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Looking For Beta Members: Supernatural Modern Fantasy That Deals With Dreams

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I’m going to open this up in a closed beta by the end of the month at the latest. The main idea is “You dream it, you are it.”


The dimension between the dream world called the Dreamscape and our world tore back in the 1700s. Ever since then a small percent of strange things have happened that’s on the increase. Reports of strange creatures, people being altered, even rumors of inanimate objects coming to life. Most have no idea of anything going on and for those who things have happened to often times don’t know what happened.


It takes place on the central coast of California (an area I’m well familiar with) in a fictitious city of around 150,000 in the current year. There are three starting factions. The first is the local all year round Cirque du Soleil style troupe that protects those highly altered or are natives of the dreamscape.The military that actively recruits them and an illuminati organization that is doing the same. Of course, not everyone in these organizations know the big mystery and have their own objectives. You may also create your own organization with three members (that includes you) and four characters to start.


How the dreamscape works is that if you dream you have powers, there is a chance you will wake up with them. Same goes for a new face or body. You may also dream of a creature and that creature can slip out into our world. It has no leaders nor any permanent form. Thus, one character can enter it and it look one way, only to return and for it to operate completely different. There is also currency for you to add and change your characters as time goes on. Your character can have whatever powers you like, magic items, a store, or a house at creation. All that’s needed to be completed for powered characters is to write down strengths and weaknesses for powers to get started. I’ll trust you to write down your character information at another time and offer currency for it to be completed.


Playby claims are parented to the appearance of the actor at the time. So Johnny Depp as Edward Sissorhands, you claimed Edward. For those that look the same typically, standard first come first serve, but you have the option of opting out. For non human characters you can use artwork to movie monsters. Everyone just thinks you’re a member of the circus busy with work. Deceased and unpopular people are allowed as playbys.


There will be no activity checks, word counts, or character limits. I want to keep everything laid back.


Let me know if you’re interested in joining or have any questions.

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