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Just a quick curiosity question for those that run their own sites; roughly how many levels of sub-forum do you use? I need to know for science.


If you use more than one level of sub-forum, I'd be interested to know why if you're willing to explain! c: I've personally never had any usage for more than one level of sub-forum so I'm curious what reasons someone may have to do so.


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I learned from "How to make your forum look inactive" to have as few forums as possible.


Also, UI wise its garbage to have people click twice to get to their destination. So first level subforums are as deep as I go. Its not organization IMO.

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It depends. I have gone the sub of a sub route once or twice before, but in general I stick to just forum and sub forum. It is helpful when you’re using a grid based theme and don’t want a messy list of subs, for example, if you have a lot or have forums per player. 

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If I MUST, I go down one level. If I feel like more is needed then I probably need to condense and simplify my expectations. My head hurts a little just thinking of arranging forums beyond that tier. 


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