obvious after the admin set some kind of criteria like - "Each hit has a  30% chance of hitting, if you role under 10% it is a powerful hit" - you can have them roll a d100 and any time someone gets under thirty they get to claim a hit in their thread and if they roll under a ten they get to roll a bigger hit - but leave the damage description to the other player. (You'd have to think up rules about called shots and declare no auto-kills because SOMEONE is going to try "sticks a knife in their eye") 


You'd also want to make that thread so members can't delete posts and probably put in a rule where they had to declare which thread the attack was for before rolling. 


I have no idea if that kind of system can be worked into a board? I know there is code for auto-rolling but I admit, I have like -10% knowledge of coding. So bad it goes backwards. 


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I will be following this to see what sort of experiences others can share. I've always enforced a "communicate what you expect from each other and play fair" rule, but I've also been highly intrigued how dice rolling has been implemented and how it affects progression in fights. One thing I like about it is the mildly unpredictable element there is for everyone.


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Dire uses a hybrid system pretty successfully, the option is open for people to decide if they want to use the dice system, but for regular threads it is not mandatory. Certain events require it, but you sign up for those events voluntarily and using dice is largely in the hands of the players, used more as a tool than anything else. I think the best way is to let players decide what works best for them, and having the tools available is definitely nice, but the freedom to run your character and story is also appealing. Judging, as I have seen in the past, is laborious for the staff and often causes contention among the players and those judging, so, again, this is an option for our site, but it is seldom elected (if ever, I don't think it's been requested to date).

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On Senki Academy I propose three methods of settling IC combat.


  • Orchestration: The participants discuss things OOC, and settle for a predetermined outcome for the encounter. The recommended approach for personal threads and other non-plotted scenarios, not really feasible for site events and such.
  • Die Roll/Coin-flip: Aka. the gacha approach. Let the Random Number God have the final say over whether a given IC action succeeds or fails.
  • Third Party Arbitration: Invite a neutral third party (preferably a staffer) to exercise GM/storyteller authority over the flow of the thread, and let said arbitrator hold the final say over the outcomes of the characters' actions.
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