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Howdy, y'all

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Howdy! This is an account I made for anyone on our site to use but it looks like it'll just be me. I go by Fuegogrande on most things.  I became a mod on the RP Forum Mutant Revolution Online back in 2017. Back then we had a super active community and a mod who had all the free time in the world to do a ton of advertising. After they stepped down there was a huge knowledge vacuum in that regard. Recently as activity has dwindled I've taken the lead on trying to learn how to advertise.


I have been RPing since somewhere around 2003 on the Harry Potter Dialogue Centre. I've done a few different things but the TV show X-Men: Evolution gave me a love for the idea of mutant powers and I've been on a couple sites but I've been on and off at MRO since I was a freshman in college in 2009.


I enjoy plotting so much. I used to have a RP partner who was a fellow mod where we maintained a massive Google Doc of thread ideas. We built and went through a year long meta plot with a few of our characters that started with them after being de-aged and ended with them having been body swapped for a while, married, and having a kid. All while working on faction plots and site-wide plots. Not to mention small plots for my other characters.

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