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When to call it quits?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Keeping this short and sweet to keep things anonymous. When should you call it quits on running your website? Multiple reasons/instances would be appreciated.

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When the muse or desire just isn't there and doesn't seem able to be rekindled, when the site begins to feel more chore than fun, when it's consistently stressful and/or exhausting...


I think, though, it's worth considering what the issues are and if they can be rectified before pulling that trigger. Is real life just too much and you don't have the energy to run the site? That might not be something you can solve at the time and RPing is a hobby, is shouldn't be adding more stress to your plate. Is it the board culture that's wearing you down? You might be able to correct that, because we cultivate the culture we want for the boards we run. 


If your board is popular, or there are even a few dedicated members who are actively involved, I also encourage considering handing over the reigns rather than shutting a board don't completely. I've been on both sides of this and I know how hard it can be to let someone else take over something you've created, but I also know how much it just sucks to see a community and story I've out time and energy into just fade away. If someone else is willing to take things over, I think sometimes it's worth letting them.


I think sometimes boards close because they don't take off the way the creators thought they would. For me personally, I don't know that that's a great reason to call it quits. No new board is wildly.successful overnight, especially if it's part of an already saturated genre. Patience, effort and creativity can make any board appealing and the longer a board is out there, the more dedication even a small community shows, the more appealing it is to new members. Or at least, that's my experience.

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I closed my site when its story ended.



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